The Rise of the Divine Order Chapter 1

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 1st, 2011

The rise of the Divine Order

                The Divine Order was Echias’ most far reaching plan in subjugating and destroying humanity.  Believing Kai dead or trapped in another universe, Echias felt he could freely take over this new universe and immediately set his plans in motion.

The Beginning

                Echias had found a spot and curled his new body, the first necessary step was to hide himself.  For 100 years he had attracted stray matter to cover himself.  His disguise was more successful than even he had anticipated.  The human ship had landed on the surface of his false world. 

                He had also had 100 years to think, to review his attempts and he realized that the key to his defeat was always the Kai-human.  The humans followed him; not just the Brunnis humans, but humans from all over the infested area.  The truly strange thing was that humans were free-thinking, they chose to follow the Kai-human.

                Echias had realized that the only way to defeat humans and in the end exterminate them was from within.  He had to make them choose to follow.

They had no idea that he was there.  They had immediately started drilling into the surface of the false world that was Echias.  By monitoring their thoughts he had learned that they were searching for minerals that they could extract.  Even here these humans were bent on consuming all resources.  But their arrival had furthered Echias’ plan.  When the human descended into the hole, Echias had destroyed the human’s brain functions and taken over the body.  Echias would learn about them and then befriend them before destroying them slowly by turning them against themselves.

This group of humans had quickly fallen under Echias sway.  Gaining their confidence was even easier than Echias thought.  The simple retelling of what had happened in the other universe down to the final battle, with a difference.  It was all based on a lie, Echias told them that he was once known as…Kai.  His name must never be mentioned again because he was only a shadow of what he once was, and he was here to prevent the chaos and evil that the insects had caused in the other universe.  He was here to protect them.




Chapter 1


                Orion and the others approached these two strange craft cautiously.  In the past 50 years stories and rumors had been circulating throughout the galaxy about strange creatures known as insects.  Orion and his people had discounted these stories, writing it off as fear mongering by the Divine Order and its leader, Divine Shadow.  But these craft were more than strange.

                Orion called a halt as one of the craft opened and a man emerged.  The man went to the other and craft and waited patiently as another man emerged before the two embraced each other.  The two began looking around at the terrain and speaking quietly to each other.  They seemed to be trying to decide which direction to head off in.

                Orion signaled his group forward as they were spotted.  There were rules of hospitality to be followed.

                “I am Dak, this is my brother Dex.  We mean you no harm.  We have been adrift and lost for two days and then we saw this world.  We only wished to find food before we starved.”

                “I am Orion High Counselor, welcome to Austrel A.  Where do you come from that you have such strange space going vehicles?”

                “We are warriors from Brunnis.  We were in the middle of a battle against the insects when we were sucked into a rift.  It brought us here.”

                There were several gasps at the mention of insects and Brunnis. 

                “Come with us, we will see you fed and you will tell us more of this Brunnis.  We wish to know if the Divine Shadow speaks the truth of Brunnis.  Many worlds are joining the Divine Order, often through intimidation and threat of attack by insects.  His Shadow claims it is to protect us.  He claims to be from Brunnis also.”

                “Divine Shadow?” Dak questioned.  “We know of no Divine Shadow.  I think perhaps we need to know more also.”



                Echias had begun to think of himself as the Divine Shadow.  Over 500 worlds had been brought under his rule in the past 100 years.  He offered them safety.  He offered them worlds without crime.  He offered them protection against the threat of invasion from the ‘insect dominated’ Dark Zone.  He offered them what they wanted and yet some refused to bow to his rule. 

                They would be dealt with later but for now he must establish a seat of power.  He designated the world his insect body hibernated in as that seat of power, The Cluster.  He thought about the last world he had encountered.  The humans had been at war against another lifeform.  A voracious carnivorous lizard.  Divine Shadow had removed this lifeform and relocated it to The Cluster.  The creature was dangerous but it could be useful. 

                It was time to change his tactics.  All worlds must be ruled by him.  Those who would not come willingly would come through fear.



                “You are sure the stories say this ‘Divine Shadow’ is Kai?” Dak asked.

                “Yes.  One of those who was present when Divine Shadow shared the tale fled here soon after The Order was founded.  He felt that this Divine Shadow was evil.  He was my Great-grandfather.” Orion said leaning back from the table.  “Mina! Bring more stew!”

                “This shadow sounds nothing like the General.” Dex noted. “We both knew the General well.  We served under him at the battle of X-72 and we were serving under him during this last battle when we were…lost.  Much of what you are telling us does not make sense.”

                “First let us tell you of the Brunnen G way of life, then we will tell you of the General Kai we know.  You will see that this Shadow’s claims cannot be true.” Dak started.  “First the Brunnen G do not take human lives ever! Not for any reason, it is one of our oldest laws.  To kill another human would bring destruction to ourselves.

We have battled against the insects several times in our history, the first battle took place  thousands of years ago.  The first battle with the insects was caused when they attacked what was at the time a small village known as Duha’naur.  Our people were led by a man named Kai, we call him The Warlord.  He taught us to fight them.  Under his leadership we wiped them out, all but a handful that were kept on preserves due to the scientific knowledge we could gain and the starfires they produced which supported much of the economy of Brunnis.”

                “This Kai is that old?” Orion asked.

