Another Dawn Chapter 5

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Sep 8th, 2011

“Yeah, a star with a personality looking trough a window. You got completely nuts, Stanley!” he though to himself. But then he became aware of some words White Woman told them.

“Wait, you say, this blue star told you that it is a she and that she knows Kai and will guide him here and that she is not one of the spirits Alpha ever contained?”

“That is what we said, Stanley Tweedle.”

“What do you want to explain, Stan?” Zev asked quite surprised seeing Stan obviously had a thought coming.

“Well, it is just an idea...” he continued “... but might it be that the she-star is one of the Brunnen-G?” he looked questioning to Zev and White Woman.

Zev wanted to say how ridiculous that sounded. She just was breathing in deeply to call him an absolute idiot but then she looked again at Kai and then she looked up to the blue star. It was even more pulsing than it had done before.

“One of the Brunnen-G ...” she thought. Could that be? Could Stanley have had the right idea? She still did not know what really was going on here but she understood that a human life consisted of a trinity of body, soul and spirit. When the body died, the spirit gets separated and goes to Alpha waiting for its rebirth. The body containing the soul goes into some kind of universal genetic library and is reborn and inspirited as long as time goes on. Kai's body could not vanish properly as White Woman said so it would never be added to that library. And the other Brunnen-G haven't got, too. Neither body and soul nor their spirits. Kai mentioned the “Other Zones” where his ancestors might have been gone. That could be a reason why no Brunnen-G ever came here. They could be stuck in such a zone. Willingly or Unwilling. But maybe one made it trough that zone and showed up as this star around here.

Zev stared to that pulsing star while thinking about all of this. On Brunnis they saw a pulsing blue star mating with the dying sun. It also helped them to escape. Yet a blue star guided the Lexx trough space and led them here. Could that just be a coincidence? White Woman mentioned some kind of universal plan. Maybe they were the ones who should guide the last and so the first of the Brunnen-G back to life. She felt a caressing warmth crawling up her body and she closed her eyes for a while. She knew that everything she ever was, was in love with Kai. Hiss loss made it clear to her that she was slowly dying inside since that incident. Now, seeing him lying there, she felt gaining back life. Gaining back some kind of purpose. She wanted to guide his spirit back to life, she wanted to be with him again, wanted her heart beating just for him. And again it came up to her: as long as this heart beats, I will love only you.

She opened her eyes and stared unbelievingly at the blue star. Could it be?

“It is her.” Zev said.

Stanley looked to the star and asked “Who?”

“His love!” Zev answered watching the blue star pulsing again.

“His... love?” Stanley asked subdued. “You mean … the one … you played in that theatre?”

“It must be...” Zev realized with an upcoming sadness.

The blue star went on pulsing. If it really was her that it was not up to Zev any more to bring Kai back to life. He surely wanted to be with his one and only love he ever had and the fact that they weren't able to find at least one piece of him left and that his spirit had followed Blue Star made her feel broken. She started to cry.

“I am afraid ...” she started through sobbing “... we are not the ones who can help him.”

Stan raised an eyebrow. What did come up that lizard mind now? She had the chance to get his love back to life, his body was waiting to be reunited with his spirit again and Zev came up the idea of giving up?

“You’re nuts, Zev?” he asked.

She looked at him with eyes reddened by her tears.

“How can I help him come back here, come back to life, for it was her finding and bringing his body here and guiding us here?” Tears were dropping down her face and fell onto Kai' body. “It is her that wants him back. He answered her call – he never answered our call!”

“Yes, Zev!” Stanley said with a certain blame in his voice “How can a dead man answer to the living ones? Ever thought of that? She could call him because she 'is dead', too! Once and for all for she is, no, was a Brunnen-G!”

Zev looked down to Kai.

“Now, you don't know exactly if it really is her, don't you?”

“I've got that feeling that it is her...” Zev whispered.

“Well, even it is her, if she had been able to bring him back to life, why hasn't she yet and why did she guide us here?”

