The Rise of the Divine Order Chapter 2

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 2nd, 2011


                Divine Shadow was intrigued by what this lowly technician was telling him.  And the proof of his outrageous claim was shackled in irons. 

                “What you claim is impossible.” The bio-scholar argued.  “He must have just been stunned.”

                “He was dead, I tell you.  A three foot spike had pierced his heart.  We brought the body up to deliver to the protein bank and it was covered with that substance that is oozing out of the walls.  When I got back from notifying the Protein Bank I found him here wandering around in confusion seemingly as alive as I am.”

                “He appears to be alive but there is no brain function beyond the most basic level.  The body functions but has no purpose.” The doctor stated.

                “The Bioscholars will study this specimen, find out why it appears to be alive and how this information may be used to serve the Order.” Divine Shadow said.

                “As you command Divine Shadow.” They all said in unison.


                Noel prized the painting and had taken steps to preserve it.  His grandfather Dak had painted it many decades ago.  It was a likeness of the Brunnen G.   Noel was loathe to part with it but circumstances here on B3K were growing dire.  The Divine Order would soon be here and the painting must be saved.  The painting was the prophecy, the Brunnen G that would free them from the Divine Order.  Noel took one last look before he turned it over to the courier. 

                “Make sure that it arrives safely on Austrel B.  Turn it over only to the descendents of my grandfather’s brother.  They will treasure it as I do.” Noel said handing it over.

                “I will.  His Shadow must be stopped, and this portrait is of utmost importance to our cause.  The Brunnen G will return and we must be prepared.”



                Divine Shadow walked down the staircase of the Mortuary.  It had been built with room for 5000 Assassins.  This meant less food in the protein bank but these animated corpses were not only expendable, they were frightening until the effect of the protoblood as the bioscholars called it wore off.  But they were claiming a breakthrough which is what Divine Shadow was here to see.

                “Divine Shadow.” The bioscholars bowed.  “This is what we wished to show you.”

                Manin opened one of the drawers.  The body inside bore the marks of postmortem surgery. 

                “My Lord, we have made a major breakthough!  We have figured out how to keep the body animated for days at a time and preserve it indefinitely!  When we received this body rather than simply stick it in storage we experimented on it.  The Decarbonization process works my lord!  And we have placed a pump into the body now we inject the protoblood into the pump through this tube and…”  Manin stepped back with a flourish after pumping a few ounces of protoblood into the body.

                The corpse opened its eyes and looked up at Divine Shadow, “Who would you like me to kill?”

                “He is programmed to kill your enemies, simply give him the information and he will do it.” Manin said with pride.

                “Who is the least important of those in this room, Manin?” Divine Shadow asked.

                “Solis, the man on the other side of the room.  He is a simple mortuary attendant.”

                “Kill Solis.” Divine Shadow said.

                The corpse sat up and then got to its feet walking over to where Solis was checking on one of the many drawers in this room.  The corpse wrapped its hand around Solis throat and lifted the man off of the floor. 

“I kill you now in the name of Divine Shadow.”  The corpse said driving a knife between Solis’ ribs, puncturing the man’s heart before dropping the carcass to the floor.  “Would Divine Shadow like me to kill anyone else?”

“No, I have no one else that requires killing at the moment.”

“Then I will return to my drawer.”  The Corpse said returning to the drawer to recline and close its eyes. 

Manin slid the drawer closed.  “He is your own personal assassin.  He remains here until you wake him and then you can send him after any of your enemies.  His body will not rot, it will remain here until the end of time waiting for your orders.  But my lord, more importantly you can order this process upon performed upon your enemies once they are dead!  You will be able to send them back to their worlds ready to strike a death blow in your name.”

“I have need of a Bioscholar to work directly for me and report directly to me.  I appoint you Supreme Biovizier Manin.” Divine Shadow said.



“Brak? Are you sure it will protect us?” Selai asked.

“Yes Sister Superior.  The Shield will hold for centuries, long enough for us to firmly establish ourselves here.  By the time it fails our descendents will be more than powerful enough to face the insects.”

“I still think this shield idea is a bad one.” Irina spoke up.  “I understand that we don’t have as many warriors as we could have.  Half of them remained behind on Pordyah, but this is not the first time the numbers have been low.”

“We were on our own world then.  We are in a position of not only having our population drastically reduced but on a new world that we have yet to adapt to.” Mara said.

“Yet to adapt to or yet to exploit?  Do you honestly think that hiding behind this ‘shield’ will be of any benefit to us? Or will it be a benefit for you to amass wealth?”

“Irina! Calm yourself!” Selai interrupted.

“No I will not.  Has everyone forgotten what her policies brought down on Brunnis?  And now you buy into another of her policies! She will bring ruin down on your heads again, mark my words!

Kai weeps for us in the Dream Zone.  Already many speak of this shield as a permanent means of avoiding war!  They would spend their time engaged in all but the one thing we have been commanded to do, fight the insects.  My brother did not die for this!” Irina said as she walked out of the meeting.



Divine Shadow felt it, the uneasy feeling that something lay in wait that he could not see.  His forces had been conquering planet after planet but none were more than simple cultures.  But this vague feeling had caused Divine Shadow to push his plans forward even more quickly.  The heretics were spreading their influence.  They had even somehow sent his own assassin back bent on the destruction of his master.

“Predecessors, I am in need of your guidance.  The heretics grow more powerful, they invade the Order.” Divine Shadow stood before the five predecessors

“You must seek out and destroy the weakness within the Order.  There are many who sympathize with the heretics.  Tolerate no variations in opinion.  The Order’s beliefs are your beliefs.  Anyone who dissents must be sent to the protein bank.”

“Yes,” another Predecessor spoke.  “The heretics must be declared enemies of the order and destroyed.”

“Destroying  the heretics will eliminate your enemy.” Another predecessor added.

“I will act on your council, I will declare the heretics enemies of the order they will be rounded up and taken to the protein bank.  I will also punish their sympathizers.  The Heretics will be eliminated.” Divine Shadow agreed.



The Protein bank was busy, heretics were being rounded up from all corners of the League.  With over 7000 worlds now a part of the Divine Order it was almost impossible to keep up.  Those who aided the heretics in any way were also rounded up to have different body parts removed and sent along to the protein bank.  These sympathizers served as a visual reminder of His Shadow’s cruelty and his power. 

The heretics went underground, never revealing by word or deed who they really were.  Eventually The Protein bank deposits slowed.  Echias body had become greedy for the human flesh it was being fed and Divine Shadow began declaring more and more things as crimes.  The people of the order became more and more fearful and the beliefs of the heretics became more and more attractive to them.