The Fifth Cycle of Time Part 23

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Apr 2nd, 2011

On the planet Corleone

The owner of the restaurant was falling all over himself to personally escort the party to the private back room.  “Please tell me if anything is not to your liking, anything at all.  This is just a humble restaurant but whatever you wish please tell me and I will provide it.” The man said as he bowed yet again.  Fifth Kai's guards were now manning the door.  Fourth and Fifth Kai were seated at a table.  Vlad stood behind Fifth and Third and  Dara both stood behind Fourth. 

The Committee filed into the room.  None of them doubted for a moment this girl was the god’s daughter they looked almost exactly alike.  They also took note of the deadly looking blonde protectively standing behind her and of the female guards.   This was a protective father, no wonder he was in a bad mood.  Any one of them would be pissed if someone had insulted their daughter.

“Kai is protective of his daughter and he values his daughter above all else.  It is why he gifted her with his name, she is also called Kai.” Third said to them.  “Be careful not to offer her insult or face his wrath.”

One man stepped forward and spoke “We have come to pay our respects.  An insult to one’s child should not be ignored.  The dead do not offer insult to the child of Kai.  We do not wish to offer insult, we bring tribute for the young lady.”  He motioned forward two men bearing a good sized chest . “A collection of the rarest and most exquisite gems in the known universe, the most expensive of perfumes, cloth from exotic worlds.  We offer these small tokens to you Kai daughter of Kai.”

Third motioned two guards forward to open and examine the chest.  It was as the man had said full of gifts that any normal girl would find pleasing.  “Kai the daughter of Kai accepts your gift.” Third said.

“We also come to appease Kai.” The man held out a scroll.  “This is a list of worlds that follow the path of Kai.  We contacted them all after you left us yesterday.  They have all pledged all their resources to your daughter’s vendetta against Mantis.  The insult will be avenged.”  He looked hopefully at Fourth Kai. 

“How many worlds have you gotten to swear allegiance to my daughter?” Fourth Kai asked.

“Fourteen, and several of these worlds have diplomatic relationships with others beyond the frontier.  They will assist you in anyway to draw others to your cause.”

Fourth Kai looked at the man and said “My daughter was born on Terlara.  Send a representative there and ask to meet with Grand High Priest Torq to sign a formal alliance.  Once that is done, I will be appeased.”

The Lexx

Torq’s image on the viewscreen was thoughtful.  “Who would have thought Stanley Tweedle and a group of creative scribes would bring us fourteen allies at once.  Tano banned the book to protect the legend of Kai, instead he made it irresistible to less savory types who used it to create their own form of worship.  I once heard it said that a stone thrown into a pond today affects the outcome of tomorrow.  This is proof of that.  I will look for your envoy.  Congratulations, it seems your mission to collect an army is well underway.”  The viewscreen went black.

“So Fifth Kai has an army of thugs.  And we have news also.” First Kai said.  While you were gone we received messages from both Prince and Duke.” First Kai said.

“Prince was his usual cagey self.  He told me only that there seems to be some issue growing between Mantrid and his human avatar.” Second said.

“Perhaps not so cagey this time.  Duke also reported some friction but could not get any details on what that issue is.” First added.  “So Fifth what did you learn from your experience with the criminal element?” 

“Not much.  They were polite and respectful but it was more a respect created through fear at first.  But I did get a chance to speak to some of them all under the watchful eye of my ‘father’ of course.  They have people that they love.  They protect and provide for their families also they just have a more selfish means of doing so.”  The girl yawned.  “I’m worn out. Good night everyone.”

“So you said that there was more.” First Kai said after the girl had left them.

“We have reason to believe that our search beyond the frontier will be quite fruitful.” Third unrolled the scroll.  “Every one of these planets follow the teachings in the Book of Kai but the ones marked also have established legitimate diplomatic relationships with other worlds.  We will go to this one next.  They are expecting us.  From this moment on it becomes much more of a political process.

But we also need to be aware that this world has received a visit from their ‘god’, a very well documented visit.  It could turn out to be the spark that causes this ‘religion’ to spread like a wildfire.  If it does, Mantrid will learn of what we are doing sooner than we wish.”  Third said.

“Then we need to focus his attention on something else.” First Kai said.  “790 Can you show us some of the worlds Mantrid already controls?  Some close enough to be reached quickly but that have been under his control long enough that he would feel comfortable not watching constantly?”

“Of course I can.   My wise love has a plan?” the robot head asked.

“Do you think that there are some smugglers in that army of Fifth’s?” He asked Third and Fourth.

“Considering the amount of contraband they are dealing in, I would guarantee it.” Fourth answered.

“Well then lets see if they can’t smuggle a little destruction Mantrid’s way.” First said.



“Kai, How may I serve you?” Boss Niko who had been appointed spokesperson for the Committee asked as he noticed Fourth and Third entering his office.  The man quickly stood and offered his plush leather seat to the ‘god’.

“I would have Mantis begin to learn the error of his ways.” Kai replied as he sat in the seat leaned back and placed his booted feet on the expensive desk crossing his ankles.

“Kai wishes for you to send a few ships to harass Mantis, give him something to think about. Here is a list of the worlds you will target.” Third Kai handed him a scroll.  “Do not get caught, small quick raids at this point.  We do not wish to engage him fully yet.  You will find that there are those who will follow your example, those who feel that Mantis has insulted them on those worlds.  Your aim is to stir them up.  Get them to attack Mantis also.”