The Sixth Cycle Chapter 10

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 29th, 2011

          “What troubles you my brother?” Irina asked.

            “Right now, everything.” Third said.

            “Kai the Younger told me about this Prince.  You are rethinking everything aren’t you?  You are allowing Prince to make you question everything that you have done.”

            “How can I not?”
            “Kai, I know you resent me taking the big sister route but just listen to me for a moment.  We defeated the insects during the war because of you.  When others considered the threat over, you did not.  You lead a small group of Warriors to face something that we had never seen before.  You knew the threat still existed and you destroyed that threat.  You freed this universe from the insects.  If not for you all would have died when they came back.

            When we left Brunnis and colonized Brunnis two, our people forgot what it meant to be Brunnen G.  I knew that we would be destroyed there, Mother told me of the fate that awaited us.  Then one day deep in the lower levels, I found hope.

I came across a scared little boy, lost and wandering around trying to find his way back to the upper levels.  He reminded me so much of you.   Not just his appearance but his courage; he was terrified and yet he hid it, he controlled it.  All of your decisions allowed that boy to be born, to live and to redeem our people.  Don’t second guess yourself.

Prince is depending on controlling you through fear, don’t let him.” Irina said.



Loanna ran her fingers across the old wooden chest “This is unbelievable.  The chest of our Warrior Mother Adana.”

“Loanna come here.” Dario said in a strange voice.  He was standing in front of a painting that he had uncovered.  The gray haired woman sat ramrod straight in the chair.  But Dario was engrossed by the younger man who stood next to the chair.  “He looks like us.”

“Of course he does.  He is Kai.” Said a voice behind them. Both spun around, Loanna dropped to her knees as Dario fired his brace and then paled.

The Fourth Incarnation calmly picked his pinky up off the floor, and held it in place as it reconnected to his hand.  “Do you ever practice?  Your aim is terrible.  Consider yourself lucky that the dead not get angry.”

Dario had now dropped to his knees.  “Dark One! Please forgive me.”

“Oh shut up and get off your knees, both of you.” Fourth walked over and studied the painting.   “Third Kai and his mother Adana, your ancestors.”

He turned and started out of the room then stopped and looked back at the dumbstruck twins.  “Why is my appearance so startling? You’ve been ‘praying’ to me almost constantly since you arrived on Terlara.  And you have already met The One and The Warlord.”

“That day in the garden, the old couple?”

“Yes Loanna.  And if the two of you live long enough, you will look exactly like them.  The old man was the Warlord, the very first Kai.  The woman was The One.”

“You know our names?” Dario asked.

“I know you were named Dario and Loanna by your parents, but that is not your name.  Your true name is KAI.”

“We do not understand Dark One.” Loanna said.

“What you want is in another room.  Come I will explain as we walk.

There have been five cycles of time.  In each cycle of time there is KAI. In the first four cycles Kai was of pure Brunnen G blood and male.  I am the Kai of the Fourth cycle, The Last of the Brunnen G.”

“Reincarnation?” Dario asked.

“Yes and no.  Each Kai possesses their own spirit and individual personality, but we share the same soul, KAI.  KAI is eternal, individual Kais are mortal.

I was the last Kai of pureblood, but the bloodline continues.  The One is the Fifth Kai, the first Kai of ‘new’ blood.  We are now nearing the end of the sixth cycle of time and KAI once again lives within a mortal, or I should say mortals. The two of you are KAI.”

Kai led the twins into another chamber.  Loanna looked around and saw only two items.

“You said what we were looking for is here.  All I see is a metal head and a jar of goop.” Dario said.

“Dario, you would do well to acquire patience, especially now.  It is patience that will allow you to prevail against Prince.  Impatience will result in failure, or your death.” Fourth explained.

Loanna was closely examining the jar.  “What is this stuff?”

“It is protoblood, and no it is not a drug.  Protoblood reanimates dead flesh.  This substance is what allowed me to ‘live’ for 6000 years after His Shadow had killed me.

The Book of Kai does correctly present the basics of my story, but the details are unreliable.” He said as he took the jar from her and placed it back in the niche next to 790’s physical head. 

“This is what you are looking for.”  Kai picked the head up and handed it to Loanna.

“You are giving this to us?” Loanna asked.

“No, my beautiful new blossom, I belong to you by right.  You, and that handsome hunk of a twin brother of yours.  I am 790, and I exist only to love and serve my Kais.” 

“As I have  said, you are KAI in the sixth cycle.  Prince is the enemy that you must battle.  We are limited in what help we can give you.  790 is free to travel between the Other Zone where we are, and here where you are.  Keep him near to you at all times.”

“Not only can I communicate with them for you, I also have knowledge about Prince.” 790 said.  “There are five Kais in the Other Zone.  For eons they have battled against the insects so they have experience but they cannot leave the Other Zone except for brief moments like this, so I will be your messenger.”

“Creating and maintaining a physical body on this plane is a drain on our energy.  So 790 can carry messages back and forth between us.  Two of your ‘Kais’ have been killed.  This is guaranteed to cause chaos.  Prince enjoys causing chaos.

790 will answer your questions about Prince.  I must return to the Other Zone.  And Dario, it would not be a waste of time for you to practice with your brace, you need it.” Fourth said as he released the atoms of the construct and returned to the Other Zone.



            Priest stood quietly in the chains as Duke walked a circle around him.

            “Priest, you have earned yourself greater punishment with your escape, but I am willing to be merciful if you can earn it.” Duke said.

            “What must I do?” Priest asked.

            “You will tell me what Prince is up to.  You tell me what I want to know and you can go back to rolling your rock.  Don’t tell me what I want to know and I will reassign you the task of caring for the menagerie.” Duke explained.

            “But that is the worst punishment, reserved for the worst offenders, for the unredeemable!”

            “Yes it is, but I will assign you there.  Even Prince will find it difficult to get to you.  So decide, Priest.  Do not test my patience.  The creatures have not had a decent meal in eons”

            “He wants to destroy the Brunnen G.  He thinks that if he destroys them it will hurt the Kais.  Then after they have suffered he will destroy them too.  He set me the task of looking for an entrance to the Dream Zone.

            He has also been killing people to amass an army to use in his attack against the Dream Zone.  Fifi is helping him!”

            “Take Priest back to his assigned task.  Oh and Priest I suggest that you find the backbone to say no to Prince.  You leave again and the guards will deliver you directly to the menagerie, to the cluster lizards.”



            “Prince it’s a waste killing these Kais.  We can’t add them to our army.” Fifi said.

            “No Fifi we can’t, but it does give our friends in the Other Zone something to occupy themselves with and keeps their attention off of us.

Once Priest figures out how I can get into the Dream Zone, our army will destroy it.  That will leave us only the Kais to deal with.” Prince said.

“I still don’t get it.  If it’s the Kais here that are the problem, why not just go after them?” Fifi asked.

“Because I want to break them, to make them suffer first.  Those in the Dream Zone are their people, their families and loved ones.  If I can harm the ones that they love, the Kais will suffer. But if they find out what I intend to do they will try to prevent it. 

This is why you are going to Shara.  You will kill another one of these fake Kais.  You will do this because it is what I wish and without question Fifi.  Or I will make your existence unpleasant.”



“So Duke, would you like to explain why you would drag an old man halfway across the Other Zone?” First Kai asked. 

“Because you are the oldest.  You’ve been around longer than the rest, and near as I can tell this all started with you.  You’ve seen a lot more than the others, you know more about how your Dream Zone works than they do.  Prince is looking for a way in.” Duke responded.