Get Virtual On Screen Keyboard without Changing Your System

From: Build A Board , Posted Date: Apr 30th, 2012

Build A Board is a company that has dedicated the last 17 years to helping customers create keypads, membrane panels, interactive kiosks, virtual on screen keyboard systems, POS Displays, and more. With Build A Board, customers have a lot of creative power when it comes to creating a virtual on screen keyboard. Clients have the power to customize everything from key placement, size, and function to colors, fonts, images, commands and sounds. The Build A Board website: offers sample layouts. They also give information about customized virtual painting. The Build A Board Company offers access to a My-T-Soft Developers Kit, which allows users to modify the default key background. Painting the key labels and backgrounds to give the virtual on screen keyboard a personal touch, is also possible through this software. One initial concern is often losing all of the existing applications that took such hard work to create. Luckily, Build A Board can easily move their existing applications and processes over to the new virtual on screen keyboard system without having to completely revamp their systems. Build A Board uses a cross-platform support for Windows CE thru 7, Linux and Mac OSX. Build A Board allows customers to choose from their 200 international layouts or customize their own virtual on screen keyboard. Build A Board has helped industries worldwide switch over from using physical keyboards to touchscreen technology. Industries such as public safety, transportation, government, healthcare, education, etc. have used Build A Board to transfer over to an up to date, high tech touch screen system.