Another Dawn Chapter 11

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 22nd, 2011

“Let's see one of these buildings!” Stanley said after a while for Kai jut was thinking about what Ceannaire said and Zev did look like some real devilish thoughts were coming up her mind while obviously comparing that male statue with Kai.

Kai did close up to Stan who had already decided for a building to enter. It stood in the middle of the square and looked like a normal house. It had windows made of glass and embedded in a brown metal frame with some kind floral ornaments on it. It almost looked like some sort of plant would stretch out its vines onto the glass and building. It had an also metal front door with oriental decorations on it. And the windows had a direct view on the fountain from every of the two floors. The second floor ended in the roof that was covered with plates of that brown metal and looked like a patchwork of different brown shades for every plate hat a different nuance. The sandstone that was used for the walls had been polished to show a plain almost glossy surface.

Stanley opened the door after he ensured himself that he had a backup in Kai and entered an enlightened room. The sunlight filled that room wit a lot of light through the big windows and it also gave a comfortable warmth to it. There was nothing much in the room but a wooden table and six chairs around in a dark brown colour. The floor was made of a grey stone neither entirely plain nor very rough. But one could see that the floor was handmade. On the left side of the room there was a place where a lot of pillows had been placed on a thick dark-red carpet obviously to sit down and relax. On this side there was a big front window and also another one on the side with a view to the neighbour building. It seemed to be a meeting point for one had and excellent view on the outside happenings and a good look over the entrance.

Zev and Ceannaire entered now as well and Zev recognized something that immediately draw her attention. She walked across the room around the table an towards a recess of stone.

“We can make food here!” she smiled. Stan and Kai walked around and found a kind of oven made of stone and metal. And there was a sink and an installation to run water in it. Even a pile of logs was already there. Wooden shelves were found behind another wooden wall to separate the kitchen from the living room. But no dishes was there.

“We had a similar thing on Prime Ridge!” Zev said happily while inspecting the oven.

“But we don't have any dishes to prepare or cook.” Stanley said.

“Is there a super market?” Zev asked Ceannaire.

“A supermarket?”

“A building where you can buy things.” Zev explained. “On Earth there were supermarkets and a thing called money to buy a house and the things in it.”

“We don't know of a supermarket.” she answered. “But there is the Memory Building not far away from here. Perhaps some information is stored in there. Some of the other Guiding Ones are there and are writing books out of the memories from spirits. It is a pity that this great place of wisdom is lost to us for we only have the building but almost no content. We have a chamber with a mysterious machine in it and a few barrows to lie on. Above another chamber which was dedicated as a storage. The eyes of the building lead directly to this room.”

“The burst of life...” Kai said with an almost fading voice. Zev shivered, too, and Stan stroke his hand in a dim memory.

“The burst of life. Yes. That's how they called it from time to time. But we could not find out what purpose it had for we could not find any memory behind that.”

“You will be cut into two halves by the machine. It cuts a slice out of your middle and shortly before death your memory is transferred to some kind of memory disc.” Kai stopped for a few moments for he had to deal with upcoming memories. At least no feelings were connected to them for he made this experience while being a non-feeling Divine Assassin. “Your memories and the slice of you would be prepared for eternity to hang in that Viewing Room. Others could read in your memory when granted the permission to read them by touching the disc.”

“Yeah and who saved you from hanging around like that?” Stan interfered.

“You and the blue star.” Kai answered.

“There was a blue star on Brunnis?” Ceannaire asked with upcoming interest.

“Yes. This star merged with the dying sun of Brunnis and helped us to escape. That star united my body with the cut-out slice and I could save Zev from being sliced. Stanley was severe injured but we tried to turn the stabilisers online again but it was too late. We exited the building but our moth had been taken by Giggerota, who actually was captured on the Lexx but had somehow freed herself. The Divine Predecessors had abducted the Lexx with the help of Giggerota and Stanley's hand. When they tried to leave the planet that blue star somehow pulled the Lexx back to the ground and we could escape the supernova.”

“But it was very very brief for us. No second longer and we would have been dead.” Stanley added.

“Who was this blue star? Was it Alegria?”

“I do not think so. It told us, it was its time to mate with the sun. But it also said it did know me and that we had met in a former circle of life and we will again when that circle repeats.” Kai answered.

“It spoke to you?”

The three of them nodded.

“You really have a great history behind you, Kai, first of the Brunnen-G.” Ceannaire answered. “We would like to hear all of your stories and we will write them down and keep them in the Memory Building. But first, you really should get some rest.”

Kai did feel he wanted to rest at least for a while. Everything here was very exciting, new, and he wanted to explore the planet and the buildings, hopefully learning more about his ancestors. But for the first time after a thousand of years being a living dead one he longed for a place to rest.

“I still don't think it's a good idea to let you cook again.” Stanley said.

Zev punched him into his side and his breath ran out. “Try to make a better meal!” she growled and turned around to Kai. His eyes looked tired but he still had a faint smile on his face. He always seemed to smile when she argued with Stanley. Maybe he thought she was a silly woman, nothing in mind than her sexual longings and to quarrel with Stanley due to her Cluster Lizard part. She blushed again.

“Do you want to join me to look what is upstairs, while Stan could try to make something to eat?” he said with a soothing tone in his voice. It was deep and soft and she felt her heart beating faster every time when he spoke directly to her. She hoped they would find at least one comfortable bed upstairs and she would give her best to give him nice dreams.

She nodded her head and followed him immediately upstairs.

“Hey! Wait! I... I... I can't cook! There's nothing here for cooking and I am tired, too!” Stanley shouted while running after them.

Kai, almost upstairs, turned around and wanted to say something but Stanley was already stopped in front of the steps by Ceannaire.

“We can show you, where we store the food and where the pottery is.”

“A pottery?”

“To make some dish. We had no time to make them yet.”

“So why don't you go with Ceannaire, Stan, and leave the rest up to me?” Zev grinned to him stepping closer to Kai. Stanley rolled his eyes for he knew he had lost every chance to get upstairs or even be a part of what was coming after finding a comfortable place to rest.

“Oh man...” he sighed.

“You are welcome upstairs when you need to rest, Stan.” Kai said. “But we even do not know if there are beds upstairs.”

“There are.” Ceannaire assured him and Zev's eyes sparkled.

“Lucky me...” Stan sighed again but turned around to the entrance. “Then let us see, what we have to eat and I will have a look at that pottery.” And he started to walk away. Ceannaire turned again to Kai an Zev.

“He really needs some rest, Zev.” and Zev felt caught with her lusty thoughts. She just nodded her head and then turned around looking to Kai. Again that faint smile and this unbelievably soft looking hazel-eyes. She never realized them while he was a Divine Assassin. She remembered every detail so far, especially the ones she had been confronted with on K-Town but she could not remember his eyes looking like that. Maybe they did not look that way for he was a living dead and not spirited.

“I will get enough rest.” Kai assured Ceannaire and turned around to take the last few steps upstairs. Zev waited and watched the white woman turning around and following Stanley outside. The door was closed carefully and almost noiseless.  And then there was silence. An unknown silence for all she could hear was the sound of nature itself. It was different to the silence in space. In space there was nothing, just silence. Here the same silence included the sounds of life itself. She could hear the fountain with the pouring water outside, the sounds of some birds outside and some strange chirrup sounds that they heard while walking through the grasslands. And some footsteps yet getting slower and finally stopping. She turned around and Kai was gone.