Another Dawn Chapter 15

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Nov 19th, 2011

“And that is how we became aware of the circumstances why the people of Brunnis 2 had been erased and how Kai was killed... and ...” he had to swallow “... was tortured by converting him into a Divine Assassin for his attempt to save his race and planet long before our time.”

“So it was.” Kai ended. Zev stretched out her hand underneath the table and laid it down on his leg for she saw he felt sad. He had not known his ancestors nor their stories and adventures for their descendants had broken with their legacy. Kai always wanted to know more what was beyond their somehow senseless lives and all he earned was repudiation by his own people and finally un-death by His Divine Shadow.


“I will tell you the story when we walk to the Lexx.” Stanley broke the silence and Ceannaire nodded her head and followed him outside into the night. The sun had gone down a while ago and the natural music of the night came from outside trough the opened windows. Thus they were strange and uncommon to most of them they gave them a feeling of being alive and home. They had a house, they had food and everything else to lead another life far away from all the dangers in the Dark Zone. They were the first people on this planet and it was a wonderful pure place. There was nothing very strange or weird on it – besides the Memory Building. The Lexx could eat and grow and Kai was alive.



She began stroking his leg for her hand was still resting there. She was slowly moving upwards while staring into his eyes. Kai looked down for a few seconds becoming aware what she was about to do. He drank the rest out of his jar, put it back onto the table and finally laid his hand onto hers just shortly before reaching her destined place.

“Where do you know Sandalwood from?” he asked her stopping her hand from moving further.

She shook her head and smiled irritated.

“It... it is your scent...” she answered shyly “... I could smell it on your side of the bed.”

“You cannot know this plant.” he said with a sombre tone in his voice.

“Well, I don't know it... I smelled it and it somehow came up my mind.” she admitted.

“It came up your mind...” he suddenly stood up.

“What... what is wrong with you?” Zev followed him to the pile of pillars in the other corner. She came closer to him but he did turn his back on her. She grabbed him with her arms and hugged him, breathing in his scent.

“There... Sandalwood again... how I missed it...” Kai got tensed up then finally turned around and grabbed Zev hardly, pushing her to the wall.

“That cannot be!” he almost shouted. “Who are you!” he pulled out his brace and pressed it against her throat.

“Don't … don't you remember me?” She said with a tear running down her eyes.

“I... I remember the only person that knows my scent is of Sandalwood.” he admitted with sorrow and somewhat like pain in his eyes “...but this one is dead!” She grabbed his brace.

“No, no I am not! I am here with you! I am here in her body! We have still some time left, Kai! I am  Alegria.”

His eyes got sad and he closed them for a few seconds. “How...” was all he could bring over his lips.

“I got into her while she was sleeping. She was far away in a very interesting dream and I laid my spirit into her, dimming her own far away. I have full control over her – I am fully functional and I am all yours again!” she purred at him. He opened his eyes again and a single tear ran down his cheek.

“Oh please, don't...” she started to stroke his tear away, then caressing his face with her soft hands, fingered his neck. “Don't cry! I am here with you again and we have some time left!” she softly spoke to him removing his brace from her throat. She began kissing him passionately, stroking over his chest and moving further downward. Kai just stood there with again closed eyes. A lot of emotions seemed to wander over his face and his breath got more excited.


How could that be? How could she do this? It was not right. Even for her it was not right to take over Zev's body. Alegria. His former love. And the more passionate she got, the more she tried to arouse him, the more she got wild the more he realized how they had grown apart.

“Stop... stop it...” he tried to stop her from going any further but Alegria went on with all her passion in arousing him. She even growled like Zev would have done and became aware of the unnatural strength of her inhabited body while now turning Kai against the wall and pressing him against it.

“I will let you forget her, I promise...” she purred while moving her hand between his legs and giving him a memory of her qualities. He would soon forget about Zev for she was the only one that knew Kai. She knew what he liked, she knew what he wanted, she knew his dreams and aims. She was the only one that could satisfy him for she was a true Brunnen-G and like him a descendent of their ancestors. Their whole families where – pure bloodline of the ancient ones. He should not mix up his genes with an half inhuman woman like Zev. Maybe it was possible to cleanse her body with this Genetikum.


He suddenly grabbed her hand that tense that his knuckles went white. Kai realized that he still had got the power of a Divine Assassin and removed both of her hands from his body and then threw her onto the pile of pillows.

“Set her free!” he shouted at Alegria, his hands formed to fists, still standing at the wall but with tension. His eyes showed an upcoming fury Alegria had never seen in him before.

“You don't mean that, Kai. I know. I know everything of you.” She stood up onto her feet. “She doesn't know you or your dreams, she cannot love you like I do, she cannot satisfy you like I can, she just don't know who you are.” she started to move again towards him. “But I do.” she purred again. “Thus I must admit you have grown stronger...”


“Set her free.” he said again with a sombre tone in his voice.

“But Kai, it really is me, Alegria! Your one and only love, the one that led you out of prison, the one that was at your side when we faced the Foreshadow. The one that died for you.” A tear ran down her face. “The one that was lost to the Other Zone and finally was set free and also the one that brought you to this Alpha.”


She already was up to him staring in his angry eyes filling up with some tears. She began again stroking over his cheek and he closed his eyes for another moment but then breathed in deeply.

“The Kai you know died over 6000 years ago. And with him his heart stopped beating.” His voice was unknown monotone to her. There was so much pain in it she never heard such a tone in his voice and she took a step backward. “I was the last of the Brunnen-G, killed by His Divine Shadow, converted into his Divine Assassin killing in his name thousands of people, regardless of gender or age.” She stepped away a few more steps and shook her head.

“That can't be true! You never would have done such things!” She shouted at him.

“I did and I am still capable of doing them.” He pulled up his right sleeve and presented his brace to her. “Did I have this before?” he asked her “Or the other parts the Guiding ones removed out of my body which you must have noticed if you really had been complaining about my condition.”

She started to cry. “But you are my Kai! She has no right to possess you! I can give your soul a rest! I can help you come over all this! I can! I will do! I promise!”

Kai's eyes turned over to sadness.

“I know you would do. But I am no longer Kai, last of the Brunnen-G. I am no longer a Divine Assassin. I now am Kai, first of the Brunnen-G and I have chosen another live.”

“With her...” her face went sad.

“With her.” he confirmed.

She turned around and started to shiver. Kai came closer to her an finally took her into his arms.

“I thank you for guiding me to Alpha, Alegria.” he said with his soft and deep voice. “I thank you for guiding my friends to this place and I thank you for all the love you want to lay on me.” he continued while she was crying. “But as I said, my heart stopped beating a long time ago and I do not know how, but it was Zev that gave me a reason to reunite my spirit with my body.”

Alegria turned around.


“Promise me that you will never forget me, Kai!” she stroked over his cheek.

“I will never forget you...” he promised “And I will say goodbye to you for I never had the chance to do it...” and he gave her a kiss.

“As long as I am aware of myself, I will love only you...” she said with a vanishing voice and Zev's body started to tremble and shake. Her eyes rolled up and she suddenly fell backward into the pile of pillows before Kai could get her. Her body stopped trembling shortly after and he carefully took her into her arms. Zev moaned like if she had a headache but finally opened her eyes.