The Third Cycle of Time-Chapter 24

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Aug 20th, 2011

“We all know of the seven rebels, Brunnen G warriors who put their honor and the call of duty above all else.  They fight even as others condemn them.  They fight not only for the Brunnen G but for all humanity.

They started with seven fighting alone.  They stand on Pordyah today their number reduced to three, but they will not fight alone.” Tano said. “We are the children of the Brunnen G.  All of us are descended from the warriors who came here decades ago.    None of us has had the opportunity to know our fathers, but we know that we are Brunnen G also through blood and training.

We will act as warriors.  We accept the sacred duty that belongs to us by right of our Brunnen G blood.

Today the Brunnen G will face this threat together, those born on Brunnis and those born on Pordyah.    General Kai, Father, do you wish to speak?”

“Pordyah has honored those who came here to train you.  Your courage in battle has always spoken for itself.  You have honored those who went before and you will leave a legacy of honor for those yet to come.

You are our future.  The future of the Brunnen G rests with you.  You honor us and we are humbled by you.  

The goal of our mission today is clear, the insects must die no matter what the cost.  Some of us will greet our ancestors today.  Our ancestors stand ready to welcome us to the Dream Zone with open arms.”



“Where is big boy?” Lowen asked.

“He’s hanging back and hiding.” Kai replied. “There’s also a smaller one missing. I think he’s planning to head for the rift when we engage these two.  We know he’s here because the transponder is picking up the signal in this area.

Tano, take your squad in.  Engage these two.  That will draw the other two out from where ever they are hiding.”

Tano gave the order. 15 Pordyan fighters descended on the two insects.  In a matter of minutes movement was registering on the scanners.

“There he is.  Let’s go get him.” Kai said. 

The two insects already engaged with the Pordyan forces were not going down without a fight Kai noted.  They were attacking the fighters with a viciousness that had never before been seen.  But the Pordyans were answering them with the same bravery and determination that they were known for.

Suddenly the two insects the three Brunnen G were chasing split off from each other.  While the big one continued forward, the smaller one darted toward the raging battle.  The change of direction was so abrupt no one expected it.  Lowen was the closest to the nymph which was now racing forward.

                As if it knew exactly where Lowen was, it suddenly stopped turned and opened it’s mandibles.  There was no time to react.  Lowen’s fighter slid between the mandibles and was crushed.



                “One down, one to go.” Tano said.  “Timor, take command, I’m going after that smaller one.  We kill them all, General’s orders.”  Two fighters broke off and followed him.

                Hir and Kai were busy trying to keep the larger insect from progressing on it’s path. The smaller insect was getting away.  Three Pordyan craft now raced toward it managing to surround it.

                The insects were determined.  The large one suddenly began to curl up, from it’s middle a long whip-like appendage stretched toward the three Pordyan fighters.

                “What the hell is that?” Hir asked.  The long tail lashed out, sending two of the fighters spinning out of control.  Hir immediately began firing shot after shot at the tail.


                Tano fought for control of his fighter and to combat the dizziness from his wild spin.  He righted the craft just as the smaller insect darted forward disappearing through the rift.  “It got through.” He yelled.  Seeing the two Brunnen G hard pressed dealing with the lashing appendage, he headed in their direction.  Five of the Pordyan craft and one of the Brunnen G were gone.  The Brunnen G were targeting this monster, he surmised that this was the bigger threat.

                Kai saw the tail coming toward him and took evasive action. 

                “Kill this thing Kai.  Figure out a way and kill it.  I’ll give your regards to the Warlord” Hir said as he directed his fighter to the spot where the tail was connected to the body.  The fighter crashed into the massive body.  The large insect bellowed in pain as the appendage was ripped away by the impact.

                Kai did a quick assessment.  There was a Pordyan fighter now at his side while six Pordyans fought the remaining insect.  He glanced to the side recognizing his son, Tano. 

                The massive insect they were now following suddenly made a high pitched squeal.  The smaller insect answered.  It now suddenly began thrashing wildly while the fighters began backing off.  All except one.

                “Back off now Timor!”  Tano yelled.

                But Timor had found an opening.  He fired as the massive mandibles closed.  Both insect and man died together.

                “Timor!” Tano yelled.  “No!”

                “Tano, take your men back to Pordyah.” Kai said “And deliver a message for me, to Adana, High Warrior Delegate, your grandmother.”

                “No I will not desert you.” Tano said.

                “Tano do as I ask, please.  There is only one way to kill this thing.  Enough good men have died here today, there is no need for anyone else to die now. 

Tell my mother that one still lives.  Tell her to have Brak look for rifts.  That is how they will return, the same way that they escaped.  Our fight is not over.”

“Father, please I have just found you.”

“I knew when I left Pordyah.  It’s why I gave your mother my clan badge.  Go now.  You need to be as far away as possible.” Kai sped off in the direction of the huge insect.  The head was gone already through the rift, but the massive body was taking time to pass.  Kai shut down the fighter’s cooling systems as he felt a force pulling him forward into the rift.



Tano stopped his fighter and turned back in the direction he had just come.  Half of the massive body was through the rift.  As he watched as the area around the rift seemed to expand and then rapidly shrink.  The explosion came a second later.



                Adana slipped her Gortha into the velvet pouch and placed it in the ornate wooden chest that Kai had given to her on his 18th birthday.  The sound of the comm link beeping demanded her attention.  The man was Pordyan.   His face was filled with grief.  On his chest he wore a clan badge, Kai’s clan Badge.

                “You are Adana?” He asked.

                “Yes.” She confirmed as she sat slowly in the chair.  “I am Adana.”

                “I bear a message for you, and a tale of great courage and selflessness.  I am Tano the son of Dava of Pordyah and Kai of Brunnis, your grandson.  My father asked me to bring a message to you.”



                Dak and Dex were about to give up hope when they stumbled across this small world called Austrel A.  They had been unable to find their way back to the transport, to Kai and the others.

                The man who had met them, Orion, had been telling them of the troubles that the Austral system was having with something called the Divine Order.  Neither man understood why the thought of this Divine Order troubled them so much.

                They came to a decision.  The Brunnen G were warriors.  Until they could find their way home, they would remain here and assist these heretics as they called themselves in their struggle with this Divine Order.  There was no way for the two Brunnen G warriors to know that they had emerged in another universe 200 years into the future.