Another Dawn Chapter 3

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Aug 22nd, 2011

“Zev! Zev!” Stanley shouted when entering her sleeping room. He did not expect her sleeping again so he took no care for that possibility. Indeed she was not sleeping. In fact she even wasn't in her room.
She might have been gone to the bridge to look after him. And so he run down the gallery to the bridge but no Zev was there. Stand slapped his hand onto his forehead. Of course! She would have gone for eating!
So he ran down the gallery to the Feeding room. But no sign of Zev. Where had she gone? Mothbreeding-place made no sense to him, the cryochambers had left so much sadness on her that she would not be going there again. The showers! There she would be!

When Stanley found her he was not able to hold back his tears. The water was dripping on her in small drops and she lay on the ground rolled up with her towel. She looked like she just had fought herself through the hell of Fire there and back again. He knelt down besides her after stopping the shower completely and was unable to do something. He just got another towel and laid it over her still trembling body.
“Oh man … does this torture never end?” he asked himself. “What have we done to deserve this. What has she done?” he softly stroke over her body and she seemed to calm down a little bit. He sank down besides her on the wet floor. He saw no chance to bring her back to her room and he just did not want to leave her alone right now. And neither she should wake up after whatever fight she had just been through.
When he lay down beside her he pulled her softly toward her. This time without any sexual meaning he just wanted to be here with her and let her know that she wasn't alone. He would not leave his friends alone any more when they were in need. He could not have been with Kai but he could now be there for Zev. Just as a friend.
“Captain?” Little Lexx voice echoed through it's interior. But no one answered.
“Captain?” it called again.
“Stanley?” and he woke up immediately this time collecting his thoughts.
“... Well … yes, Lexx?” he looked down to Zev who seemed to sleep peacefully now. And he yawned.
“What is it?”
“I think I am following my instincts now.” Little Lexx told him.
“Oh good, Lexx, that's just...” he was about to stretch himself but stopped by thinking about Lexx just said. Than his face really got puzzled.
“What do you mean by 'following your instincts'?”
“You commanded me to follow my instincts.”
“Eh yes, I did … I suppose...” he slowly stood up from the ground.
“And now I am following one of my instincts … I think.”
“Which one?”
“I do not know, Stanley. But there is a light I want to follow.”
“A light? What do you mean with that?”
“A blue pulsing light. I feel very attracted to it.”
“You … what? Attracted? I thought you don't know of your own preferences so why can you be attracted by it?”
“I do not know, Stanley. It just makes me feel good. It flies fast in front of me and I am chasing it for a while. Shall I stop?”
“Well, erh, yes! I need to see that light before we go after it!”
Stanley looked at Zev and decided to wake her up properly for she was just rolling around on the floor during that conversation but not waking up entirely. He just knelt down and shook her shoulder as she turned around in an unbelievingly fast way and her eyes stared into his.
“Z-Zev?” he stuttered.
Zev looked around and became aware where she was and in what 'condition' she would be. She looked down on her body partially showing her naked skin. And then there was Stan kneeling next to her, very close to her.
“Stan!” she jumped onto her feet and slapped him into his face. Stan had not expected that and was almost carried away with his hurting cheek.
“Now what was that for?” he moaned.
“You .. you just .. I ...” she turned around looking for her clothes.
“I … I don't know. It just seemed you want to go over me again!”
Stanley rolled his eyes and managed to get onto his feet as well. Zev had found her clothes now and hurried getting dressed up.
“Oh Zev!” Stanley rubbed his cheek. “I don't want you thinking of me just this way!” he really seemed upset and Zev nodded her head in apology.
“See, I found you hours ago lying here on the ground, shivering and complete fatigue. I covered your body with that second towel over here and decided not to wake you up for you possibly needed to rest after whatever fight you just had been trough.”
“I am sorry Stan.” Zev admitted and gave him a short kiss on the cheek where she just slapped him.
“A .. a … and I did not want to leave you alone.” he continued. “I don't want to leave my friends alone any more.”
