Encyclopedia Brunnis-Mantrid, Matriarch Council

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Aug 27th, 2011

Mantrid-Former Biovizer of the Divine Order he was killed by Echias using the body of the fourth avatar.  Instead of being able to enter the body of a nymph Echias was forced to join with Mantrid inside a machine built by the Biovizer effectively imprisoning him during the Fourth cycle.  Machine human and insect merged into one entity contained in a small cube.  Mantrid set about converting all matter in the Light Universe into mechanical drone Arms.  The FOurth Avatar along with the messengers managed to defeat Mantrid by manipulating him into rapidly moving all the mass of the Light Universe to it's center using the Lexx.

The Lexx escaped the collapse of the Light Zone when Aa fractal core was created by the collapse.  When the emerged into the Dark Zone, Mantrid had also come through the Fractal core with them.  Xev Bellriger destroyed the cube that was discovered on the Lexx not knowing the cube was a decoy and Mantrid had already escaped into the Dark Zone.  In the Fifth cycle Mantrid created clones of himself called Mantis to interact with humans as he set out to subjugate the Light Universe.  Mantrid/Echias was finally destroyed by the combined efforts of the four Avatars and the One.

Matriarch Council-Ruling governmental body of Brunnis established during the Extermination.  The Matriarch Council was made up of 7 High Delegates representing each caste and the Sister Superior representing the Temple of the Time Prophet.  The Matriarch Council came into power during the Extermination and governed Brunnis until it was abandoned at the end of the Third Cycle. 

When the Colonists reached Brunnis 2, The Matriarch Council was abandoned in favor of a panel of judges which ruled Brunnis 2 until it's destruction by the Divine Order.  Both governing bodies failed the people that they were sworn to protect through mismanagement and arrogance.