The Rise of the Divine Order Chapter 4

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 15th, 2011

Brizon liked to believe himself a ‘progressive’ person but the giggling of the female assistants was annoying to say the least.  He had given them a simple task, remove the assassin’s clothing, remove the power control rods and insert the diagnostic rods. From there it degenerated into this giggle-fest.

“Mantrid! Take over this task, would you?”  Brizon shouted at is protégé.

Brizon grabbed the women and escorted them into his office.

“You are behaving like children!”

“But he is so pretty compared to the others.” One of the women giggled.  “We were just wondering how much more ‘handsome’ he was at his death.  Before his ‘attributes’ were removed.”

Both women began laughing at this quip.

“I can easily arrange for a trip to the protein bank!  I am sure traces of his ‘attributes’ are still somewhere in there if you are so interested!” Brizon told them.  “Have you forgotten it is a biomechanical killing machine, nothing more.  It may look human and act human to a point but it is no more human than the cluster lizard you dissected last week!  He is one of the older assassins, decarbonized almost 2000 years ago.

It is obvious you do not have the professionalism needed to work on the assassins.  Report to Special Projects.  You are being reassigned to the Lexx project.”

As the women left, Brizon turned his attention to the desk.  The contents had been rearranged.  The Blueprint he had left on top was now under several pages of notes.  This little invention would increase deposits for the protein bank.  It was fully automated and could be programmed to sweep an area collecting all useful organic material.  It would then deposit the material in a special deposit slot that would lead directly to the Protein Bank.

Someone had been studying the plans.  The only other person with access to this office was Mantrid.  The young man was ambitious, too ambitious for his own good it seemed.  Genius is simply the art of planning ahead, Brizon thought to himself.  Brizon picked up a file and placed it on the desk.  Mantrid would not be able to resist.  But the research in this folder was flawed.  Brizon removed the pages detailing the flaws he had discovered and placed them in his pocket.

Entering the lab he asked “Is the diagnostic completed?”

“Yes Brizon.  There are no detectable anomalies in this assassin’s programming.” Mantrid replied.

“Then get him dressed.  I will take him to Divine Shadow and report the results of our testing.”




                “Divine Shadow, I have finished the scheduled examination of Kai.” Brizon said.

                “And what did you discover?”

                “There is nothing wrong with his programming.  I also ran a full diagnostic check. He is functioning correctly.”

                “Then tell me why he does not always follow the orders that he has been given.” Divine Shadow demanded.

                “He obeys all orders that come from you my lord, he only disobeys underlings.  I believe that in life he was probably strong-willed and perhaps a bit rebellious of authority.  And this has carried over to a point.  He is only guaranteed to obey the ultimate authority, and that would be you Divine Shadow.” Brizon explained.

                “You have proven problematic Kai.” Divine Shadow spoke.

                “The logical action is to destroy defectives, Divine Shadow.” Kai replied.

                “Yes, but you will not be destroyed, Kai.  At least not as long as you remain no danger to me.  If you do become a danger, arrangements have been made.  Vlad has been programmed to destroy you if that happens.

                However with the new programming from Brizon, I am sure that will not be a problem.  Return to the Mortuary, I have further business with Brizon and you presence is not needed.”

                “Yes Divine Shadow.” Kai said leaving the chamber.

                “Now I wish to show you something Brizon.  Your protégé was well chosen.  Mantrid shows much potential.”

                “He is competent Divine Shadow.” Brizon replied.

                “He is brilliant!  He has brought me a way to collect deposits for the Protein bank from inaccessible areas.  An automated method of collection, no matter where the heretics hide.

                You however have brought me nothing in the past few months Brizon.”

                “I am working on the Lexx project.  It has been hatched and is being fed from the protein bank as we speak.”
                “I am aware of your work on the Lexx.  I am also aware that it will not be ready for years.  My Supreme Biovizier has a duty to not just do research, but produce results.  I find no fault with your research Brizon, but your results are lacking.  Do not allow your lack of results to overshadow your brilliance.”



                “Well Brizon, What is this?” Mantrid asked himself out loud as he flipped through the pages of notes and diagrams.  Mantrid immediately recognized the brilliance of the machine.   It was even more impressive than the Protein collector that had been presented to His Shadow a few weeks back.  This machine was created to house the spirit when the body ceased to function.

                Mantrid spotted the obvious flaw immediately.  Brizon would not be able to make it work, but Mantrid could.  As the second most powerful biovizier on The Cluster, Mantrid had spent countless hours studying the forbidden texts under the watchful eyes of Brizon and His Divine Shadow.  Neither of them were aware that he had spent many more hours studying them unsupervised.

                Hidden with the forbidden texts was the answer, one Brizon had not found.  Brizon followed the rules, Mantrid did not.  So Mantrid had learned things he had no authority to know, he had learned of the insects.  Mantrid had studied this portion of the texts in detail.  The transference gland that all insects had was the key.  Mantrid also knew the truth about His Divine Shadow.



                “I worship His Shadow.” Brizon spoke.  “I would make a small request of you.”

                “A request Brizon?”

                “I am not well, my Lord.  I would ask that you allow me to retire from your active service temporarily.  The duties of Supreme Biovizier are taxing.  Of course I will still work on your behalf but at a pace more in keeping with my health.

                I have a project that is extremely demanding of my time but will be of unmeasured worth to you.  Retiring would allow me to concentrate fully on that project.  I have shown my initial research to the Predecessors and they have advised me to seek retirement.” Brizon replied.

                “If the Predecessors confirm your words, I will allow it.”



                Mantrid sat in his office.  Brizon the old fool had retired, Mantrid was now Supreme Biovizier.  Now to organize his staff. 

Many of the bioscholars were unhappy with the change in leadership.  They felt that Brizon’s retirement was more than it was.  Those loyal to Brizon would have to go and that was easy enough to do.  The Lexx was at a critical moment in its growth and needed much more sustenance that it was getting.  Deposits to the protein bank must be increased.