                “No.” Dex answered. “He is not.  Let us finish the story of our history and then we will tell you of the Kai we knew personally.

                The next battle took place when the insects attempted to invade Brunnis.  A new class of warrior had just been developed, The Dragon Fighters.  The ships you saw are Dragon Fighters, developed to battle insects in space.  These Dragon Fighters were the key to saving our world.  Well over half of them died in the battle including a young man named Kai who destroyed a comet in which thousands of insects were hiding.  And that brings us to the General Kai that we served under.”

                “The insects invaded many worlds and then they destroyed most of the city of Duha’naur.  We lost our father in the attack.  He was a warrior like us and tensions were running very high on Brunnis.  The Warriors had been urging the Matriarch Council to declare war for decades.  Many of the council were also seeing the writing on the wall, the most vocal of the Council members was Kai’s mother Adana, The High Warrior Delegate.” Dak said.  “When the attack happened Kai did use the threat of force to move the dissenting council members, but at no time did he directly threaten them.”

                “The people of Brunnis were outraged.  The death toll was estimated to be over 200,000 dead.  We were not able to get an accurate count because New Duha’naur, the eastern portion of the city was vaporized.  Kai simply pointed out to the council that the people wanted blood.  He ordered the warriors to protect those council members who had been in favor of going to war and withheld his protection from the others.  The final dissenting council members folded at this point and we entered the war avoiding bloodshed on our own soil.” Dex continued.  “But Kai would not have allowed any member of that Council to die, he knew it would have meant the destruction of our world. 

This time it was not just the Brunnen G against the insects, but a unified group of allied worlds.  Kai also figured out that there was some intelligent force behind the insects continued attacks, and he was right.  A monstrous insect as big as a moon.  It is this creature we were fighting against when we were lost.  It was looking for a rift like the one that brought us here.” 

“You have said that Kai has been involved in every battle against them, how can this be?” Orion asked.

“Kai is the embodiment of a very old prophecy among us.  ‘Kai is the hand of destruction as Kai has been and will be in each cycle of time.’  General Kai that we served under was the Warlord reborn just as the Kai who led the Dragon fighters was also the warlord reborn.

The Warlord comes back to us in each cycle of time to lead us against the insects.  You have told us what this ‘shadow’ looks like, and also his actions.  And I can tell you with complete confidence that this shadow is not Kai.” Dak stated.



Major Donovan hesitated for a moment to compose himself.  His Shadow’s mood had been growing more and more volatile of late, but perhaps this would bring him some joy. 

Major Donovan had personally headed up this search.  His Shadow wanted the best researchers available within the Divine Order, over 5000 of the top minds in the League of worlds were now on their way to the Cluster.  Here they would serve His Shadow.  Their families on their home planets had all been relocated to special high security communities where they would live in comfort.  At least that was the story Major Donovan had told the researchers.  The major opened the door stepping inside Divine Shadow’s personal quarters.

“Divine Shadow, your orders have been carried out.  I have collected the researchers as you commanded.  They are on their way to The Cluster as we speak.” The major said as he knelt before the black robed figure.

“And what of the families?”

“Sequestered as you ordered.  Easily at hand if an example needs to be made.” The major replied.

“Put these scientists to work the moment that they arrive.  I want them to develop weapons that will instill fear in those who resist us.  Give them an added incentive, Major.  The 5 least productive scientists will watch their family members die.” Divine Shadow said.  “Now leave me!”

Divine Shadow waited until the door closed behind the major and then entered the elevator which took him down into the bowels of the planet.  To his newest project, the protein bank.  Over the centuries Echias had tasted human flesh through his children.  Although this insect body slept, it still needed nutrients.  The protein bank was the perfect way to feed this body.  It would grow and when it was fully mature, Echias would reveal himself.




                “Orion, what is going on?” Dex asked seeing the frantic activity.

                “Austrel E is under attack by the The Vendorians, we go to assist them.” Orion replied.

                “You go into battle, we will go with you.  You have extended your hospitality to us, we will repay you by helping you defend your Austrel system.” Dak said.

                “Then you will face the Divine Order.  Vendor is a member of the League of Planets.  No doubt this attack was ordered by his shadow himself.  He harasses us regularly in an effort to bring us under his rule.” Orion said.

                “More proof that whatever or whoever this Shadow is, he is not Kai.” Dak stated.  “Kai would not attack innocents.”

                “You are sure of this?” Orion asked.

                “We are positive.” Dex said.



                Divine Shadow was satisfied with this Raider Shadow vessel.  Austrel E was rubble.  Nothing survived on the surface, but there was no sense in risking a battle with the full Austrel system forces at this point.   As he ordered his force back to the Cluster he felt a shiver run down his spine.  It had almost felt like, but no.  Kai was destroyed and the Brunnis humans were in the other universe.  Nothing of the Brunnis humans existed here. This universe was his.



“Well Dex?  What do you think?” Dak said stepping back.

                “It’s a very good likeness of him.  I would recognize him from this portrait.  But why have you painted Kai?” Dex asked.

                “I think that our arrival here all those years ago was no accident.  Last month I had a strange Dream, my brother.  I was taken back to the day we left Brunnis for the last time.  Kai spoke to me and told me to make sure that the Prophecy is not forgotten.” Dak said.  “But it was not the General that stood before me, it was The Warlord.  We were brought here to pave the way for Kai.”