The Fall of the Divine Order Chapter 5

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Dec 3rd, 2011

Gigashadow would have breathed a sigh of relief had he been human.  Kai was non functional.  The last of the protoblood that had animated him was gone.  And the tubes that carried the protoblood to the assassins’ hive in the mortuary were dry.  They had been disconnected in the beginning days of the cleansing.

                All of the assassins were gone too.  They had all been given one last order, to give themselves over to the executioners for destruction.  Then the Executioners gave themselves over to Vlad who had in turn destroyed them before leaving the Cluster for good to carry out her final order, one she had failed at.

                It was ironic that the Order’s most accomplished Assassin had escaped her, only to fall due to his own limitations.  Assassins like executioners needed protoblood. 


                Yottskry opened his eyes and looked around at the carnage.  Had the heretics truly succeeded?  The bodies sprawled at the base of the pillar suggested they had.  He noticed and annoying feeling in the side of his neck and reached up to find the handle of a dagger.  Grasping it he pulled it out then stood up to survey his surroundings and heard the voice of Divine Shadow.  No it cannot be he thought to himself.


                Kai was non functional and one of the clerics was animated.  Things could not be better Echias thought to himself.



                Zev was not the smartest woman in the universe and she knew it.  Her education had been targeted toward one thing, creating the perfect wife.  If it did not concern pleasing a husband, it was considered taboo knowledge.  But she was more intelligent than her teachers would believe.  Maybe that was why she had clobbered her husband in the temple.

                She had become comfortable in letting her intelligence show in front of the guys.  Kai and Stanley never made her feel stupid, they let her be herself.  She knew that there was only one thing that made the dead dead into the alive dead, protoblood.  The only thing near the cleric had been this ooze on the floor.  It had to be protoblood.  She quickly filled two tubes with it and screeched at the top of her lungs hoping that Squish would hear.

                The little cluster lizard responded to the call.  He rolled up to her feet and waited there patiently.  Placing the tubes in Squish’s mouth she said a quick prayer that Squish would understand what needed to be done.  “Find your mommy.” Zev said tossing the lizard through the closing aperture.

                Whatever was happening, it would destroy the Cluster.  790 had confirmed that.  Zev knew that Squish actually finding Kai was a long shot, but Kai was a Divine Assassin, He was decarbonized and Assassins could survive everything she could think of.  Maybe they could survive the destruction of a planet too.  She grabbed the containers.  Even if Squish fails Kai might survive.  All he would need is Protoblood.


                Cluster lizards in their natural environment lived in groups called Swarms.  Squish was not born into a natural environment so he had instantly adapted to view the Lexx crew as his swarm.  Only the dominant female would lay eggs and that female would attend to her eggs until they hatched.  She would be the first thing that a hatching Cluster lizard saw, so Stan was not far off of the mark when he had said Squish thought of Kai as it’s mother. 

                Infant cluster lizards were dependent on the dominant female for protection, she was the Swarm Leader.  Squish was confused and frightened by what was happening in this strange place and the older Cluster lizard had refused to protect him.  That meant that whatever was happening he needed to find the Swarm leader for protection. 

                But Kai was not responding.  Reverting to instinct, Squish began to bump and nudge Kai.  Which Cluster speak for “I need attention.”



                Yottskry was horrified.  Divine Shadow had somehow brought him back to life and was now using him like a beast of burden.  All of the planning and sacrifice would be for nothing is the Gigashadow was allowed to live.  Yottsky prayed that Kai was indeed the answer to the prophecy.  Kai must right the wrong that the divine order had been built on.  It was up to Kai to put an end to the lie. 



                Kai cradled Squish with one hand and squirmed through the passage.  “Find the brain.” the cleric had told him.  And idea began to form in his mind.  An impossible idea.  The core of the cluster was not a planet at all it was a living creature.  The Gigashadow was the Cluster.  Impossible as it seemed once the idea took root, he became more convinced that his idea was a fact.


                Yottskry felt utter defeat.  Kai had failed to reach the brain and was floating outside of thee Gigashadow.  All was lost.

                “Find the brain Squish.” Kai said lobbing the little lizard back through the small opening that Gigashadow had just ejected them from.  It was a small hope, but Squish was a cluster lizard and brains were their favorite food.