Stanley really had changed. Weeks before he would still have get himself out of anything that nearly looked like being a threat or an unpleasant emotion. But now he seemed to care for the surroundings. Now that they were on their own. Without a silent guardian. Maybe he was right when he said, the ones death had changed his point of view. Stanley would not be able to protect her, she knew, but she was thankful for not being alone with her misery and finally found a hopefully reliable friend to share what makes her restless and just have one by her side that was lost in the Dark Zone just like her.
“So why did you wake me up again?” She broke the silence.
“Oh yes!” he got upset right now, grabbed Zev's hand and pulled her out of the shower down the gallery to the bridge.
“I told the Lexx to after her instincts, fining us a suitable planet.” he told Zev in excitement while running to the brigde.
“And Little Lexx seems to have find something that it calls a blue pulsing light and it is following that light since hours.”
“A blue pulsing light?” Zev asked.
“Yes. That's what Lexx said. I told her to stop immediately so I can have a look at it.”
They soon arrived the bridge and saw that light Little Lexx had spoken of. It was more that a light. It looked more than a blue pulsing sort of … star. But there was something else strange about the view. All other stars were gone.
Stanley jumped onto his commanding post and laid his hand to the now visible commando screen before his belly.
“Yes captain?”
“Where are we?”
“I don't know, Stan.”
“Where have the stars gone?”
“I don't know either.” Little Lexx answered.
“Ask it to turn around Stan! Perhaps we can see what lies behind us!”
Stanley nodded.
“Lexx! I want you to turn around!”
It turned around. And there was nothing but a deep black. No stars, no planets nothing.
Stanley made a fist and bit into it.
“Damn it!”
“What now, Stan?” Zev asked and stepped closer to the commanding post starring unbelievably at the blackened screen.
“How long have you been flying through that darkness Lexx?”
“I was flying there now for fifteen minutes. And I was three times before.”
“Before? What do you mean with that?”
“Hours ago when I met that attracting blue light and I started following him I came first to such a dark place. I followed the light for about twenty minutes trough that darkness and then there were stars around me again. And I still was following the blue shiny thing. Then there was darkness again after three hours and I was within darkness for about an hour. Then there were stars again and I followed. Now there is darkness again. And my blue attracting light.”
And it was. Just as Little Lexx explained its journey that little star came up on screen from the left side.
“Lexx! I did not tell you to turn around again!” Stan said.
“I did not turn around, Stan.” Lexx answered.
“Well how else should we see that star again for had left it behind us?”
“It just came from the left side, Stan.”
Zev looked surprised to Stan.
“A star cannot wander around and 'come up from left side'.” Stanley said.
“But it really does, Stan, look!” Zev pointed at the screen.
Both gazed to the screen watching the little pulsing star wandering right in front of them.
“Stanley, does this star remind you of something?” Zev asked after a while.
“Remind me of something? No Zev, I never saw a blue pulsing star...” he stopped by the memory coming up.
“Except the one we saw on Brunnis, right?” Zev answered.
Both first looked at each other than back to the screen. That star really looked similar to the one they had seen mating with the dying sun of Brunnis. It was a shiny glowing light in absolute darkness and it seemed to have the ability to move by it's own will.
“Yes Stan?”
“I want you to turn around once more!”
“As you command.” and it turned around.
Stan and Zev carefully watched the screen. Shortly after they had turned and were starring into deep darkness again, Blue Star came showing up from right side now.
“Stanley, may I follow this attracting light again?” Litte Lexx asked in a way of excitement.
“Shall we?” Stan looked to Zev and for the first time after Kai's death he saw something like hope in Zev's eyes. She turned her head over to him and smiled.
“Maybe it is … him?” she spoke out while her voice was that wobbly she almost could not speak the last word.
“You really think?” he lifted an eyebrow.
“Let's go and find out!” She said with growing excitement. It seemed that this meeting with the blue star brought back her will to live. And he loved seeing Zev alive and full of hope again. He just was afraid that they all could be decoyed into another trap. A bitter taste was left when he gave Little Lexx the order to follow.
