The Sixth Cycle Chapter 11

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Nov 8th, 2011

“Prince plans to do what?” All the Kais questioned First at once.

“He plans to destroy the Dream Zone, or at least cause those inside harm.” First said yet again.

“And Duke mentioned Fifi specifically?” Fourth asked.

“Who is Fifi?” Second asked.  “It sounds like something you would name an annoying ankle biting breed of dog.”

“Fifi is much more than annoying and unlike Priest he is a good match for Prince.” Fourth said.

“What do you mean he’s a good match for Prince?” Third asked.

“Other than Fifth we have all met Priest.  He is not so intelligent as to think of things on his own.  He does what he is told.

Fifi on the other hand does things because he enjoys doing them.  He is capable of his own thoughts and will implement them independent of Prince’s orders if it will satisfy some need in him.  He will be ‘creative’and dangerous.”

“How well do you know him?” Fifth asked.

“He is another I met in his first life, like Bunny.  But unlike LaLeen who was basically a good person, Schlemmi was already evil in his first life.”

I met both Fifi and Bunny on Water.  It was obvious that Fifi did not belong among the others.  He was with Duke during the attack on Boomtown.” Fourth explained.

“Ah, now I understand why Duke did not seem surprised that this Fifi was working with Prince.” First said.

“However I am not as well acquainted with Fifi as Xev and Stanley were.  They spent more time around him.” Fourth added.

“Maybe 790 can tell us more about Fifi.” Third suggested.

“No!  I do not want 790 to know about Fifi.” Fourth continued a little less forcefully, “I do not want to remind him of what Schlemmi did to him.”

“Do we want to know?” Second asked.

“Let’s just say 790 was abused and leave it at that.” Fourth said.  “Although he is a robot head he did possess a brain cube.  It’s what made it possible for the Love slave mental programming to work on him.  He has feelings.

Now that he has us, he has settled down.  He is not as ‘obsessive’, he’s even happy in a way.  I would not see that change.  If necessary, I will try to locate Stanley or Xev.”  Fourth said as he left. 

“He actually cares about that little robot head doesn’t he?” Third said.

“He’s always ‘cared’.   You forget 790 was a part of his ‘family’ for thousands of years like Stanley Tweedle and Xev Bellringer.

If he didn’t care he wouldn’t have stayed with and protected them.  He should have been able to let Stanley and Xev destroy 790 without blinking, but he didn’t.” Fifth said.  “And now he’s been reunited with his mother and met your sister Third.  That’s a lot of emotional shocks to deal with at once.”

“Yeah and dealing with emotional shocks is definitely not his strong suit.” Second added.




“Fourth is right, you do need practice, and a lot of it.” Second said to Dario easily ducking the brace. 

“You are the Second Incarnation.” Dario said with awe.

“That’s what they tell me.  And you are shaping up to be an enormous embarrassment.  Thank the Prophet you have a sister to balance things out.”

“I’m an embarrassment?!” Dario shouted.

“Every negative quality any of us ever had you now have in spades.  And your aim with the brace is   just plain lousy. 

Listen and heed well what I say Dario.  Prince is killing ‘Kais’ and you happen to be a Kai.  Stop being so damned cocky and start paying attention. 

Learn some patience.  Then learn how to hit what you are aiming at with that brace.  Fourth would have taken my head off my shoulders without even looking. 

You and your sister are going to have to face Prince and you are nowhere near ready.  It is going to take both of you to defeat him.  Stay here on Terlara until we tell you that you are ready, otherwise you will lose.  If you lose, we all lose.” Second started to release the atoms of his construct and then added, “You might want to catch up on your reading while you’re at it. Start with Torq’s journal.”



Dario made his way to the Inner Sanctum, Loannna as usual had her nose in a book.  She raised her head and watched in awe as her brother sat down with Grand High Priest Torq’s journal and began to read.

“Suddenly develop an interest in myths and ancient history?”  She asked.

“It seems that I am an ‘enormous embarrassment’.  And since we are going to be stuck here for while I thought it couldn’t hurt.”



“Right now there are close to 1000 aware Brunnen G.” Duke said.  “Most of them are hell-bent on revenge against the Divine Order.  They are still ruled by selfishness, remorse doesn’t mean a thing to them.”

“It doesn’t have to.  They are about to face the ghost of their sins come back to haunt them. First replied nodding at Fourth.

“Well if you are sure you want to do this, I’ll take you to Denai.” Duke said leading the way.  He had them stop in front of a massive barrier.

“Fourth are you sure you want to see him again?” First whispered.

“No.  But he is the one who is leading them.  If he is truly remorseful about convicting me, he will convince them to go along with your plan. 

Besides, I don’t think we have much of a choice.  The five of us cannot fight an army alone.” Fourth said.   “And although Irina warns those within the Dream Zone, we do not know what damage Prince is capable of doing from the outside.”

Duke soon returned in the company of another man who took one look at Fourth and paled.

“Hello Father.”



            “Hey Prince! Did you miss me?” Fifi asked as he appeared.

            “Not particularly.  What are you doing here? You are supposed to be off killing Kais as I recall.” Prince replied.

            “Yeah well, I don’t think that’s going to be too easy to do anymore.” Fifi replied.  They are not letting anyone get close to them.  All of them have been recalled to their temple on Corleone.”


            “Kai, my son.  I did not think they would hand down so harsh a sentence.  I thought that being my son would gain you some consideration.” Denai said to his son’s back.

            “You never came to see me.”  Fourth said.  “I was locked up in a cell and you didn’t even come once.  My mate came, my mother came, even my friends came; but my father would not even make a show of caring about what happened to me.”

            “I was ashamed.”

            Fourth turned to face his father.  “Ashamed?  What could you possibly have been ashamed of?  The fact that your son was a convicted felon, or your part in convicting me?

I defended you to Mother, told her you did what you thought best.  But as I sat there in that cold damp little space I realized she was right.  You did what was easy.”

“I…You’re right it was easier to simply agree that you were guilty, but I expected some mercy for you.  It was only when the crone laid bare all of our shortcomings did I realize that your mother was right, I had betrayed my only child. 

We tried for over 200 years before you were born.  Your mother miscarried seven times.  In my fear of what others would think, I forgot just how precious a gift you were.  I will not fail you as your father again Kai, the Brunnen G will not fail you again.  Prince’s army will have to go through us to get to the Dream Zone.”