Another Dawn Chapter 10

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 15th, 2011

The air was fresh and smelled of unknown scents. Zev was excited and curious, she even did growl time by time when another scent reached her nose. It was almost overwhelming for her to see such a natural environment and so much of open space. They heard the sound sound of the waves slowly shaking over the surface of the lake. Some flying animals did unfamiliar noises when the flew over them heading towards the woods. Kai even heard the wind rushing trough the grain-field and looked for a short while after it. He felt different about that place compared to Zev. It definitely was an exciting experience but he for himself had the feeling of being soothed by the surroundings.

He liked the wind blowing through his hair, feeling the cold breeze on his skin, hearing the golden grains rustling in the wind, smelling the pure and fresh air. It was something he now realized, long time missed. But even on Brunnis 2 there was nut such a nature. He wondered how he could feel so comfortable and in a strange way familiar with it.

“Now that's what I call a fine home!” Stanley interrupted his thoughts. Kai looked over to them and realized that the other three already had walked away towards the square with the buildings. He gazed over his shoulder to the lake for another time, took a deep breath and felt his lungs filling with cold air. He really felt kind of home at last.

“What is this?” Zev was running around the fountain of the square like a little child.

“Oh don't you know that?” Stanley asked her while leaving Ceannaire behind for she waited for Kai and observed him for he had stayed behind but now was coming over to them.

“I grew up in a box, Stan! No, I don't know what it is...but...” she took a closer look at it for the fountain was made of two naked figures. A man and a woman. Obviously Brunnen-G for both wore a similar bun like Kai did. Their assumed pose was both: wild-aggressive but also they showed a kind of passionate aura.

“..I think I like it...” The male on stood beneath a pillar, a brute-looking dagger in his hand, every muscle tensed staring to the distant horizon. His hair was partly unknotted and therefore looked like a wind was playing with it. He had the same curled long hair that Kai had as far a Zev could remember while he was up on killing everyone on the Lexx. And Zev did notice the real attractive lower part of course and her imagination was about to run wild while watching every detail loin-downward.

Stanley stood in front of the fountain and tried to look uninterested while examine the female statue. She did wear a bun as well but a small one. She was lying in front of the pillar and the male one, her torso leaning against the pillar and one leg was tucked up to sit on it and the other one was outstretched to the left side. Most of her hip-long hair ran loose downward her body, looking again like a wind did catch it. She had good a thin, muscular but very feminine body with admirable naked breasts shown, a well figured belly and delicate round hips. Her long legs ended in filigree feet and she, too, held a smaller dagger in her left hand. Her complete left arm was crossed before her body so the tip of her dagger was exactly ending over her navel. Her eyes seemed to be wild and passionate as the whole expression of both was. Though they had no pupils for they were made of a ochre-coloured stone they seemed to gaze at the horizon far behind the lake and the surrounding woods. And Stanley noticed that he was just staring between her legs but that part was covered with a very detailed tiny fluff.

“Don't you know what that is, Stan?” Zev teased him and he blushed immediately.

“Oh Zev... you know that I know...” he tried to explain but he felt caught with his mind starting to drift away.

“This is a fountain.” Kai said. While the others had examined the fountain he came along the way from the lake to the square. Ceannaire had looked at him when he approached and he nodded his head to tell her that he was fine.

“What does a fountain do?” Zev asked while looking at Kai and then back to the male statue.

“It spills water out of its top...” he pointed at a circling bowl on top of the pillar “... and lets it drop down into a basin...” he pointed the way down to the feet of the two statues. They laid on a round ground that seemed to be flagged with some sort of mosaic and this round base was standing in a basin filled with water. “...and from that it is transported to the top again.” he ended his explanations.

“What is it good for?” She asked walking around once again looking this time first at the male statue and then to Kai. She now really was interested to see all of him.

“I think it is used to get a bit of distraction, a place to rest and refresh.” He took a closer look at the figures. “And obviously it had to represent something. Maybe an ideal of my ancestors.” he added.

“We built this fountain out of a specific memory. That human actually met the Ancient Ones on Brunnis and he had that very detailed memory of this fountain which was supposed to be standing on a square like this surrounded by several buildings. It should be a place of honour to your ancestors. That memory is combined with the sight of a couple that matched the two on the fountain. They might have been leaders of a certain warrior-clan. But we do not know exactly for all those memories are very old ones an you need to know, that memories are only like short imaginations. Their complete background is only known to the spirit itself when attached to its body. We can only see parts of it.”