The Sixth Cycle Chapter 2

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Sep 3rd, 2011

            “All my Kais!  I’m the happiest robot head alive, or dead or, whatever!” 790 said joyfully.

            “We’re happy to see you too.” Second said.

            “Nobody has kissed me yet.” 790 pointed out.

            Fifth picked him up placed a kiss on his head.  She then sat him down with a smile.

            “You did miss me!” 790 said.

            “Yes we missed you 790.” Third said giving him a pat.

            “Dead and dreamy said you needed me.” 790 bragged.

            “That’s right we need you to help us figure out what is going on in this cycle.” First said.

            “And in all the universes and alternate planes of existence that we know of, you are the smartest robot head of them all.” Second said.

            “We need to figure out who we are looking for this time around.”  Third said.

            “The message we received was ‘They live, two fight this battle.’” Fourth said.

            “I need to start by processing the information on what has occurred since I was last activated.  Thanks to Brizon I can simply interface with any computer now.  I’ll be back before you can miss me.” 790 said as he disappeared.




            Loanna stood up stretching her back, after spending so much time on her haunches examining the bodies she needed it.

            “They all died of massive blood loss and shock.  Lot’s of defensive wounds.  They were attacked and they fought back.” She said.

            Dario nodded.  “And I have found something that does not make sense. Come here, look at that spot.” He said pointing to a spot near an overturned table. “What do you see?”

            She walked over to study the blood pattern on the floor.  “Someone bled out here, where is the body?”

            “Let’s go speak to the Magistrate.” Dario said leading the way out of the inn and to Dorn’s office. 

“I did not sense he was lying to us. He does not know how to read a murder scene, that could explain it.” Loanna said as they entered the building.  Dario did not stop but continued into Dorn’s private office.

“You are one body short.” He said curtly.

“I counted the bodies myself.  There were twelve victims.”
            “There are twelve bodies but there should be thirteen.” Loanna said.  “Someone else died in that inn but the body is not there.  Have your people remove the bodies for a proper disposal and we will show you what we mean.”



Duke was annoyed.  A worker’s strike was unheard of and yet he had a strike on his hands.  The deeper he sent them into punishment, the more obstinate they became.  But it did not surprise him, they were Brunnen G after all.  200 members of the Lost Bloodlines, those who were sent for punishment when the colonized Brunnis Two was destroyed, had regained their memories and now rebelled against their punishment.

One man appeared to be leading them.  Duke approached him.

“It is about time someone took us seriously.  I am Denai of Brunnis Two.  I must get a message to my son.  He is the last of us. His name is Kai. ”

“I know who your son is, Denai.  We both know you are here for punishment earned for your part in sentencing your son to die and for handing your homeworld to the Divine Order.  You betrayed him to your fellow judges, and now you suddenly want to save him?

You are thousands of years too late.  You already know he died at the hands of the Divine Shadow and then spent the next 2000 years as a slave to the Divine Order until he regained his memory.  It’s a little late to be making amends.” Duke said turning away.

“I have to warn him about the man who rolls the rock.”

“What about the man who rolls the rock?” Duke said suddenly interested.

“Another man came, one with blond hair and took him away.  He mentioned my son by name.”

Duke looked at the woman who had stepped up beside Denai.  The worry on her face was genuine.  But more importantly the aure of her sould was changed.  Her soul was refined.

“You Denai, will return to work as will the others.  I know where to find your son.  Your mate Araine will go with me to carry your words.”  Duke said as he took the woman’s arm and disappeared.



“Where are we my Prince? Priest asked.

“We are looking for the entrance.” Prince replied.

“The entrance to what?”

“To the Dream Zone.  We are going to learn all we can about this realm and if there is a way to destroy it.

Then we are going to find Kai.  These are his, no their people.  We are going to find out just how far the Kais will go to protect them.

You are going to remain here and find the entrance, I am going to Terlara.  They still believe in their ‘incarnations’.  I’m going to find what I can there about tracking them down.” Prince said.



“Alright Duke, why all the secrecy?” Third asked.

“Because of her.” Duke said indicating the woman who sat in the shade under a tree.

“What has she got to do with anything?  Who is she?” Third asked.

“She is the mother of your Fourth Incarnation.” Duke said calmly.  “It seems Prince is not as dead as we all thought he was.  He is alive and carrying a grudge against you Kais, in particular your Fourth member.

I brought her with me to give you the warning.  Her mate remains exactly where he belongs.”

“Wait how many Brunnen G are in your ‘care’?” Third asked.

“All 397,000 who died on Brunnis Two.  Some are aware of who they are like her and her mate Denai.  It was Denai who reported Prince’s presence to me.  His soul is not yet refined, hers is.  She is ready to be released to a new first life.  But her son has to forgive her first.”

“Forgive her?  For standing by and doing nothing when Brunnis Two was attacked?” Third questioned.

“For convincing the Brunnen G not to fight, that was her crime.  Fairly minor in comparison to her mate’s, he sat on the very court panel that condemned Kai to death.”

“So all it takes is Fourth’s forgiveness?” Third asked.

“Yes, but you need to know how it works.  Once I release her to a new first life, she will no longer be Brunnen G.  The Dream Zone will be closed to her.  She will go where ever her new people go.  She will not even remember being Brunnen G.

