The Sixth Cycle Chapter 4

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Sep 17th, 2011

            Dario and Loanna were openly traveling as Kais this time.  They had donned the black uniform patterned on the attire of the Fourth Incarnation.  Even that would not have so discomfited their fellow travelers.  Kais often traveled in uniform.

            What had made the other passengers uncomfortable was the missing Gorthas and prominently displayed braces.  This meant that these Kais had ‘embraced the darkness’, a less aggressive way to say that these two were on an active hunt.  A hunt only ended one way, with bloodshed.

            When the transport docked, instead of the mad rush of people trying to disembark, everyone remained in their seats preferring to wait until the Kais had exited.  Dario and Loanna took this in stride exiting the transport into the cool Terlaran night.

            They made their way to the Temple to find that lodging had already been arranged for them and a warrior priest was waiting to take them to the Grand High Priest. 

“Grand High Priest Stanley has been anxiously awaiting your arrival.”  The young priest said.  “Please follow me.”

As they passed through the main sanctuary the Kais stopped and kneeled before a huge black candle as the young priest fidgeted.

“Please Brother Timor, return to your meditations, I will take care of our guests from here.” an older priest ordered as they stood.

“As you wish Grand High Priest.” The young man said as he hurried out of the sanctuary.

“Welcome to Terlara, Servants of the Fourth Incarnation. I am Grand High Priest Stanley the Fourth.  Please just call me Brother Stan, I’m not much for high protocol.”  He said informally.  “You may find yourself praying to him often in the coming days.  Come along, my words are for your ears only.”
            “We were told that you know who is responsible for the deaths?” Dario said.

“Yes, I know. Please follow me.”

The Priest led them deeper into the Temple.  He stopped in front of a door and produced a key to unlock it. 

“This is the Inner Sanctum, off limits to all but the Grand High Priest of the Temple.  That I allow you entrance now should impress upon you the seriousness of the situation.” Stanley said, leading them into the room which seemed to be nothing more than a library.  “These are the journals and records of every Grand High Priest since the arrival of the Messengers.”

“These texts are priceless.” Loanna said.

“Yes not just for their age, but for the information that they contain.  It is the information held here which reveals the name of the murderer who caused the recent deaths.”

“We are on a hunt to find a killer, not a ghost.” Dario replied curtly.

“In this case your killer is a ‘ghost’.” Brother Stanley replied.  “One who died at the hands of the Fourth Incarnation during the War of Unification.  How much do you know of Terlaran history during that period?”

“We were born on Typhos and raised on Corleone, so not much.” Loanna admitted.

“During the war there was an attempt by a defrocked priest named Arno to take over the temple and Terlara.  His coup was ended when the Fourth Incarnation killed him.” Stanley placed a heavy book on the table.  “This is the journal of Grand High Priest Torq.  These events took place during his tenure.”

Stanley went to the shelf and selected another book.  “Grand High Priest Torq was the twin brother of the Voice of the Pantheon.   After her death The One gave Dara’s journal to Torq.  This is Dara’s journal.  We will speak further after you have read them.”



“I told you to look for the entrance to the Dream Zone.” Prince said angrily.

“But my Prince, I can’t find the entrance, but I saw a man come out.  I followed him to another area.

“A man?” Prince questioned.

“Yes my Prince, He left the Dream Zone, crossed the Other Zone and disappeared into a different area.”

“This is important news.  You’ve delivered it.  Now get back to looking for that entrance.” Prince ordered.

“So there is a way in and out.” Prince thought out loud.




Duke had arrived all too soon.  “Araine, it’s time to go. Kai I will see her safely to her destination.”

“Thank you.” Fourth said as he gave his mother a final hug.

As the two were leaving, Third entered the room.  As soon as the door closed behind them he turned on Fourth. “You did it.  You forgave her.  Who do you think was leading the move to accept the attack from the Divine Order?”

“I know she was at the forefront of the movement.  She had her reasons.”
            “You know and you forgave her?!”

“Yes, she didn’t think the Brunnen G deserved to live anymore than you think they deserve forgiveness.”  Fourth said as he shoved his way past Third.

“You know, you are going to have to let go of your disdain eventually.”  Second said.  “You can’t keep hating them because they were not you.”

“Why not?  They wasted the opportunity they had been given.” Third said.

“In case you have forgotten, you aren’t the only one who killed himself for future generations!  You are not the only one who died for a world full of corrupt worthless Brunnen G that spat on the sacrifice that you made!” Second said hotly.

“Second.” First said in warning.

“No! He wants to be an ass, he can listen!  I killed myself before my life even started for the Brunnen G and by the time you were born they were a bunch of corrupt, self-centered, ungrateful SOBs.  Why do you think She sent that second sun to kill the planet?  Because the Brunnen G had already forgotten who they were before you were born.

But I don’t dwell on that because somehow they managed to muddle around and produce you.  You were the one thing that made the sacrifice worth it.”  Second continued.  “Stop dwelling on what they didn’t do and dwell on what they did do.

Even after everyone had forgotten, when there was no way any of them could remember; they produced Fourth.   Everything that was lacking in them, honor, courage, sense of duty, reverence of the bloodline; lives in him.  He is the justification of your sacrifice.”

Second stood up and left the room in search of Fourth.



Dario and Loanna had spent the night reading the large volumes.  And to their shock the name Prince appeared in both.  The Incarnations had referred to him as an elemental, something not human.  If these were indeed the facts of the matter, dark days were definitely ahead for the Unified Worlds.

“How are we to fight something that cannot be killed?” Dario asked.

“I think Brother Stan had the right of it when he said pray.  Let’s just hope the Dark One hears our prayers.” Loanna responded.