The Sixth Cycle-Chapter 16

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Jan 14th, 2012

“Come on Uncle, the one thing you could never find fault with was my piloting skills.  This is the quickest way to get where we are going.  Now climb in and buckle up.” Second said as he focused his attention on the instrument panel with a small smile.

“Are you sure this thing is safe?” Prince asked.

“Of course, although it is a bit rougher of a ride than you get in a flitter.  It’s designed for use within the atmosphere of a planet so it does not have the stabilizer technology of a flitter.  You feel the motion of the craft.”  Second said as he closed the hatch.

Second positioned the Hornet at the end of the runway.  “Get ready to have some fun!”



“Has Second ever flown anything in a straight line from Point A to Point B?” Fifth asked watching the plane as it rolled, banked, dived and did loops on the horizon.

“The memories of the many victims of His Shadow indicate that Prince is not enjoying this flight.” Fourth noted.

“That was the point Fourth.  Make Prince miserable for a while.” First replied.

“I’ll bet Second is having one hell of a good time.” Third said as the plane flew by, landing gear kissing the runway before speeding off at a steep climb into another loop.

“You know how he gets when he goes too long without flying something.” First said.  “Besides do we really care if Prince gets rattled?”

The Kais watched as the plane landed slowing to a stop a mere 10 feet away.  The hatch opened. Second removed his helmet and climbed out of the pilot’s seat.  He yelled up to his passenger.  “Now that was a fun flight Dumi! Come on down and meet the rest of the Kais.”

It took a few moments for Prince to stumble down from the fighter.

“This is my Uncle, Dumi.” Second said ‘introducing’ Prince.

“So Dumi, Second here tells us that you want to help us in this fight against Prince.” First started.   “I think that we could us your help.  We will need someone that can keep an eye on things on Boreal.”

“We want to know if Prince shows up there.” Third said.  “Prince is very slick and very smart he likes to make deals.”

“He is also psychotic and has a gigantic ego.  He thinks that he is smarter than everyone else.” Fourth added.  “But I’m sure that you are smart enough to stand up to him.”

“Boreal you say.” Prince replied.  “I think that I can handle that.  If this Prince shows up what should I do?”

“Nothing.  Don’t confront him just report back to us so that we are aware of his activities.” Third replied.

“Right, we don’t want you putting yourself in harm’s way.” Second added.

 “Well then I guess I am headed to Boreal.” Prince replied.

“I’ll give you a lift.” Second offered.

“No! Thank you.  I think I can make my way there.” Prince quickly turned down Second’s offer, hurrying off into the distance.

“So, do you think he fell for it?” Second asked.

“He thinks you are an idiot, of course he fell for it.  Young and dumb remember.” Fifth replied.

“Young enough to show off my flights skills and dumb enough not to notice I was scaring the living daylights out of him.  Hell, I even scared myself a couple of times!” Second laughed.

“Well Fifth, it’s time for you to take a trip to Alteri.  Second, Typhos is your stomping grounds.  Lets get the military involved.  Loanna and Dario will have to speak to the central government on behalf of the Kais, convince them of the need to have the military step in temporarily.  A little ‘martial law’ is just the thing to impose a bit of order right now.  I’m sure that the two of you can get the Grand High Priest to back the need for some changes to protect the people.” First said.

“I’ll speak to Duke then head over to the Dream Zone and check on things on that end.  We play this right and Prince will be too busy in the world of the living to do anything about the Dream Zone.”



“In a way you belong here too.  For 4000 years you were the family of the Fourth Kai.” Adana said.  “And both of you are a part of the Kai bloodline.”

“What do you mean we are a part of the Kai bloodline?” Xev asked.

“For one thing, you married into it.  Timor and Ari were descended from my son.” Dava answered.  “Your children were descended from the third Kai.”

“Your children also carry a closer tie to the blood of the Warlord.” Jute answered.  “As you both carry Brunnen G blood also, you are distant cousins.  You are descended from two Warriors, brothers who were among the seven rebels, Dex and Dak.  They were pulled through a Fractal Core and emerged in the Light Universe.  When they could not find their way back, they built a life on Austrel A.  Many of the heretics carried Brunnen G blood including Thodin.  The heretics were the keepers of the Prophecy in the Light Universe.”

“You both carry my blood and the Warlord’s blood.” Lynna spoke.  “Dex and Dak were descended from our son Torq.  Kai is descended from our oldest son, Bann.  So you are truly his family, tied to him by blood.”

“Whoa! We are Brunnen G?” Stanley was stunned.

“In a way yes, by a drop of our blood hidden deep within you.  That blood not only ran in the veins of the heretics but on all worlds within the League of 20,000, even on The Cluster.  You would be surprised to know who was touched by Brunnen G blood.”  Aranna said quietly.  “Our blood flourished even at the highest levels of the Divine Order.”

“Divine Shadow?”  Xev asked.

“Not quite that high, but Brizon carried the blood of the Brunnen G.”  Adana said.  “Our blood was scattered throughout both universes on all worlds.”

“The Kai you knew would be better labeled ‘The Last of the Pureblood’, the Brunnen G live on, hidden deep within the genetic code of humanity itself.”  Poetman explained.