“She cannot bring him back to life for she is not in the condition to influence the plan of the Living Ones.” White Woman interfered. “And if she is a Brunnen-G, as you suppose, all she could do was to prevent his spirit to get lost in space.” she added.

Stanley looked again to the blue star which just had lowered down itself again as if it was longing to see, what was going on here.

“Can you communicate with her?” Stanley finally asked White Woman.

“Alpha can, so we can.”

“Then just ask her who she is!” he stated.

White Woman looked outside the window to the entity of Alpha and remained silence for a while. Zev began stroking Kai's face again and was searching all of her mind for a good reason that would lead him back to life. She first thought of kissing him again as passionate as she could and then just say that she loves him, but would that be strong enough for him to get back in his body? He had his remaining family here she thought on a second. But his real family and even his love were out there somewhere and he could be with them instead and live his life in another plane. It would all be over and he had no longer to sacrifice again and again. He could stay in the caressing silence of space and come over all the cruelties that had determined his life. She could not find a good reason to come back for all reasons she could think of belonged to her personal desire. But what desire could he have? He never talked about desires for the Dead did not have any desires.

“Her name is Alegria.” White Woman broke the silence. “And she really is not a star but a spirit long lost. But only a spirit. Her body and soul remain in the Other Zone, as she calls it. She found herself in deep space shortly after he must have died. His death must have been unsettled something in the universal order and her spirit was released and separated from the rest. She soon found remaining pieces of Kai, or as she said, it was something like remaining memories. She saw other stars – as she thought they were - following to a certain point and met Alpha. And then it was as we told you. She brought back a piece of him, a dim memory, a tiny part of body and soul, for it is the soul that never forgets and gave it to Alpha.”

“And then you got some kind of rebirth granted for all that you had to go through, Kai.” Zev whispered passionate and full of warmth and desire towards his ears. But his body remained unconscious.

“Alegria, hm?” Stan looked to the pulsing star. “Why didn't she tell you who she really was?”

“We think she did not know, she was a spirit. She never was aware that life consists of the trinity of spirit, soul and body. How could she. She is a Brunnen-G and since they never came here but were lost in another Zone, they could never decipher the meaning of life itself. It is said that they had an unnatural length of life, that they did not die by ageing, that they just vanished from day to day. It was in their believe to vanish to another plane and met there all the Ancient Ones gone before. It ever was and ever would be that way to them.”

“Now she is the first of them to realize that they had lived in a never ending dream, never meant to get reborn or truly reunited.” Stan ended.

“So it seems to us.” White Woman confirmed.

Zev stared at both of them. The Brunnen-G all were remaining in a dreamlike unconsciousness for they did not believe in an afterlife and ever since the first vanished to the Other Zone all of them followed after death. Even the people on Brunnis 2 did for it might be something of a legacy by their ancestors. And for what she had learned while acting in that theatre, the people on Brunnis 2 were only echoes of the once great warriors. They lost their purposes during their unbelievably long lives, possibly they lost their minds for they just existed without a deeper reason. Kai and a few newborns became aware of their purpose, being true warriors and face their fate for the good of all. But Kai was the one who convinced the others. Possibly that was why his spirit did not vanish to the Other Zone by his last death. He always was intend to go beyond existing things. As he said, he wanted more, he wanted to go beyond the ancient walls. He became the last of the Brunnen-G shortly after but now it seemed to be he became the first of them that went beyond the unwritten universal laws and the first of them to get reborn and change the status quo for possibly all of them. Zev got aware that she was enlightened by a pulsing blue ray that came from Blue Star, Alegria. She  suddenly felt that she got the reason he needed to hear.

“Kai....” she started with a trembling voice “... you are part of our family. You are the one I desire most and I can't go on without you. Your death was my sentence to die like your people once sentenced you. But we found you. She found you. I can see you.” her voice got stronger and more passionate. Even Stan came closer to her and started clenching his fists.

“Yes, Kai! We can see you! You are right here!” Stanley almost shouted. “We want you back, do ya hear? You can do it, I know!”

