Another Dawn Chapter 6

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Sep 15th, 2011


“Am I still a Divine Assassin?” Kai asked White Woman.

“Your body is still de-carbonized if it is that what you mean.” she answered with a kind of apologizing tone in her voice.

Kai looked down his body while he was lying on the barrow White Woman had offered him after they went down the centre tower and entered one of the Making-Rooms. Stan an Zev first did not want to go there for everything was just to good to be true and they expected things to turn out very bad within the next moments. But what they saw was not as bad as they thought but definitely weird and a bit scary.

Kai did not hesitate in following White Woman for she had offered to explain his condition and wanted to see if everything was okay with him. He had to lean on the walls of the tower for the first steps down, Zev and Stan assisted him immediately and after a few steps more he made his way downstairs a lot better. Stanley darted a look to Zev as they approached one of the Making-Rooms and realized she was as tensed as he was. They had to expect horrible things behind that door for such things always happened to them. Kai was with them, yes, he certainly would protect them as good as he could, but he was alive now and see him possibly dying again Zev just would have gone crazy. The only thing that soothed Stanley was the fact that White Woman said, Kai's body was still de-carbonized and would regenerate for there was a little bit of protoblood left.

And then the door opened and they entered a room with again that reflecting black stone floor. The walls were made of alabaster stone again and in the centre there were four barrows and a lots of machinery and medical stuff as well as something like a big face in the back of the room. It did not look fierce but it was very big. Two holes as eyes, a nose and a wide opened mouth. It looked a lot like the Library Building on Brunnis. Zev started to shiver for a second as she saw that face in the back as she remembered her almost “burst of life”.

Kai himself did not hesitate in following White Woman directly to one of the barrows, surrounded by several very old looking medical devices. He was looking curiously on each of them just like a child exploring its surroundings. Then he saw the metal face in the back and remained somehow drunk in memories. He breathed in deeply as Zev laid her hand on his shoulder and looked into her eyes. He knew she must have felt similar when she saw the face.

“This is the Genetikum.” White Woman said as if she was asked a question.

“The Genetikum?” Kai asked.

“A kind of machine that is directly connected with Alpha.” and she looked aside out of one window and they could see the circling blue entity called Alpha. It seemed that they were as close to it that they could probably touch it.

Kai walked to the window and stared at Alpha like he was trying to listen to something.

“They say, your body came through the Genetikum.” Zev said following him. He glanced over his shoulder and then continued staring at Alpha.

“And she said they repaired your body as good as they could...” she finished, nestling her to his body. Kai now looked at the metal face, then into Zev's eyes and again back to Alpha. His face was motionless just like it used to be the last 6000 years. But his eyes were full of emotions, full of questions and a lot more.

“How...?” his still a bit trembling voice asked. Zev did not feel comfortable with his question for she now had to explain that it was Alegria who had actually brought him back here. She hesitated and grabbed his hand pressing it strong for she was fighting with tears again.

“The blue star you can see outside was your guide to Alpha.” White Woman broke the silence.

Kai gazed at the darkness of the universe and became aware of the slowly moving star. He had seen it before when he was in the centre tower but he did not give any weight to it.

“It... it is...” Zev's voice was trembling and she stared outside the window. She suddenly felt his warm hand stroking over her cheek and chin, softly lifting her head up so that their eyes could met. She saw he definitely had no idea what she was upset about. She swallowed loudly closed her eyes for a few moments and was about to get lost in this very long missed touch but then she breathed in deeply and formed her words.

“... it is … Alegria.” she finally managed to say. She expected everything by now and looked away as fast as she could. She even let his hand go and turned her back on him. Stanley saw Zev was close to collapse and started to walk over to them. But it was Kai that reached out for her first. He laid his hand on her shoulder stopping her from walking away. She jerked and held on her breath while turning around very slowly. Then, after an unbearable long time for her, she looked into his face and saw his eyes full of compassion and shortly after a faint smile around his mouth.

“You don't have to be afraid, Zev.” he said in that kind of arousing deep voice. Zev was confused and obviously Kai could see it.

“I am here now, with you. Nothing more, nothing less.” he continued.

“But... but you loved her so much...” she came up closer to him.

“I did.” he confirmed.

“... you said you would love only her...” she was almost back in his arms again, his hand still resting on her shoulder.

He looked to Blue Star and breathed in deeply.

