Another Dawn Chapter 17

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Jan 14th, 2012

She felt someone softly stroking trough her hair. She had a dreamless sleep this time, possibly she was exhausted by the infiltration of Alegria. She had listened to Kai's explanations, she first had felt very uncomfortable and abused in a way but after she heard that he ordered Alegria to set Zev free she got very happy. It was a moment when every burden she had carried had been lifted off her shoulders. If only she could remember him saying all these things!

“Are you awake?” Kai's voice was very soft and Zev nestled a bit closer to him. They were still lying belly to back and he still held her in his strong arms. She started to purr a bit in her Cluster Lizard way and pressed her body closer.

“If this is a dream don't let it stop...” she whispered and he answered with kissing her neck. She immediately was aroused and started to growl and wailed herself in his strong embrace. He again stroked through her hair and then went further downward softly caressing her side. She turned around a bit so she was half lying on her back and stared into his eyes. Hers were full of lust and his looked wild. And then there was his wonderful scent again and Zev took a deep breath.

His hand was laying on her belly. It felt warm and strong. They were a bit rough but what did she expect from a former Divine Assassin? She closed her eyes again when Kai started to kiss her again, this time onto her lips. She answered him with vehement passion, using her tongue for a more longing kiss and he tossed her nearer towards him. Zev moaned immediately and plead again for this dream not to end. She could not see what he was doing underneath the blanket but she could 'feel' it. His hand was adventuring her body starting belly-upwards and ending up at her breasts and she was about to get nuts.

She grabbed his bun, tossed some hairs out of it and her Lizard growl got stronger. Her body was very tensed and longing and he had to be careful not letting her take over leadership in this story. Her hands were searching for to open his top clothing and he let her doing this. He helped her getting rid of it and found him in a passionate and slight brutish caress shortly after. She had pinned him on the floor deep between the pillows and first kissed him and then let her lips find her way downward over his neck and onto to his chest. She looked up to him with very wild eyes and realized his breath had grown faster.

“That … was not what I intended to ...” he tried to speak but Zev stopped him by kissing him again. Very dexterous she got rid of her upper clothing within no second and pressed her body against his. She grabbed again into his bun and another strand got loose. She liked his raven black hair in disorder. She felt the warmth of her body and she loved feeling his body now being warm, too. She wailed in this feelings for a few moments what gave Kai the chance to take over leadership again. Still being very strong he turned her onto her back easily and she opened her eyes abrupt staring into his eyes. They looked excited as well but there was something in it that made her hesitating in continuing her vehement game of passion.

“.. is … something wrong..?” she finally found her voice.

He smiled and his breath had calmed down but he was still very delicate to watch, kneeling over her, holding her hands to the ground, is hair in disorder and his body tensed.

“No, everything is okay.” he said with his deep voice and she could bet he still was aroused. Oh if she just could get one hand free she would find out if he really was and if not she would make him! She would – right here, right now.

“I just think this is not the right place for this...” he smiled. Damn the place! Zev tried to get rid of his pin but he really was strong. Stronger than he looked like. In fact he was very skinny but you could see his muscles. He was very athletic but this unnatural strength must have come with him being converted into a Divine Assassin.

“I don't mind this place, Kai, please!” She wailed underneath him, she vehemently tried to press her chest against his but he was heavy as well. She got a bit angry.

“Stop teasing me!” she shouted with a Lizard growl in it and Kai smiled. That damn living guy just knelt over her, pinned her to the ground. His loose hair ran over his shoulders and he was just waiting there. She tried to escape once again from his pin and it seemed he released her a bit. She gave in to her first impulse, got one hand free and grabbed him between the legs. He moaned up for had not expected that and she sighed for he really was fully 'functional again. Kai had closed his eyes for a few moments to deal with his feelings and Zev loosened her hold a bit and started to explore the contours underneath his trousers.

