The Rise of the Divine Order Chapter 3

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 8th, 2011

                “I worship his shadow.” The scout said kneeling in front of Divine Shadow. 

Next to him one of Divine Shadow’s personal guard smirked with glee.  “This scout insists on seeing you about a trivial matter, my lord.  Shall I deliver him to the Protein bank now?”

“Tell me about this trivial matter.” Divine Shadow ordered.

“It is about a small planet in the Arcus System.” the scout said.

“The Arcus system is uninhabited and beneath our notice.” The guard said.

“It is not uninhabited Divine Shadow.  There are people living there, on the second planet.  I saw the evidence of their activities myself.  They have been hidden from us by some sort of shield but the shield is growing weak in places.” The scout said desperately.

“You will report to the bioscholars.  Tell them what you have told me.  We will see if your story is true.” Divine Shadow ordered.  “Major Corman, you will report to the Protein Bank.  Your arrogance has outgrown your loyalty.  You will donate your tongue to remind you of your place.”


The Foreshadow was the latest weapon created by the Bioscholars, capable of destroying all life on a planet.  Divine Shadow intended to kill everything that lived on this world.  As soon as the ship entered the Arcus system, Divine Shadow understood the feeling of unease he and the Predecessors had been experiencing for the past 1500 years-Brunnis humans.

Somehow these humans had followed him here to this universe.  They would follow him no more.  And the Brunnis-humans were not the only thing that had followed Echias.  The closer he came to this insignificant little world, the stronger the stink of the Kai-human became.  Divine Shadow would destroy them once and for all.

“Divine Shadow, several small craft approaching from the planet surface.” Major Kim reported.

“Open fire.  Destroy them and destroy this abomination of a planet.  Kill everything down to the smallest germ!” Divine Shadow ordered.

“They are firing on us sir but causing no damage.”

“Destroy those fighters now.” Divine Shadow ordered realizing that they had begun targeting the control pod.

“The Planet is destroyed.  The fighters have no support, they will die.  We do not need to waste energy trying to destroy them.” The tactical officer stated.  Divine Shadow send a blast of energy at the man killing him.

“Destroy that fighter now!” Divine Shadow yelled his voice filled with panic.  Echias knew exactly who was in that fighter, the Kai-human.

Although the control pod doors were closing they would not close in time.  Divine Shadow retreated behind his guards as the vessel crashed into the control pod.  The Bioscholars had planned for hull breaches and the emergency energy seals immediately engaged. 

The small vessel was destroyed by the impact shattered into several pieces.  The Kai-human’s body had flown from the vessel on impact to land awkwardly on a pile of debris.  The human still lived but the injuries he suffered had now rendered him harmless.  He lay there struggling for breath.

Echias urged Divine Shadow forward.  This was the mighty Kai-human.  Fate had stepped in and given Echias a wonderful gift.  The Kai-human yet lived.  Echias ignored the conversation between His Shadow and the Kai-human.  He spurred his Shadow to act before the Kai-human died with his memory intact.  The Kai-human would become Echias’ slave, serving the very insects he had tried so hard over the eons to destroy.



Divine Shadow was personally overseeing the decarbonization of this body.  At first the bio scholars had been nervous.  But they soon grew accustomed to their leader’s presence.  The last of the internal organs had been removed and sent to the Protein bank and the circulatory system had been flushed with liquid silicone to remove all traces of blood.  

Now the machinery that would control the body was placed inside and the connections run to the nervous system and brain stem.  As the Bioscholars began to suture shut the incisions Divine Shadow spoke.

“There is no need to concern yourself with the appearance of this one.  His people are dead.  He will not need to pass any inspections.  Continue the process.”

The assistants came forward carrying the brightly colored clothing the man had been attired in when he was brought to the decarbonization lab.  Once the man was fully clothed, the body was placed in the container of chemicals that would replace the carbon molecules in his body over the next month.

“Finish the process and then take him to the Mortuary.” Divine Shadow said, his slight smile hidden by the black hood.  The Kai-human was now his slave.



Divine Shadow descended the staircase to the restricted level of the Mortuary.  Those stored on the level were special cases.  All of them had been specifically chosen by His Shadow and the Predecessors.  Divine Shadow stopped in front of the drawer.  The Assassin was more trouble than he was worth, but the small plaque bore a warning.  This one must never be destroyed. 

Once again he had disobeyed the orders of the generals.  It was why he had been moved to this level.  Divine Shadow waited patiently as the drawer slid open.  Kai’s eyes opened.

“Who would you like me to kill?”

“No one at this time.  You will report to the bioscholars for testing.  You have malfunctioned again.”

“In what way have I failed Divine Shadow?” The assassin asked rising to his feet.

“That is what the bioscholars will determine.  Report to them now, I will have further instructions for you once they have determined the problem.”


The Supreme Biovizier knelt and spoke, “I worship His Shadow.”

“What have you determined?”

The man stood.  “There is nothing functionally wrong with him.  He is not a defective, yet he often reacts as one.  He is growing more rebellious over time.  He is gaining the ability to disobey higher ranking officials, he is growing more dangerous each time he is reanimated.  It is my recommendation that he be destroyed.”

“He is never to be destroyed!  You will find a way to remove this rebellion from him.  Do not fail me.” His Shadow ordered.  “This assassin is Brunnen G.  You know the whispers of the Prophecy.  I will not risk having him become a martyr or a rallying point for the Heretics.  They believe the Brunnen G will destroy the Order.  He will remain as he is, a tool of the order.”

“Then I can only recommend that he remain in the mortuary, perpetually frozen and inert.  Each time you reanimate him, you increase the chances that he will grow completely uncontrollable.”