The Fall of the Divine Order Chapter 4

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Nov 26th, 2011

                “It’s where they kept Kai and all the other assassins Stan, It’s the best place to look.  I can’t stand by and just let him ‘die’, and neither can you.” Zev explained.

                “Come on Zev, He tells us all the time that he is dead.” Stan countered.

                “790 tell Stan what you told me about the Brunnen G an dying.”

                “According to Brunnen G beliefs, Kai is not dead.  He is undead and would remain so if he runs out of protoblood.  It would be impossible for us to complete the accepted death rites.”

                “Wait a minute metalhead, you are dead or you aren’t and he is dead.”

                “Tweedle once again you prove that you are an idiot.  His body has to be destroyed completely.  The Brunnen G cremated their dead to destroy the body and release the spirit.  That is obstacle number one.  Kai will not burn, we can’t use a black pack to vaporize him either.  He’s decarbonized so he is immune to any known method of destruction.

                And even if we could destroy his body, that is only the first obstacle.  There are no Brunnen G left alive to sing the Song of Mourning.  The Brunnen G would sing as the body was destroyed by fire.  They believed that their ancestors in the afterlife would hear the song and sing another song that would lead the spirit home.” 790 continued.

                “So his spirit wouldn’t be able to find its way to the afterlife, Stan.  He would be doomed to wander in limbo forever, no closer to his final rest than he is now.” Zev added. 

                Stan thought for a moment.  “I still don’t like it Zev.  If we get caught we’ll be begging them to send us to the Protein Bank.”



                The Moth descended unmolested by any patrols.  It was more than strange. Kai thought.  His Shadow’s forces should have been actively looking for the Lexx, and this close to The Cluster it was being seen by all manner of surveillance methods.

                790 was also noting the lack of any response, derelict ships drifting in decaying orbits.  The Cluster was a ghost planet.  “Be careful honeybun.  I don’t like this one bit.”

                “We will be back before you know it 790.” She said as she turned to follow Kai.  She stepped over a puddle of viscous good to join Kai.  A Divine Predecessor lay on the floor.



                Echias recognized Kai.  His mortal enemy was once again a threat.  Kai would destroy him now unless Echias could somehow prevent it.  As Kai reached down and picked up the brain of the last Divine Shadow, Echias realized that he still had options.


                Kai stood up realizing that the scant information he had gotten from His Shadow was of no use.  He still did not know what protoblood was.  Echias hid openly in the information that Kai received.   Kai knew and understood that The Body of Divine Shadow was only a host, the knowledge was transferred from body to body.  Echias hid himself as this bit of knowledge.  It was something that would not alarm Kai, simply confirmation of what he already knew.  Kai and the woman headed down into the pit toward the Mortuary.

The bulk of Echias influence, that which was Divine Shadow, remained behind.  The Gigashadow must be awakened.  Kai was not the only threat to Echias.  Somehow a cluster lizard had survived.  If the lizard found its way to the Gigashadow’s brain, it would feast and the Gigashadow would die.  More Protoblood dripped down from the Gigashadow.  A lucky drop fell squarely on the lips of one of the dead clerics below.  The cleric would carry Divine Shadow to the Gigashadow.