Encyclopedia Brunnis-Night of the Brunn

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Sep 17th, 2011

Night of the Brunn-A celebration among nomadic desert tribes of the Southern Continent of Brunnis.  The that takes place every 10 years to honor the Brunn.    The Nomadic tribes living in and around the Gravity Desert honored the first people of Brunnis who were known as the Brunn.  Every 10 years to coincide with the insect mating season the Nomadic tribes would would hold a week long celebration culminating in the Night of the Brunn. 

The Night of the Brunn was the formal rite of Ascension for males belonging to the Desert tribes.  All males who had reached the age of 16 in the prior 10 years would take part in the ceremony which was meant to test a young mans physical and mental fitness.  The First part of the Ordeal was a forced march through the gravity Desert to the temple of D'bai.   Once at the Temple the ceremony continued with the young man drink a mildly hallucinogenic wine.  Each male would face his greatest fear and conquer it.

Successfully completing the Ordeal meant the you man was now considered an adult member of the tribe and received his tribal mark. The ordeal and any important spiritual ceremonies only take place during the year of the celebration. 

The custom was not a part of the culture of the Northern Continent.  Only Two Northerners ever took part in the Ordeal.  The Warlord went through the Ordeal at the existence of his friend Oudi who knew that the Nomadic tribes would not follow anyone not recognized as a man according to tribal standards. Later the Second Kai went through it with his Classmate Jute.  After the Ordeal according to Tribal Laws, Kai and Jute went through the rite of adoption to become brothers.  The Line of Kai became a part of the Tribe of the Western Desert.