Another Dawn Chapter 2

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Aug 13th, 2011

Zev got rid of her clothes and went under the shower. She needed to rinse off her latest bad dream. Another day after another night full of pain and regret. She was dreaming again and again of his death. He had been there all alone. No one there with him in the inside of that asteroid. His voice while singing his fight song trembling in awareness what would come up next. He possibly was afraid to die. He now would feel the pain and everything that comes along with death again. And she had not been there. He had to die all alone.
Did he crash into a wall of the asteroid? Did the generator just explode while he still was trying to reach the inner part? Had he suffered? There where still so many questions that would stay unanswered.

Salvation? Maybe. But not this way. He should have been given another life to live. Even if not with her, he should just have been given this chance. Would he now be reborn somehow somewhere? Would he remember anything? Or would his soul rest till the end of time and then start his tragic life again without having a chance to change anything? What salvation would that be? No. It really wasn't fair. With him another star had fallen without a sound. Another spark had burned out in the cold.

The warm water ran down her body and slowly, very slowly her sad feelings had to vanish the caressing warmth. Zev started to think about her dreams she had about him. Just recently after eating that berry. When he finally came to her, longing for her, wanted to be loved, to be kissed. To feel whole again.
She stroke over her body imagining another outcome of the story. His warm hands all over her longing body. What would he behave like, when realizing to feel again? Carefully exploring what was long lost for him. Getting used to sense the warmth and softness of her skin. Smelling her scent, feeling her warm and excited breath. Feeling his whole body getting aroused in slow pulsing shivers when lying besides her.

Thinking about that made her getting excited for the first time since the incident. She imagined the hot and caressing warmth of the water running from his body, his fastening breath, his wishing heart, his longing loins. He would have unknotted his bun hairstyle letting his raven hair fall over his athletic shoulders, dripping of water. Kisses of a long lost passion would caress her body. The body of a romantic warrior pressed to the one of a perfect woman. Two parts long separated finding their way to come close each other. Two hearts were as one heart and this one heart had two. As long as this heart would beat she would love only him.
Zev ended up crying under the shower. Something deep within was hurting her so much she could no longer stand it. But under the rain from above no one would see her crying. She was alone with her deep inner disunity. Only the stars where watching her trough little portholes in Little Lexx' Shower Room and tiny blue star started pulsing during her breakdown but was not seen through her crying in the rain.


Stanley had ended his long walk down a lot of galleries into the yet strong-grown tail of Little Lexx. It's skeleton parts were growing fast and getting harder by time. It now looked a bit more like Old Lexx. He asked himself if Little Lexx would become a copy of Old or something new and different. But was the old one that creative to produce something completely new? Well, Old Lexx was some way intelligent and aware of being something living, it managed to reproduce somehow, but creativity never was shown by him. Stanley didn't even know if Little Lexx was male or female. Maybe he should just ask it.

“Yes captain?”

“Lexx, tell me … are you male or female?”

“I am Lexx, captain.”  This answer was not very satisfying but what had he expected.
“Lexx, once again, are you male or female?”

“I am Lexx, captain. I don't know to be male or female.”

“But you must be! Old Lexx was male! He was aware of that!” Was he? Males normally don't reproduce by bearing children. Maybe he was a she then?

“What do you want me to be, captain?” Little Lexx asked with it's strange somehow asexual voice.

Stanley stopped his walk

“Oh no no no no! Not this way! I cannot tell you to be male or female... it is just a matter of .. . you know … “preferences of your own” …?

“I have all preferences you want me to have, captain.” It answered.

“Oh Lexx, see, you must know there is a difference between male and female and you just have to decide.”

“I cannot decide for I don't know of male and female.”

Stanley thought about that point. He remembered that Little Lexx just was a growing up Spaceship just born into this universe. How should it know about such things. But he was not sure if he should really explain that to it now.

“We will talk about that some time later, Lexx.”

“Ok. Than you can tell me how to decide.”

Stan rolled his eyes but then smiled. And now to something completely different he thought by entering the maintenance room for some power transmission parts of Little Lexx' flying devices. The angry eyes of 790 stared at him.

“Look who's here! Arch-traitor and murderer Stanley Tweedle.”

“Now see who's here hanging around incapable of doing anything for we left you here all alone.”

“Go and jump of the bridge, Tweedle.”

“I can do that and it won't hurt me since there is no Abyss waiting for me, left-alone robot head”

“You know it is all you fault!”

Stanley stopped teasing.

“And why should that be?” he asked 790.

“You could have been in that asteroid! You should have at least one time been a man and killed yourself for Kai! And the best would have been that Bellringer slut would have joined you! So nothing would have happened to my beloved, cold and dark man of desire. I would just have picked him up after I ordered the destruction of Earth and than we could have spent all eternity lost in space!”

Stanley really grew angry.

“Just for you to know, robot-head, when you destroyed Earth you have destroyed your wishes for Kai was given his spirit back and became alive shortly before we started our mission. By extinguishing Earth and the Lexx dying Kai would not have survived anyhow out there in space, you silly piece of Cluster Crap with brainparts of an imbecile!” Stan answered and was about to turn around for leaving.

“That is not true! Kai was dead and is dead now! I would never have killed him!”

Stand turned around and pressed his lips together to let out some more sharpened words.
“Now follow my words, if you can, Kai made a deal to Prince. He bet him up in a chess game and therefore was granted his spirit. Prince made his promise come true shortly before Kai started his deadly mission. It was the first time he said that he wanted something. And for the dead do no want anything, how else could he have started with wanting something?”

790 stayed silent.

“And...” Stan started again with growing satisfaction of finally paying back something to someone “... and of course you must have heard his goodbyes to us and his fight song filled with an unusual temper of sadness and I believe of fear in his voice. The dead do not have a temper. They do not fear. They don't have any emotions. Not for me, not for Zev and especially not for you!”

And Stan left full of anger and an again upcoming feeling of sadness. Yes, the dead did not ...but Kai did for a few moments of his just regained life. Stanley had to think about what it might have been, realizing to be back at life just to sacrifice again. Being all alone in death with no one around holding you. No one who waits until all is over, standing by your side trying to keep the pain away. It should not have ended like this. That was not a good way to die. A warrior alone in the darkness and deep cold of space, of the Dark Zone.

Stanley shivered. They had to find a planet and give Kai at least a symbolic funeral or something like that. Perhaps a memorial stone with his story on. Just something that does not end him up lost in space.

Yeah, that would be a good idea! He had to tell Zev. Not the thing with the memorial stone and the grave but finding a good home and give Kai a place to rest. He started running down the galleries back to their sleeping chambers. Zev must be there.

“...Tweedle?” 790 shouted “... Tweeeeeeedle! …..” but his call remained unanswered.