Should he not forgive her, she goes back with me.  She will remain in Limbo until the Brunnen G themselves grant her entrance.  Even if they do, she will still remember everything that happened stuck for eternity with a mate that she despises. 

She has never forgiven Denai for making the vote unanimous.  Had he voted not guilty or abstained from voting altogether the death sentence would never have been handed down. 

That may seem like a moot point being that Divine Shadow killed Kai, but try telling that to a mother who watched her child condemned to death.  She has never forgotten what she sees as her mate’s betrayal of his own flesh and blood.”

“I’ll speak to her.”  Third said.

“Actually you’ll take her with you.” Duke said disappearing.

“Crap!” Third said turning toward the woman who had gotten to her feet.  He watched her face light up as he approached.

“Kai!” Just as quickly she showed confusion, and then her face fell.  “You aren’t Kai.”

“I am Kai, just not your Kai.  I am what he was before he became your son.” Third said.

“I don’t understand.” She said.  “Duke told me he was going to bring me to Kai.”

“He did.  I am the Third Kai, Your son is the Fourth.  I will take you to your son.  But you have to understand that he is no longer your son.  The Divine Order chose to punish him for revenge against the Brunnen G.  He is a Divine Assassin now.”

“Why?  We never did anything to the Divine Order.” She said.

“Well you should have!  You hid behind your shields and let the Divine Order grow strong enough to destroy you.  The Divine Order was the Insect Civilization. Kai and his newborn friends were the only ones who shouldered the duty that belonged to all of you.  They had the courage to fight our ancient enemy knowing that they would lose.”  Third stopped and took a deep breath.  “How long did you live?”

“705 years.” She replied.

“And you don’t look a day over 35.  I was 127 when I died.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know my duty as a Brunnen G.  I died so you and the rest of the cowards on Brunnis Two could live.  You forgot what it meant to be Brunnen G.  You not only forgot your duty, you hid from it.  You were all a waste of good DNA!

Come on, let’s go.  You can face the son who suffered for your selfish neglect and cowardice.” Third said. 



“Here,” Loanna pointed.  “Someone died in this spot.”

“How can you tell?” Dorn asked.

“This is dried blood.” Loanna answered.

“You can see the amount of blood dried on the floor is comparable to the spots where the others died.” Dario pointed out.

“Whoever fell here, died here.” Loanna said.  “And whoever it was is missing.”

“Tell us about this missing partner.  What do you know of him?” Dario asked.

“Not much, I never met the man.  But Myna mentioned him.  His name was Prince.” Dorn said.  “He was never around when I came in.  So I wouldn’t know him if he walked up and slapped me.”

“I think we should find out what we can about this Prince.  Whoever did this may have been after him.”




“So 790 what have you learned?” Fifth asked.  “We can fill Third in later when he shows up.”

“Where did he get off to anyway?” Second asked.

“I don’t know.  He just said that he needed to speak to Duke and disappeared.” First said.

“You did say that you had a lot of information to pass on 790.  The longer we wait the longer it will take.” Fourth said.

“Okay, first let me say that the Unified Worlds have created a decentralized Governmental system in which each world is responsible for their own internal affairs except for three areas.  The first is religion.  The religious center of the Unified Worlds is based on Terlara and yes the official religion is Kai worship but unlike what we ran into on Corleone, they regard Kai as a single entity.  Each of you simply represents a different ‘balance’.  The focus of their religion is to reach and maintain balance in all areas of life.

The second is military.  Each planet has its own force for domestic defense but there is a centralized military whose purpose is to protect the Unified World’s borders against outside threats.  They do not involve themselves in disputes between member planets.  They are based out of Typhos.

The last area is a unified law enforcement unit devoted to ‘insect influenced crimes’.  This unit is comprised of assassins who investigate serious violent crimes such as murder.  Their mission is to seek out and destroy all instances of possible insect activity, they consider major violent crimes as evidence of the insects remaining influence.  These agents all carry the title of ‘Kai’. They are based on Corleone.”

“Kai?” Fifth questioned.

“Yes they are known as Kai combined with their given name.  And the ‘Kais’ seem to be very busy, murder rates across the Unified Worlds has increased the last 100 years.”

“You said they are assassins, wouldn’t that make them murderers themselves?” Second asked with some confusion.

“Actually they would be better described as Judge, Jury and Executioner.” 790 responded.

“The agents of justice.” First surmised.

“Yes and they are just as feared as any Divine Assassin was during the reign of the Divine Order.  They actually model themselves after dead and dreamy.  They wear a black uniform and each of them is physically altered, what they call ‘augmented’.”

“Augmented?” Fourth queried.

“They have discovered how to implant a computer controlled brace onto the bodies of the ‘Kais’.  The brace not only lets everyone know what they are, it’s functional.” 790 explained as the door opened admitting Third and a woman.

“Now we know why you are late.  Couldn’t you have just left her lounging in a bed somewhere?  And how in the hell did you get her into our sanctuary to begin with?” Second asked immediately before his head tumbled to the floor.

“That is my mother you are talking about.” Fourth said as the woman flew into his arms.