“Lexx, follow that light!”
“As you command!” and Lexx set course towards the star.
Both watched the screen carefully looking out for any signs of danger but there was nothing but that moving star straight in front of them and the darkness around. Even after five more minutes.
“Zev... what if...” Stanley started.
“If what?” Zev answered quietly.
“Well, if it is not … him ...” he remembered not to say his name. “... it could be a trap...” he ended. She looked at him. But she was not angry. Somehow her hope for the best seemed to overcome everything else.
“If it is a trap, then we will find out.” she finally said. “And...”
“We have the Lexx! Not yet the most powerful destructive force in the two universes but might be that soon! And I think we can still blow up planets yet!”
Stanley breathed in deeply.
“Yes. We have been lost in space for too long now. Let's see what Blue Star has for us!” he laid his hand down to the command screen.
“Lexx! Follow as fast as you can!”
“As you command!” and they felt the Lexx speeding up thus the constant dark surrounding did not change.
“And Lexx: get your weapons ready!” Stanley added.
The speed seemed to increase for Little Lexx seemed to be very interested in catching the light.
“What weapons?” it asked
“What weapons?” Stanley yelled at Lexx and Zev's eyes went big. They never thought of Little Lexx might not be capable of blowing up anything.
“You're kidding me, aren't you?”
“I do not know how to 'kidding'” Lexx answered.
“Holy shit...” Stanley prayed looking to Zev in true fright. But before they managed to say something else darkness was suddenly shut down by thousands of stars and they found themselves in front of a big planet surrounded by three moons. That planet looked a bit like Earth. A lot of blue and green spots seemed to be on it's surface.
“Stop Lexx! Stop immediately!” Stan shouted and it stopped as fast as it could.
Both were staring at the screen. It was not the planet what was giving them the shivers but the moons. There were three of them. Three all in all grey moons aligned in some kind of triangle. And right in the middle of that triangle there was something like a blue swirling sort of energy, floating in slow circles between the moons. Yet and then they saw a bright but very small flash of light coming out of the dark centre of that entity just to circle for a few moments to the outsides and then vanishing out to space. And others just the other way round: flashes showed up somewhere in space, were drawn to that pulsing and swirling energy, circling for a while to vanish in the dark enter again.
The blue star they were following hovered upon on of the three moons. Zev and Stan now realized that there were buildings on the moons. Strange architecture but definitely buildings. The star remained over a kind of tower apparently built of brown or rusty steel. It was a mixture of a castle like building like the one they found Vlad in on earth and very familiar structures like they saw on Brunnis. Could that be Brunnen G buildings?
Zev got more and more excited. She just forgot that unanswered question of Lexx' weapons. She just wanted to land on that moon and enter the building.
“Nargh, I know what you are thinking about, Zev!” Stan broke the silence.
“Nothing attacked us, Stanley, and there must be a reason why we are here!”
Stanley could not get away the bad feeling he was about to get. He had never seen such a place before. Yes they had not been attacked yet. But it could still be a trap.
“Lexx. That weapon thing. Don't you have your weapons?”
“What am I supposed to do with weapons?”
“Blow up planets?” Stanley almost whispered.
“I can blow up planets?” Little Lexx got excited.
“Yes you probably can Lexx. It is what your fath... erm, Old Lexx was supposed to do.”
“I can blow up planets.”
“Yes but you won't blow up any planets yet, okay!”
Few seconds were passing by.
“Yes Stan. I will not blow up any planets yet.”
Both breathed in deeply. Stan had the feeling that what they about to do now would possibly end up like everything else they did before. But he must admit that the possibility of finding something good down there or that star being somehow related to Kai made him feel excited and a bit comfortable.
“Yes captain”
“I want you to land on that moon with the blue star hovering above.”
