Encyclopedia Brunnis-Ordeal, Other Zone, Oudi

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 8th, 2011

The Ordeal-A  rite of passage into manhood observed by the nomadic tribes Of the Gravity Desert on the Southern Continent of Brunnis.  All young men of the tribes between the ages of 16 and 26 take part in the ceremony consisting of a pilgrimage to the Temple at D’Bai and a type of vision quest in which they face their greatest fear.  Those who successfully complete the Ordeal receive a tribal tattoo that marks them as men and names their tribe.

Other Zone- A place between dimensions and universes, It is the transition point between life and the afterlife.  When Someone died their souls would travel to the Other Zone.  Souls that had lived their final lives, like the Brunnen G would move on to their designated afterlife in the Dream Zone. 

Souls that still had lessons to learn, would be sent to Limbo where they would be punished or rewarded until it was time to move on to a new life.   Both Prince and Duke were elementals in charge of refining these souls but as Duke told Fifi "Mistakes are made.  When that happened souls would often end up where they did not belong.  

The Other Zone was also the location of the Chamber of Purging.  The Chamber of Purging was reserved for those who had been made into Divine Assassins/Executioners.  In the Chamber the soul would face all of their victims, who would grant them forgiveness allowing the Assassin/Execution to realize that they were as much of a victim themselves.  They would realize that they had been unwilling tools of his Shadow, freeing them of the guilt that prevented them from moving on to their afterlives with their people.

The final area of the Other Zone was the Sanctuary of KAI.  After death all of the spirits of the Kais were reunited with Kai in the Other Zone.  They were free to travel through all planes of existence in both life and the afterlife, and after the death of the Last pure blood Kai (The fourth), would advise and guide the Kais that followed.

There were a few select souls that could also freely access and travel the other zone, those who had crossed a fractal core during their life.  Because fractal cores passed through the Other Zone, It somehow imprinted on them the key to traveling this area.

Oudi-Father of Set and Hir, advisor to the Warlord.  Oudi Came to Duha'naur during the first cycle to learn to fight the insects.  He and the First Kai developed a lifelong friendship.  It was Oudi who revealed the legend of the Brunn to Kai and suggested that Kai was a Brunn'jii warrior reborn leading to the People calling themselves Brunnen G and their world Brunnis.