Encyclopedia Brunnis-Tano, Terlara

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Nov 19th, 2011

Tano-can refer to the son of the third avatar or the twin brother of Timor the Lesser, Grand High Priest of the warrior temple. 

Tano 1was the son of Kai and Dava of Pordyah.  Born during the insect war and trained as a warrior himself he did not meet his father until the Battle of X-72 when he assisted Kai in battle.  Neither knew who the other was.  Dava finally revealed to Tano his father's identity right before the Third Kai's final battle with the Gigashadow.  After the battle Tano contacted Adana and introduced himself.

When Adana immigrated to Pordyah, she claimed Tano as her grandson and officially added him to the bloodline of Kai.

Tano 2-Tano was the twin brother of Xev Bellringer's husband Timor.   He commissioned the Holy Reference and on receiving the book banned both the Book of Adana and the Book of Kai due to what he considered Blasphemy from the scribes who had written them.  When he discovered that the Book of Kai was being sold on the black market and that a complete copy of the Holy Reference containing the banned books had been stolen, he stepped down from his post in shame..

Terlara-Formerly Known as Pordayah, it was the adopted home of Stanley Tweedle and Xev Bellringer after the death of The fourth avatar.  Upon reaching Terlara they found descendents of the Brunnen G living there.  Both Stanley Tweedle and Xev Bellringer married into the Bloodline of Kai.  The Fifth Avatar carried the blood of Stanley Tweedle and Xev Bellringer.

Terla City-Capitol of Terlara and location of the High Temple of Warrior Priests.