“As you command.” And Little Lexx soon reached that moon. The closer they got the better they saw the buildings on the moons. While approaching they saw another flash come out of the centre of that entity between, circling around a few moments and then was like shot out into the universe. The buildings looked all mostly the same. There was a big anonymous face meant for entrance just like the library on Brunnis and then each building hat three towers reaching high up into the sky. Big windows could be found everywhere to who ever lived inside must have had an all overlooking place of sight within the towers. It must feel like one stood right in space for the windows were so big. They could not see if the openings were covered with glass or not. But if someone was supposed to be living in there there must be a shelter from space, air to breathe.
Little Lexx landed very close to the building. It would not take a minute to come to the entrance door. They decided to put on their two remaining space suits and have a walk over since they no moths to fly over with yet. They had to get out through Lexxes mouth and a while after they stepped outside on the surface of the moon. Down here, close to that swirling entity, the feelings of something very considerable overcame them. They had no idea what it was, but they felt they would soon find out and it would be very impressing.
They were at the front gates now and just when they stopped the big door opened. Stanley stood close to Zev's side and together they stepped in. There was a big entrance hall with one big stairs up onto a kind of plateau. The floor was made of smooth and glossy black stone that reflected the stars that were seen trough the big openings onto both sides. They started at the bottom and ended up with the ceiling. About 30 metres high they estimated. But that was just the hight of the entrance hall. It seemed to be as high as wide. The plateau had a balustrade out of white stone, similar to the one on the floor. Under the balustrade seemed to be two entranced to other rooms, one on the left of the stairs one on the right. In the middle of the entrance hall was a big fountain. There was a twisted wave made of stone carrying a ball made of glass on its top which was circling around in water that flew all over the glass ball and finally purring down in a round pond. They could hear the sound of the water doping into the pound. It sounded comfortable and embraced them with some sort of silence and balm for their souls.
Upstairs on the plateau there were the small stairs to three other doors looking like gates from old churches as they had seen on Earth. The gates itself seemed to be made of very dark wood with silver fittings on them, surrounded by white stones that built the doorway. The outside of the building wasn't very appealing, but the inside looked as if it was just have been built. Everything was clean and reflecting, a mixture of alabaster stone and deep space feeling as for the dark floor. Even themselves were reflecting on the floor.
The door closed behind them and Stan ran for it but it already was shut when he reached it.
“I knew! I knew! I knew!” he shouted out loud while slamming at the door.
“Stan?” Zev tried to break this nasty habit.
When he turned around he just saw a person stepping out of the gates to the middle and highest tower. It wore white clothes possibly made of linen, a silver belt around its waist and the face was completely hidden under a hood which tail was that long that it reached almost the bottom. They could not say whether this person was a man or woman. It had crossed his arms and the hand were hidden in the wide floating sleeves. It almost looked like a monk or priest what did not heighten up their feelings.
The person stepped down the great middle stairs and walked without a sound towards the fountain. There it stopped.
“Look Zev! It's got no reflection on the floor!” Stan whispered to Zev and she realized it as well.
The person only a few meters away from them looked to the bottom of its feet then to the left and to the right.
“Yes, we do not have reflections for we have no spirits.” she answered. It was definitely a female voice that spoke from underneath that hood. Stan relaxed a bit more.
“Where are we and who are you?” Zev asked.
“You do not need to fear for we will not harm you.”
“So there are more of you around here?”
“We are more of us but not around here.” Zev and Stanley looked at each other with signs of confusion on their face.
“You don't need your spacesuits here.” The woman started conversation again.
Zev tried out first and took off her face-protecting parts. After taking a few breaths Stanley did the same and they got rid of their suits.
“I am Zev Bellinger from B3K and this is Stanley Tweedle, captain of the Lexx.”
“We are glad to see you. You must be the ones little Blue Star was looking for.”
Zev shortly met Stan's eye then returned to the woman.
“So who are you?” she asked again
“We are the guiding ones.” she answered.
“The Guiding Ones?”
“The Guiding Ones that help Alpha full fill its 'calling'.”
“Now who the hell is Alpha?” Stan interrupted.
