Another Dawn Chapter 8

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 1st, 2011



“This is very impressive.” White Woman said when she saw Little Lexx for the first time on the surface of this moon. Kai nodded for had not seen it yet either. It really looked like a small version of the Old Lexx. Some parts were different now like its tail and the little lantern-thing hanging over its head. But especially the eyes and face, if you could call it a face, remembered him most of Old Lexx. He had no idea that the Lexx was able to reproduced itself, neither had His Divine Shadow. There was nothing in his memory about this. But what had he expected? His Divine Shadow also had no good answer to what the Gigashadow was. Only prophecies and rumours he knew about that giant insect and it came up to Kai, that though inhabited by the insect spirit it seemed that the human host's memories were separate from the insect ones. He would have to deal with this later.

“Now welcome on board!” Stanley said while entering Little Lexx trough its mouth. White Woman was very curious and seemed to watch every detail underneath her hood. Stan wondered how a bright white hood could spent so much darkness that he could never see her face. Maybe she had none? He frowned immediately at this thought and was happy to be back at the galleries and then leading them all towards the bridge.

“Indeed a little Lexx.” Kai said when entering the gallery. Everything was smaller than on the old one but the hallways and rooms seemed to be placed exactly like on Old Lexx.

“There are no Cryopods left?” Kai asked Zev while following Stan to the bridge.

Zev shook her head. “No full artificial parts are here. We have the Dining-Room and Showers full equipped, there are our bedrooms and even two moth-breeders in the mothbreeding-area. We have a tiny room where the old cryochamber was, connections seem to be prepared for further installation but nothing more. And there is a small room where the brains of Divine Predecessors have been stored like on Old Lexx. Maybe the artificial machines could not be copied by Old Lexx.”

“It very looks like this.” he looked at her and smiled. He never realized she could combine things that good. For a woman grown up in a box and therefore have not very much experience with technical or other things besides her wifely duties, she dealt with new surroundings very good and came up with good ideas. Surely her curious and exploring Cluster Lizard part helped her.

“It is good that I do not need a cryopod now.”

“Yes, it is.” she smiled back at him and thought of the wonderful moment when she offered him to share her bed for there was no third bedroom. And she became aware she blushed again. She gazed at him for a short second and felt relieved he was not watching her. They entered the bridge.

“Lexx, say welcome to old and new friends!” Stanley said while standing on his commanding post.

“Welcome to old and new friends!” Little Lexx answered.

White Woman approached Stanley and looked around with upcoming excitement.

“It can speak?” she said.

“Yes, but only to me for I hold the key!” he answered with pride.

“The old key works for Little Lexx?” Kai asked.

“No. After we lost Old Lexx and landed on Little Lexx I got a new key from it for I told it, I am its captain.” Kai seemed to be satisfied with that but White Woman was not.

“A key?” she asked an Stan felt uncomfortable again to explain.

“Well, yes, a key. A genetic key if you can say that.”

“A genetic key...” she looked at the screen and then to Stanley again.“Are you an insect as well?”

“Oh no no no no! That has got nothing to do with it!” he answered rapidly. “Kai, could you?”

Kai looked to Stan an the Guiding One that now looked at him.

“I do not know exactly how it works but as for I have the memories of His Divine Shadow I have got some knowledge about it.” he started. “The key is like a genetic signature that corresponds partially with the genetic structure of the Lexx. The other parts correspond to the humanoid genetic structures. I do not know how the bioviziers or else developed such a key but since it seems to be a combination of insect and human genetic information, I think that the insect part of His Divine Shadow gave its genetic knowledge and probably cells to the bioviziers and ordered them to create a key that his human host could use to interfere with insect technology … or insect based organic material like Lexx is.”

“The bioviziers. They seem to have a great knowledge far beyond ours. Maybe we should search their memories for how protoblood is produced.”

