Another Dawn Chapter 7

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Sep 24th, 2011

“Are you going to accompany me taking a look on Arcadia?” he asked and Stanley almost ran into the door for he just wanted to get to another more real place than this Genetikum-Making-Room things. Zev stepped aside Kai and took his hand. She did not have to answer. Her decision was obvious and so they followed a fast walking Stanley Tweedle. Down to the first gallery and onward downstairs to the entrance. Kai was looking around curiously for he had not seen this place entirely yet. Before the entrance they found their spacesuits and suddenly became aware of another problem. They only had two and Kai was alive now.

The two looked at Kai and told him they had no Moths to fly with yet and that they would have to walk through Little Lexx mouth and so on the outside with no air for them to breathe.

“Then you two go first and one of you will return with a suit for me.” Kai decided.

“I will not leave you behind again!” Zev said and even Stan nodded.

“I am sure that nothing will happen to me here.” he tried to convince them but they obviously had seen to much evil and still they seemed to be affected by his last death. He could understand and he felt some kind of comfortable that they did not want him to stay behind, to be alone. But he was not alone. White Woman was here and Blue Star Alegria.

“I am not alone here.” he finally said. And while still thinking about their possibilities they almost not realized that White Woman was approaching them. It was Kai and his still above average senses that noticed her first and turned around.

“We wanted to ask if we can join your journey to Arcadia. We could guide you to a good place and we could help if anything happens.”

“Anything happens?” Stanley asked with upcoming fear.

“To his body. We are still concerned if he will manage his rebirth.”

“Oh yeah, that seven-days thing...” Stanley muttered and Kai got curious.

“Seven-days thing?” he asked Stan and White Woman. Zev felt an upcoming anger within. Stanley really had a very bad timing in telling things.

“Alpha tried to give rebirth to bodies to this place before. But none of them survived more than seven days. They went crazy, killed themselves or ended up with their minds lost in space and therefore starved to death. They somehow knew it was not the right place to be for them.” White Woman explained and Zev watched Kai very closely. 

“You think this will happen to me?” he asked.

“We do not know. Your arrival here was very different from the other ones and you show no signs of feeling uncomfortable. Your mind seems to be functional and so do your other body arts as far as you have them. No signs that your spirit is about to break loose.”

He looked down his body then to Stan and Zev. He did not feel anything of what White Woman was afraid of. And he got more and more aware that he was feeling. He felt Zev's warm hand in his, he could smell her slight scent of fresh an pure dew that reminded him to the scent the woods on Brunnis 2 had when it was about to rain. Experiencing this he really wanted to overcome this possible expiry-date and get to know more about Zev.

“I am feeling fine, I guess.” he finally said and Stanley breathed out loudly.

“Man, what took you so long with that answer! I was almost imagining your complete breakdown on that news” Stan answered. And he was kicked to his shin hardly by Zev.

“I must get used to my feelings for it was a very long time I had none. It still is not easy for me to tell you exactly what my feelings are about.” Kai explained and held back Zev softly while she was up to kick Stan again.

“So can we join you?” White Woman tried to start up the conversation. The three of them looked on each other and came to a silent accordance.

“You can join, Lady.” Stan spoke. “But we still have the problem with the spacesuits. We only have two over here and we need another two for Kai and you to make it safely to Little Lexx.”

“We do not need a spacesuit for we do not really live.” White Woman answered.

“Okay Stan, then walk back to the Lexx and get Kai another suit. I will stay here with them.” Zev said and pushed Stanley to move on.

“Walk to the Lexx? Is your ship down on this moon?” White Woman asked.

“Yes, it is. Little Lexx does not need that much space yet and so we could manage to land it here.” Stan said while putting on his suit.

“Then we can walk there all together without your suits.” The Guiding One said.

“But what about the air?”

“This moon has got enough gravity to keep up an atmosphere and therefore air. How else could you have survived here for we have no window-glasses or something like that.” There was a tone of amusement within White Woman's voice and Zev and Stand both felt stupid and incredibly unknowing. They had wondered how the air stayed within for they could not see and glasses in the windows or obvious energy fields holding it in.

“Then let us go...” Kai laid his hand on their backs and softly pushed them forward to the entrance door. Stanley did not feel very comfortable for he still was awaiting something evil and deadly within this place but when pushed outside and breathing in fresh air he started to relax. Kai needed to learn to be more aware of he fact that he now would be affected and hurt for he was living again. He had to give up that state of being a non-feeling and hard to kill Divine Assassin. If there had not been air, he would have suffocated as well as they would have. He had to talk about that to him later.