“As long as this heart was beating...” he sighed out into the night sky. Blue Star was pulsing for a few moments as it was lowering itself a bit. Zev was now standing in front of him, she could see his chest moving up and down while he was breathing. She could sense his warmth and she felt her blood rushing into her head.

“But this heart had stopped beating a thousands of years ago...” he slowly lowered his head and he stopped looking at the blue star. Zev and Kai's eyes met once again and she slowly realized what he just was saying.

“Alegria will remain my ever first love, the one that showed me I was more than a simple minded Newborn and taught me what sweet embrace true passion can be.” he softly stroked over Zev's head and followed the shape of her long hair falling down her body until his hand rested on her hips.

“No one can supplant this memories...” his voice was giving her the shivers. “... but they are now memories. Memories of a life long begone.” Zev stared at his eyes. She just would like to pull him down on the floor and show him how passionate she could be but she just could not move within his very careful and soft embrace.

“I am not the same Kai I was when His Divine Shadow killed me. I am not the same Kai I was while being a Divine Assassin. And I am not the Kai that was with you for the last thousand years. How could I?” he once again placed his left hand under her chin and lifted her head up softly.

“I am now Kai, first of the Brunnen-G who is about to chance the circles of time...” and he proved his statement while ending up kissing Zev wild and passionately, pulling her nearer into his embracing arms. She felt like a blooming rose and her legs got weak.

“A-hem...” Stanley coughed slightly standing next to them, having observed that White Woman had placed some of those strange and old-looking medical devices around one of the barrows. She just had finished and was looking at the both kissing each other passionately. Stanley himself was wandering what that Guiding One Woman was thinking about all this.

“It is good to see him dealing with his really unusual rebirth that well.” White Woman answered immediately. Stanley jerked and stared a kind of afraid towards her. This was the second time she answered a question he was thinking of.

Zev and Kai ended in kissing each other. Kai with upcoming interest in what was coming up next and Zev with upcoming anger for she again was ripped off her dreams coming true. Stan had a very very bad timing. Kai stepped beside Zev and looked towards White Woman.

“We did not want to disturb you, but Alpha wants to know if your body is doing fine.” she offered him the barrow to obviously lay down. “We do not have good experiences with bodies not reborn the destined way.” she continued.

Kai lifted an eyebrow but followed White Woman's wish to examine his body. He hoped to find answers.

“We will explain you in detail the circumstances that led you here.” She instructed him to pull over his upper clothes and Zev suddenly assisted with upcoming interest. His body was like she imagined in her dreams, skinny but athletic. Nothing was left of the frightening sights when they had exposed him during their trip on K-Town. Well, she had not seen his body underneath his trousers  but what she had felt there was as encouraging according to the things she saw now. She just wanted to start opening his trousers as White Woman interfered.

“That is not necessary.” White Woman said. Zev stopped immediately and felt she blushed. Stanley came up with a wide grin on his face and even Kai showed an ambiguous smile while sitting down on the barrow. Zev stared to the ground and clasped to his black top that hard, that her knuckles went white. How could she have done that? It was so embarrassing. But on the other hand she still was a love slave with increased libido. And now the one man of her desire was alive and partly exposed to her. She simply had to try! She was confident with that and looked up again and saw, how White Woman placed some tiny round sticker-like pads all over Kai's chest. Those pads were connected to cables that went into an unknown tiny machine. And this machine seemed to be wired to the Genetikum. In fact every medical device here seemed to be wired to the Genetikum – except of the things that looked like surgical instruments.

Kai laid down on the barrow that was covered with a white blanket. He was listening the explanations of White Woman, how his body got here, Zev realized. Stanley stepped aside her and grinned like a boy that had a trickery coming up his mind.

“What is it?” she whispered for she did not want to interfere with White Woman. But she did watch every step the other woman made and she carefully supervised everything that Guiding One took in her hand or used to examine Kai' body while telling him the story.

“Welcome back!” Stanley grinned and Zev looked at him a bit angry. She could nothing for  being a love slave with special needs. And presented such a chance...

“It is good to see you happy again.” he said with a more severe voice and she smiled again. Yes. She was happy but when Kai jumped off that altar she first felt guilty. After his confession that Alegria only was a memory to him, she felt a great relief. She had thought that he would have decided to get back to Alegria that she was and ever would be his only love and she had to spent the rest of her live heart-broken and unsatisfied until she died somewhere out in Space on the Lexx or a distant planet. But now everything was about to change. She gazed over her shoulder and looked to Blue Star Alegria that was pulsing in slow waves. Zev almost thought to feel like Alegria was showing her that it was okay the way things were about to come. Maybe Alegria ever wanted to see Kai happy and alive again. Giving another chance to lead a life and change the future.