“If you could do that I think you might find an answer for the bioviziers made me.” Kai answered with a bitter taste in his mouth. He was glad to have neither memories nor feelings about his conversion into a Divine Assassin though he knew from others what they had done to him. He had once seen another man converted into an Assassin. He had to see it for he had been sent after this victim and was ordered to bring the body back for final punishment. Grand Biovizier Mantrid was up to to experiment with this one and therefore he asked for another Assassin to be around for his new achievements and enhancements could cause a malfunction. Kai had been there the whole process as he now realized. Things turned out bad for Mantrid tried new programs on this subject and implanted new weapons and other unknown devices into the body and brain. Something went wrong with the programming given to the new Assassin while still most parts of his body were opened and about to me modified.

The tortured body suddenly jerked for several times and then jumped onto its feet while loosing some of the biomechanical parts that just were about to be implanted. Surgery instruments flew across the room and an unnatural mourning came up the throat of the new Assassin. Kai was ordered to terminate him immediately and he did not hesitate with that. But that last impression he had of this Assassin was the sight of relief in his eyes. Could it be that he was aware of what just was happening to him? Kai of course did not think about that while being an Assassin but now as more and more memories came up to him he felt quite uncomfortable with this thought. If there really was a possibility for an Assassin to wake up during its conversion he was glad not to have as it was his turn. He frowned and some sort of sickness crawled up his belly.

“Is everything all right with you?” he heard Zev's warm but concerned voice. She must have realized he got lost for a moment in his memories and obviously she saw he felt not comfortable with them.

“I am all right.” he tried to soothe her. “Just old memories.” But his voice told her they were more than just old memories. Probably very bad ones and she made him sit down on the rail of the bridge and softly stroke over his cheek. He closed his eyes for a moment to deal better with the upcoming sickness and feeling Zev next to him really helped him.

White Woman came over to them and placed her hands onto his forehead and then chest. She could not find any signs of decay yet but she stayed concerned for it was Alpha that ordered her to ensure Kai would stay alive. She would have to deal more with his memories for they seemed to hurt him a lot. And disbalance in this early state of rebirth could cause the trinity to collapse. She sighed and turned around to Stanley who was watching them.

“Shall we take our journey?” he asked.

“We think it would be the best for him to go some place to eat, drink and rest and that is not dealing with his memories.” White Woman answered. “Everything here seems to make more and more memories come up to him and in this early state of rebirth we won't risk loosing him.”

“No. We won't!” Stan said and lowered his hand to the now appearing control panel. “Lexx?”

“Yes, Stanley?”

“I order you to leave this moon and land on that planet in front of you. It is called Arcadia.”

“As you command.”

A tremor went through Little Lexx while starting its engines. White Woman laid a hand on the commanding post for she obviously was not used to such a travel.

“Everything is okay, Lady.” Stan said to her. Damn, he even did not know her name.

Another tremor could be felt then everything was silent and they could feel nothing of Lexx's movement. But they could follow its flight on the screen. The moon grew more and more tiny while leaving it behind and Arcadia became much more impressive to them.

“Any special coordinates to go to?” Stan asked White Woman.

“We are thinking of a good place for Kai.” she remained silent for a few moments. “Can you fly the Lexx to 29.65 on x-axis and  135.35 on y-axis? We think that would be a good place for all of you to recover.”

“Lexx, you heard what...” he stopped and leaned forward to her “What exactly was your name?”

“We are the Guiding Ones.” she answered.

“I know, but you must have an individual name. Like Kai and Zev have and like I have.”

“We do not have individual names for we have no spirit that gives us a name.”

Stanley sighed. She really was hard to get. Having no name. He did not want to call her White Woman or Guiding One. He could not handle her being around them but not being an individual.

“You can give us a name if that makes it easier for you.”

He stared at her. “Can you read minds?”

“Yours is easy to read.” Damn! She could read minds! At least his! Stanley had to swallow and looked to Kai and Zev but they did not follow this conversation for Zev was about to make Kai feel better. She had sat down besides him and was telling him a story from Earth when she did that wrestling stuff. He guessed she did it do distract him from his obvious sickness and it seemed to work for he was listen very closely.

“Ok, Lexx, fly to the coordinates you just heard.”

“As you command, Stanley.” and it change its course a bit.