The white woman looked out of the window to her right side and Zev and Stan followed. They could see a part of the lightening and pulsing blue entity between the tree moons.
“What is Alpha?” Zev added.
“Alpha is the beginning of everything. And also the end of everything. It ever was and it ever will be. It guides all spirits from one life to another. All out the universes.”
“Universes? The Light Zone has been destroyed. Just the Dark Zone was left.”
“We know. We saw. Alpha saw. But there are more universes and if one has ended it will start to exist again. It will take aeons of time but all that ends begins some day some time.”
“You aren't the Time Prophet, aren't you?” Stanley asked
“No. We aren't. We are the Guiding Ones. The Time Prophet has passed her time in the Zone of Light and is now living her life in the Dark Zone. We saw her stepping out of Alpha and leaving into space a log while ago.”
“Does Alpha guiding ll spirits of those that have died.”
“All humans, yes. Almost we must admit.”
“What do you mean by almost?”
The white person looked to alpha and then back over her shoulder.
“There are spirits that have never come here after their death. We do not know why. Alpha could not guide them into their next lives. They are lost somewhere between the universes in hidden zones, other planes, call it what ever you want.”
“Speaking of specific people? Or Insects?!” Stan asked.
“As I said, Alpha guides only humans. And yes, specific people. In fact a whole race.”
Zev started to feel shivers running down her spine. She felt her blood rushing into her head, her heartbeat fastened up. Somehow she knew the answer.
“You mean the Brunnen-G?” Zev's voice was trembling.
“We mean the Brunnen-G. None of their spirits found their way to Alpha so they could not be reborn. We could not reunite body, soul and spirit. None of them but one.”
Zev felt like her heart just stopped bearing. None of them but one. That could not be a coincidence. All that way following a pulsing star ending up on a place where en entity called Alpha gave rebirth. She must speak of him. Of...
“...Kai?” she almost died of saying his name again.
“So it is Kai, last of the Brunnen-G. And first of the Brunnen-G that returned.”
Zev was breathing out loudly and gabbed Stanley's arm. He still did not feel well but felt a great relief taken from him when he heard his name.
“Where is he! Can we see him?”
The white woman turned around and stepped onto the stairs way back where she had come from. Zev and Stan followed with rising excitement. Before the centred gate the woman stopped again.
“His body is here but yet unspirited. That is what you can see.”
“Unspirited?” Zev stared unbelievingly at the woman. “But he was given back his life! He must have been spirited!”
“He probably was. His spirit is around here searching its way. Alpha knows. And normally Alpha gives birth to the three of all: body, soul and spirit. But for that the body keeping the soul must vanish. This body did not vanish. It was just here months ago. It still holds the soul of Kai which is – literary spoken – the keyhole for his spirit. Every spirit has just one fitting soul in one specific body. Body and soul cannot be separated they are a unity. By death only the spirit is separated and waits until its body is reborn to inhabit it again. Most spirits do not remember their former lives some do. Like the Time Prophet's one.”
“Take us to Kai, please!” Zev begged trying to hold back her tears.
“We will.” The woman stepped on forward to the gate which opened after she just stood in front of it. The stairs up seemed to be endless and Zev just wanted to start running. It took them just a few minutes to get on almost the highest point of that tower which obviously had only one room. The other tow towers seemed to have more plateaus with rooms on it as far as they could see through the windows.
And then they stood in front of a big rich decorated door. Symbols none of them both knew were all around the door, another black wood-made door with big silver fittings on, embraced by alabaster stone. It slowly opened and the woman stepped in. Zev almost fell into the room for she did not watch the last step out of unbearable excitement. Stanley just could keep her from falling her knees and then both saw it: on some kind of altar in front of a big window showing a thousand of distant stars there was his body lying. All dressed up in the black clothes he had been wearing. His hair in complete order. His face without motion or emotion. The mark on his cheek. No sign of injury and Zev would have bet he was not as pale as she remembered. But it was his body. It was KAI.