She just wanted to start her personal game as they could hear footsteps from outside. Zev just managed to get a blanked over her almost naked body and then the door was opened. Kai slowly came back to consciousness and wondered why he had not heard the footsteps earlier but while he still not was in full control of his mind, Stanley stepped in with a basket full of fresh fruits.

“Zev! Kai! I've got something for breakfast...” Stanley lost any words and thought when he saw a sparsely covered Zev lying under a topless Kai who's hair was in complete disorder.

“Oh guys! Come on!” he turned around with some sort of disgust in his voice “Don't you have a bed for this?”

“Stanley!” Zev shouted at him “How can you!” She threw a pillow at him and he almost lost the basket.

“How can you?!” he questioned back. “It is hard for me to get around things anyway, but this...” he placed the basket on the table and could not resist to gave Zev a short glance when she was putting her upper dress on. Kai finally managed it, too, and luckily Stanley had not to see them both completely naked. Well, in fact he had seen both of them naked due to some incidents. A naked Zev would have been a very nice morning welcome but a naked Kai? He shook is head. Luckily he did not come any second later. Only god would know what he had seen then.

While dressing up, Kai whispered something like “I did tell you...” and Zev looked shyly away on the floor.

“Hey, if you guys are ready then, we could finally have some breakfast!” he said with a blaming tone. “And there is a lot more to do! We will have to watch for the wheat field and the other vegetables, Little Lexx needs some food, and Kai, you wanted to see the machines.”

“Yes Stanley.” Kai admitted. He had a look on his face that expressed some sort of indisposition. Maybe he felt something like ashamed for they had offended Stan by being this tactless. He went to the kitchen and filled up the jug with water for their jars. He then managed to order his hair a bit more for he felt he was looking like just have being messed up.

Stanley was already eating some fruits.

“I'm sorry, Stan.” Zev said “I just could not stand it...” she said while sitting down. She avoided to look at Kai for she really felt sorry Stanley almost had to see Zev on a sexual rampage. It must be hard for him now that Kai was alive and capable of pleasing her. That had Stanley put out of stage. Well, he never really was on it but now he never would be. And no other women was here on this planet. At least no normal one. If Ceannaire really was a woman they did not know.

“Yeah...” Stanley said not looking into their eyes either. “I know what this all means to you … but just … go something private for this, okay?” he took a big sip out of his jar and had finally a smile again on his face.

“Will you go for hunting today?” he asked Kai.

“I you want me to hunt, I will go.”

“Hm... some meat sounds really delicious to me!” Zev confirmed.

“You could go and I will take Zev for a walk around. I think it won't take you long, as far as I know you, and after that we could get a closer look to the machines. And Zev could make another try to cook.”

“I will hunt enough for she can try.” Kai said unaware he just did confirm that Zev possibly would mess up their food and Stanley ended up laughing while Zev stared at Kai with angry eyes. He bit off another peace of his apple and was wondering what the both were about and then suddenly became aware how Zev must have understood this.

“I do apologize. I did not intend to annoy you...”

“You are not intending to do anything today...” she growled back at him and grabbed another pineapple and bit off the green top of it chewing it with some animality.

“You really bungled it, pal...” Stanley smiled “...never imagined you could...” he simply had to tease Kai at least a bit. Kai sighed. This situation was very delicate by now and he could not think of anything to calm her down. He now remembered this part of a relationship to a woman and Zev had been longing for him for over 4000 years. It was really confusing for him. He just got back his feelings, he loved this woman very much and wanted to satisfy her but he was not really home yet. He did not feel complete yet. Maybe it was because his spirit was realizing that his body was still de-carbonized or maybe that 7-day thing came true for him. Or he still was thinking about Alegria. He really was concerned about her vehement and somehow violent manner she just had shown. He was wondering how she found out she could infiltrate a body. The Brunnen-G never had thought of something like that, neither he had heard of something like this. He got the indefinite intuition of being part of a puzzle.