The Sixth Cycle Chapter 13

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Nov 19th, 2011

            Dario found Loanna in the garden but she was not alone.  The garden was a sea of black as the surviving and uninjured  Kais milled around talking quietly. 

            “They have all come here, they do not know why but they were drawn to the Memorial Garden at Terla City.” She explained. 

            “They are here my sweet blossom because it is almost time to reveal who you are to them, you and your brother.” 790 said as he popped on.  “You have had time to read the old records and you know much more of what is going on than they do.

            But you all share a common fear now, and confusion only makes the fear more powerful.  Fear is easier dealt with when you are not alone.”



            “I am your servant.” Selai said as she knelt before the Kais. 

            “Aunt Selai, please don’t.” Third said.

            “The formality is proper, Kai.  I serve the Time Prophet.  The Time Prophet serves you, therefore I also serve you.”

            “How many times did you scold me and my mother for unnecessary formality?” Third said helping her to her feet.  “I’m scolding you now.  This is not necessary.”

            “He is right Sister Superior.  We all serve humanity, you can best serve us by working with us.” First added.  “We all work together for humanity’s benefit.”

            “It sounds as if all of the Brunnen G are on the same page now.  The honored ancestors who dwell within the Dream Zone, and the Lost Bloodlines who now stand watch outside of it.”  Fifth said.

            “I have been spending a lot of time studying our new existence, I will turn my attention completely to the issue of why those of us who crossed the fractal core may now cross the barrier to the Dream Zone freely, but during our trek here I mulled over the issue of how to best assist your mortal counterparts.  I believe that I may have a solution.” Brak said.

            “Well then lets get comfortable.” First said gesturing toward a large conference table that sat under a canopy of trees in the Other Zone.

            “I have spoken to Aranna and Adana, and Sister Superior Selai filled in a few gaps for me.  If I understand correctly, you are all connected by this soul you share.”  Brak said.  “And just as you can influence those who come after you, they have the ability to reach back and influence you.”

            “Do you remember your dreams Kai?  The ones you would speak to me about when you were a child?  The man in black and the flame-haired woman?”  Selai asked.  “The man in black, the Fourth Incarnation and I’ll wager eternity that your Fifth was a red-head in her youth.”

            “My hair was red as a young woman.” Fifth answered.

            “KAI crosses all cycles of time, while the psychic gifts of Aranna have their place, you are in effect different parts of a single being.  These twins are also a part of this being.  You should be able to share your knowledge with them.” Brak explained.

            “How are we supposed to do that when we are pretty much stuck here except if we expend the energy to create a physical body?” Second asked.

            “Call it ‘possession’ for lack of a better word. You already have two bodies available to you.”  Selai said.  “Those dreams were you speaking to yourself from another cycle of time, Kai.”

            “So how does one go about ‘possessing’ someone?”  First asked.

            “It just takes a good shock.  Since you are all in essence the same person, let them experience your death.” Brak answered



            “Is that everyone Buttercup?” 790 asked Loanna.

            “Yes 790, this is all of us.” She replied.

            “But why here among the markers?” Dario asked.

            “Because it’s time to reveal who you are to the others and this is where my young and studly one said he wanted you to meet.”



            “Second I think you are enjoying this a bit too much.” First noted.

            “Come on you have to appreciate the irony of the skirt chaser ending up in a skirt.” Second chuckled.

            “I still don’t see why Fifth can’t be the one to possess her.” Third grumbled.

            “Because you are the great General Kai.” First said.  “You are still considered a hero and you are a master of Aka’tai.  Those hand to hand combat skills may come in handy.”

            “Let’s not forget you are also honored as the Father of the Bloodline.” Fifth added.

            “Besides Fifth just drifted off peacefully in her sleep.  Brak said it has to be a violent death.” Second noted.

            “Dario is impatient, impetuous and his aim with the brace still stinks.  That is why I am possessing him, and you are possessing her.” Fourth added.

             “Oh and Third while you’re in there why don’t you convince her to cut her hair or at least braid it.  It’s a liability hanging loose like that when fighting.”  Fifth suggested.



            “Okay you imposters listen up!” 790 yelled.  “You may call yourselves Kais but you are simply pale imitations.  And now you are being hunted because of it.  There are only two here truly worthy to carry the name Kai.  You face an enemy known as Prince, The Incarnations of Kai have decided to assist you.”

            The gathered Kais then gawked as an elderly man materialized and took 790 from Loanna.

            “I am the Warlord, The First Incarnation.” First intoned.

            “That means kneel numbskulls.” 790 added. 

            “The Incarnations descend from me.  I have charged two of them to walk among you again.”  First said.  “The Third Incarnation, Father of the Terlaran Bloodline.  And the Fourth Incarnation, The Last of the Brunnen G.” 

            “That’s your cue.” Second said to Third and Fourth as both grabbed their assigned twin and ‘died’.




            “What do you mean they know?” Prince demanded.  “How did they find out?”

            “All I know is that the sister of the Third Kai showed up and told them about you and now they are all riled up.” Fifi answered.

            “And I still can’t enter.” Prince paced back and forth.

            “Well they may be able to find something out.  One of them is a scientist.  He’s studying exactly why crossing the fractal core allows some of them to leave.  And if all else fails, I’m still able to come and go.”  Fifi said.

            “Yes, your information on Dava was very useful.  Find out about the Second Kai’s family.  He’s young and dare I saw a bit stupid.  Perhaps that is the way to go.” Prince said.

            “You want to know about his mate?” Fifi asked.

            “No, someone less obvious than that, perhaps a cousin.  Someone not so close as immediate family.” Prince explained.  “Someone just close enough to be recognized.”

            “I’ll get right on it.” Fifi said.