The Sixth Cycle-Chapter 17

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Jan 29th, 2012


“It is time for you to take over and handle things here.” Third told Loanna and Dario.  “You have everything you need to face Prince and defeat him.”

“Is there some troubling you Dario?” Fourth asked.

“My aim.  I am not that good with the brace.”

“You know everything about the brace that I know and you have access to my experience.  When the time comes, do not think about it.  Just fire it.  You now have my skill just as Loanna has Third’s skill in Aka’tai.” Fourth told him.

“We are depending on you to make sure that Prince is kept busy here.  He is on Boreal now.  We will keep him occupied in the Other Zone.  We must keep him busy trying to keep up so that he has no time to plot.” Third told them.  “Loanna you also have the benefit of my knowledge of politics, and I learned directly from my mother.  She was a master manipulator, you will have to manipulate everyone in power.  If we are lucky when this is over Prince will have been defeated and your Unified Worlds will be stronger than they were before.”

“Brother Stan is a good ally to have, he knows the value of wisdom.  Reunite the Temple into a single unit.  790 will make sure that we are all kept informed.” Fourth added.



“What is so important about Boreal?” Fifi asked.

“It is about to become a hot bed of rebellion.  The Kais have reacted to your little bombing of the temple on Corleone better than I could have imagined.  The Kais have banded together with the Temple of Warrior Priests and the Division of the Military on Typhos to impose martial law on Boreal.

There is a small loosely organized group of rebels on Boreal.  I want you to organize them.  Foment the rebellion my friend.  There are plans to expand what has been put in place on Boreal to other worlds.  We will implement a civil war within the unified worlds.”  Prince answered.

“What about the Dream Zone?”

“It is locked down by the souls surrounding it.  Dumi will report back to the Kais about the growing rebel faction on Boreal.  That should distract them.  It will give me time to think of something.”



“You are asking me to turn my back on everything that I believe in, to betray you and to betray the temple.  I cannot!” Kai-Kendell said.

“Kendell, we need someone that we can trust.  Dario and I both trust you.  The subterfuge is necessary.  Our adversary must believe that the rebels have a chance at success.  What would give them more of a chance than a traitor among the Kais?”

“We know we are asking a lot of you, but it is an integral part of the plan to trap Prince.  He needs to believe that there is an opportunity to exploit a weakness from within our ranks.” Dario added.

“Prince inherently believes that everyone has the potential to be as evil as he is.  Winning you to his cause would be a feather in his cap that he cannot resist.” Brother Stan added.

“And what of those who will flock to the rebellion?” Kendell asked.

“That is their choice, they are ultimately responsible for their own choices.  Each of us has the choice of which path we take, those who choose evil for evil purposes will be held accountable for that.” Brother Stan said.  “But remember who you follow, remember the history of your Dark One.  He is evil surrounding a core of benevolence.  Your steps on this journey will more closely match his than any of ours.  Yes what we ask of you is evil, but that evil will lead to a greater good in the end.”



“Kai-Kendell has agreed to act as their Judas.  He wasn’t very happy about it but he understands the need to give Prince a symbol to rally the rebels behind.”  790 reported.

“I can’t say that I am happy about manipulating the population this way.” Fifth argued.

“Brother Stan is right, we are all responsible for the choices that we make.  Those who make the choice to become rebels willingly make that choice.  They have to live with the consequences.” Second said.

“So we have given him something to occupy him on the physical plane, what do we do on this one?” Third asked. 

“Duke has informed me that all of our people are aware now.  Denai ordered 200,000 of them to remain with Duke for now.  We need to know how big Prince’s army is.  If it is small enough forcing his hand might be an option, but we need more information.” First said.  “Fourth has gone to the Dream Zone, we will see what he finds out.



Poetman had been reviewing all of the information that he could from the library.  After all he had memorized every document while waiting for the Lexx to arrive.  When he had made his way through the modern texts, he decided to continue a task that was interrupted when the suns went supernova, decoding the hundreds of ancient texts.

He was now working on a text that had been copied from the walls of an ancient temple.  He cross referenced the location and realized the text came from the temple where it all started.  The temple that Bann the Demented stumbled upon in the southern jungle.



While the rest of the Kais looked forward to visiting the Dream Zone; Fourth always had mixed feelings.  The cause was Aura, his mate. 

The connection that they should have felt for each other was not what it should have been.  He was no longer the man she had known, his time as a Divine Assassin had changed him.  He could not deny that, and the change had made her less comfortable with him.  He could not blame her for that.  So now he tended to avoid her whenever possible.  He was hoping to avoid her this time but it was not to be.

“Aura, you are well?” He asked.

“I met some friends of yours.  They made me realize that I been selfishly expecting you to be as you always were.  I realize that refused to see who you were.  I created a fantasy that I believed was Kai; and when the fantasy did not come to me, I blamed you for changing.  I refused to see that I have always wanted you to be something that you were not.  I apologize for that.” She told him.

“I did change Aura.  The time I was under the control of His Shadow changed me.  I wish that I could be what you wish for me to be, but I cannot.” Fourth told her.

“Kai you were never what I wished you to be, it was the most endearing of your qualities because you had the courage to be who you were meant to be.  Like so many others I was locked into being what I was expected to be.  Had the Foreshadow not arrived forcing us to action, I eventually would have turned into a typical Brunnen G matron scared of dying and desperately trying to conceive and deliver a child for the status it would bring.  I was slowly becoming everything we detested in the elders.

I understand now that I was never what you needed me to be, I can only hope that I have not damaged our bond beyond repair.  I would be the mate that you deserve.” Aura said.

“I would have us grow closer also, but…” Fourth started.

“You need a mate that will support you and not distract you from the crisis that we now face.  When it is over, we will talk.

Come Stanley and Xev are with Adana.  They would both love to see you again.”




“Kai, I never thought I would see you again!  When Lyekka’s asteroid blew up, well it was tough.  I always half expected to walk through the Cryopod chamber and see you there, frozen stiff.” Stan said.

“It took us a while to get used to not having you around.”  Xev agreed.  “It wasn’t fair, you had just gotten your life back.  You should have had a chance to live.”

“I am sorry for the sadness it caused you both, but I welcomed my final death.  It had been delayed for far too long.  In the last moments, I only felt relief, relief that I would finally…cease to be.   My purpose was filled and I could rest.”

“I guess it was kind of a shock to realize that things didn’t really change all that much.  I mean death is pretty much like life after all.” Stan noted.

“Death is meant to be a point of transition, Stanley.  You move from life to the afterlife which is much the same.  But death is not meant to last forever.  I was trapped in transition, and it was…unpleasant.

Vlad asked me to deliver a message to you if I ever saw you again.  She wants you to know that she is grateful to you Stanley.  Like me, she was also trapped.  You freed her to join her people.  Divine Shadow could not have known how terrible his punishment truly was.”