“Everything seems to be all-right by now.” White Woman said, watching closely some monitors of the medical devices and obviously the eyes of the Genetikum thus there was nothing to be seen in there. “Your organs are fully functional and the blood is circling properly.”

“The blood?” Kai asked.

“Your organs need blood to stay functional and alive.”

“I am still a Divine Assassin?”

“Your body is still de-carbonized. The flesh, sinews, most parts of your bones and muscles of your body are and therefore need the liquid your friends call protoblood. And this is a problem we soon have to face since only very little of it is left.”

Kai waited until White Woman had removed the pads from his chest.

“What will happen when I run out of protoblood?” he asked while sitting up on the barrow. Zev immediately came towards him and held out his black top to him.

“We are not quite sure about that but since this protoblood keeps your de-carbonized body capable of moving, we suggest you would end up lying somewhere without able to move. You will remain conscious for your organs will still be functional as long as you do eat and drink but nothing more. Imprisoned within this body till we find a way to either produce protoblood, re-carbonize your body or we know how your body can be destroyed so you can be reborn a day.”

“...if I would be reborn.” Kai added.

“If, yes, this is another point we are not sure about for you are a Brunnen-G.”

Kai breathed in deeply.

“So how long until my protoblood will expire?” he asked.

“We cannot say exactly. The lesser you need to regenerate, the longer it would last, for most of your body needs the normal blood to be supplied. Your heart pumps a mixture of blood and protoblood through your body. We restored the main arteries and veins so your organs can be supplied properly. The rest of your body takes that protoblood, whenever needed, out of your blood-circle. Maybe you have some weeks left. We are really working on that issue since that day your body came here. But no results yet. We simply do not have any clue for this protoblood seems not to be human nor simply artificial.”

“It was produced by the Gigashadow.” Kai answered while standing up and pulling on his clothes again.

“What is a Gigashadow.” White Woman asked

“It is a relict of the Insect Civilisation my ancestors tried to eliminate. Obviously they had failed before and we had to fight it again and it was killed by entering the fractal core between the Light Zone and the Dark Zone over 4000 years ago. We could manage to store a small amount of protoblood and kept it on the Lexx.”

“An insect.” White Woman said obviously drunken deep in thoughts “We don't have any genetic knowledge of insects. Only humans belong to Alpha. We know the story of His Divine Shadow and his Divine Order out of the memories from the ones that died, but they are very unspecific and imprecise. They are very unclear.” she remained silent for a while and Kai finally managed to get back into his clothes without bringing Zev into another delicate situation.

“You have something left of the protoblood in that Lexx?” she finally broke the silence.

“We...” Kai wanted to start but was interrupted by Stanley.

“Well... see... there is something else, we need to tell you Kai.” Stan said feeling very uncomfortable. Kai bowed his head and looked at him.

“ don't know, because it happened after you ...” he stumbled “... after your death, the Lexx died, too...”

Kai now really looked surprised.

“...but as it is now the 'motto of the day' Lexx did somehow reproduce himself and now we have got a small but growing Little Lexx.” Stanley ended his explanation.

“But no Cryopods or protoblood is there...” he had to admit.

Kai's eyes got sad for a tiny little moment but then he nodded.

“Then I must find another way to deal with it.” he said. Zev laid a hand on his shoulder and Stan did on the other one.

“And we will help you!” Zev said.

“We will help, too.” White Woman joined in. “Maybe you want to go down to Arcadia and have some rest? Alpha would be pleased to see at least one Brunnen-G down on his Arcadia.”

White Woman walked to the door. “He really would be and we have constructed a lot of places and buildings known to your ancestors, Kai.”

“How could you?” he asked with surprise and curiosity.

“For the Brunnen-G never came we had to rely on the memories other humans had. There aren't much memories of your great ancient culture but some very precise. Alpha advised us to make buildings and places as accurate as we could for he believed, that when given a new home, the Brunnen-G would possibly come back.” She bowed her head down.

“But they never came.” Kai ended.

“None. None but you.” White Woman said with excitement. “Maybe others will follow, now that you are here and now that Blue Star Alegria has proven to be a Guiding One for the Brunnen-G.”

“I do not know...” Kai answered and gave a short look to Alegria. “Maybe she can guide them.” he than looked back to Stan and Zev and came up with a faint smile.