“Kai, last of the Brunnen-G...” Zev started again “... you sacrificed twice in your life. Once for your whole race and the second time for us and all human life. You have never been granted to change things for good, but it seems the universe has made another plan for you. You can change everything that was, that is and that will be.” her eyes were full of tears again. “Last of the Brunnen-G, you are supposed to be a true warrior, you are supposed to go beyond, you are supposed to be the 'first' of the Brunnen-G that found back his true passion: the protection of Life itself! Kai! Listen to me!” she cried with an upcoming tone of a Cluster Lizard growl in it. “Your story ain't over!” she cried out loudly and ended up kissing him violently, passionate and with a purity in it she never had expected an felt before.

For a few moments there was silence. No one was breathing. Blue Star, Alegira, had ended up in pulsing, now looking like a tiny blue hole in the star-speckled universe. It seemed like time went blank for a moment.

Then a trembling sound ran through all of them. The whole tower was quivering and they could hear a sound so unearthly, so mourning that it reached the bottom of their souls. Blue clouds of energies where emerging from Alpha and for few second it seemed that Alpha had stopped circling. They spread out into the universe and when Zev finally opened her eyes she saw tears falling down his eyes.

Kai was crying and the mourning came from deep within him, as his soul remembered the last few seconds of his death. He suddenly opened his eyes and jumped off the altar onto his feet like if he was in a fury. Zev was tossed away in his burst of emotions and ended up on the floor with a deep sadness and some feeling of guilt after she had heard that mourning.

Kai stumbled towards the big window embracing his body with both arms as if he was trying to keep something apart from breaking out. He still was weeping and wailing in obvious pain. He tried to breath but it sounded as if something was pressing the air out of his lungs. And with a scream full of pain and agony he broke down onto his knees in front of the window. Tear-drops from his eyes bedewed the black stone floor and he managed to release his embrace and got propped onto his arms while he was leaning forward. He finally started to breath but it sounded as if his lungs were filled with water and he started to cough several times. The he ended up staring to the floor seeing hi face reflecting. His breath was still trembling but slowly he lifted his head and stared unbelievingly through the window. He seemed to search for something.

Then he went on his knees, raised his arms and stared at his hand. He turned them from one side to the other and moved all of his fingers. Then his sight dropped down again on his body and his hands searched for the protoblood and other input slots, slowly becoming aware they were gone. He took a deep breath and decided to lift himself up onto his feet.

Stanley was besides Zev and helped her. Her first impulse to ran to Kai, while he was clumsily trying to stand up, was interrupted by Stan detaining her strongly.

“Let him realize it...” he whispered almost inaudibly and felt that she gave up her tension. When she looked into Stanley's face she saw a tear finding down its way over his cheek.

Then Kai was standing on his feet. He still was staggering a bit but he seemed to be breathing constantly at last. Once again he looked at his hands and then he stroke over his face and over his chest just to stop where his heart was supposed to be. He took in another deep breath and started to laugh in a strange way. It ended up in another cough attack and he started to tumble a bit more but then he turned around making a sidestep to prevent falling onto his knees again.

He looked straight at Zev and Stan that were holding each other hands like to little children. His eyes were reddened by tears but they could see the life in his hazel eyes. They looked spirited. His breath now turned into excitement and his lips were shivering when he intended to speak to them.

“I ...” his voice still was trembling in remembrance of the last torturing moments “I am … alive!” he finally stated and felt down on his knees again while emotions overwhelmed him. Zev could not hold on any moment longer and got rid of Stan running towards Kai. Just in front of him she well down on her knees as well and grabbed him, embracing him that tough he started to cough again. Tears ran loose over her face and she started kissing him in overwhelming joy. His forehead, his eyes, his cheeks and finally his mouth starting to realize he answered her longing with a passionate kiss himself. It felt warm, caressing, longing and the most important – alive. After their lips separated she begged this dream never to end but finally opened her eyes just to stare into his hazel ones. A tear was running down and she did not hesitate and stroke it away with her fingers.

“Alive...” she whispered.