The Sixth Cycle Chapter 15

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Dec 3rd, 2011


“Welcome back First,” Fifth said with a smile.  “How was the Dream Zone?”

“Like an armed camp.  I spoke to Dumi, got a description of this mysterious ‘Brunn’ and a name too.  He called himself Schlemmi.”  First replied. 

“So now we know how Prince knew about Dava, it was Fifi’s doing.” Second said.  “I guess this means a trip to Terlara.  Fourth will pop a nerve if we mention Fifi or Schlemmi to 790.”

“There’s over 100,000 Brunnen G outside of the Dream Zone now.  Duke won’t have any left soon.” First said. 



Third and Fourth were demonstrating a simple Aka’tai attack and counter to the gathered Kais when they all suddenly dropped to their knees.

“Well hello there gorgeous.”  Second said to Third from where he had materialized behind Fourth.

“I’m going to kill him.”  Third said, lunging for Second while the gathered Kais gasped at Loanna’s blatant disrespect.

“Later Third,” Fourth said grabbing Loanna’s body on the way past.  “Are you here simply to cement your place in our ranks as the resident pain in the ass?”

“No, although you are possessing my competition as we speak.  I came to fill you in on what is happening.” Second said looking pointedly at 790.  “Hello 790.”

“The day has just improved 1000 fold.  Five of my beloved Kais in one place.” 790 answered.

“790 look at all these Kais you are surrounded by.” Second said.

“Fakers!  Phoneys!  Pale imitations of the corpse of my dreams.”  790 loudly announced.  “Wannabes!”

“Which means that they need all the help they can get right?” Second asked the robot head.

“Of course they do!  Not that they will ever equal a real Kai.” 790 answered.

“Then how about you let them know what they are doing wrong?  Tell them how far they have to go to equal our awesomeness.” Second suggested.

“I’d be happy to.” 790 responded before launching into a tirade on how perfect his real Kai’s were.

Second gestured for the twins to follow him.  When they were some distance off from the group he spoke.

“Fifi is working with Prince.  Somehow Fifi is able to enter the Dream Zone.  Fifi met with my Uncle and within a couple of weeks I got a visit from Prince disguised as Dumi.  I wouldn’t have known the difference if I didn’t know what to look for.  We’re sure Fifi met with Dava too and told Prince what he needed to know to impersonate her.  He’s been pretending to be one of the Brunn.” Second told them.

“The Brunn?” Fourth questioned.

“That’s right, pretty much anything glorifying war was erased or forbidden on Brunnis 2 except for the Insect War.” Third said.  “Brunnen G literally translates into ‘Children of the Brunn’.  Legend says they were the first people to inhabit Brunnis.”

“They were a warlike, bloodthirsty, fierce people.  They pretty much killed themselves off, but they were real.  Ruins of their temples were scattered throughout the Southern Continent.  We visited one of them during our shared vision.  Some of them were still being used by the nomads in my day.  I went through The Ordeal, the nomad manhood ceremony in one of them.”  Second, said rolling up his sleeve and showing his tattoo.  “It’s how you get your tribal mark.”

“It’s like First’s but different.  Why is yours different?” Third asked, examining the mark.

“Different tribe.  First went through the ceremony with the men of the Central Eastern Tribe.  I went through it with Jute and we were of the Tribe of the Western Desert.  Each tribe has its own distinct mark.”  Second explained.  “And before you ask Third, yes the myth is true, I did call First a carrion bird.

But to get back to the matter at hand.  We know Fifi is involved now and we know that he’s feeding Prince information about our loved ones in the Dream Zone.  What we can’t figure out is how he gets in and out of the Dream Zone.”

 “Then our people need to be on guard.” Fourth said.

“Selai said she would take word back to them. Tell them to be on the alert for strangers.” Second said.  “How much longer are the two of you going to be stuck here?”

“They are progressing.” Third said.  “A few more weeks at most.” 




“Kai?” 790 rolled up to Third and Fourth.

“Which Kai 790?  There are four of us here you know.” Third answered.

“Dead and dreamy Kai.” The little head said quietly.

“Yes 790 what is it?” Fourth answered.

“You weren’t going to tell me, were you?” 790 asked.

“Tell you what 790?”

“My hearing is a lot better than you think it is.  I heard you all talking, about Fifi.  I know he is Schlemmi.  You weren’t going to tell me about him, why not?” 790 asked.

“No 790 we were not going to tell you about him.  We know he mistreated you, none of us wanted to see you hurt.  We thought that reminding you would hurt you.” Third said gently.

“You thought about my feelings?” 790 asked.

“Fourth did.  He didn’t want you upset.” Third answered him.

“Really?  You do love me!” 790 said.

“The dead do not love, 790.” Fourth replied.

 “If you say so.” 790 replied as he rolled off whistling a happy tune.



“What are the two of you doing here?” Fifth asked.  “I thought you were busy ‘possessing’ the twins.”

“790 said he had important news and we needed to be here.” Fourth answered.

“I’m not complaining, Loanna woke up this morning with cramps.  After finding out the cause, I was more than happy to have an excuse to get out of her body.  I’m suffering from too TMI.  I have learned entirely too much about the female body in the past month.” Third said.

“Okay did I just hear our resident Romeo say that he has learned too much about women’s bodies?  Oh that’s  rich!” Second laughed.

“Fourth will you please brace him.” Third grumbled.

“Third it sounds like you have a case of PMS!” Fifth laughed.

“There will be no bracing going on.” First said entering carrying 790.  “790 wants to talk to us.”

“You have all made me very happy.” 790 said as First set him on the table.  “I have always told you all that I love you, but now I know that you all love me too.  You all tried to protect me, you didn’t want me to have to think about Schlemmi.  The only one of you who knew about Schlemmi was the corpse of my dreams so he had to tell you.  He protected me, and then you all protected me too.

It’s the first time anyone has shown me they really cared.  You love me, so I have decided to stop saying I love you and do something to prove it.  I met with Xev and Stan.  They have both lived, died and crossed the fractal core more than once.  They said that they will go to the Dream Zone and warn everyone about Schlemmi.  They are going to try to find Third’s mother and get her to help them.”

“You talked to Xev and Stanley?” Fourth asked.

“And I didn’t try to kill them, I didn’t even think about it.  You love me.”  790 said.




“How are we supposed to find Adana?” Xev asked.  “There’s too many people here.”

“I know what she looks like, Ari showed me a portrait of her and her son, Kai number three once.  Although I still can’t believe we are here because of that tin can.” Stan said.

“Stan, be nice.  790 said Kai needs our help and he really was nice to us.” Xev said.

“Yeah that’s what scares me.  790 has never been nice to us unless he was trying to get rid of us somehow.” Stan said turning around and bumping into someone.

“Do you require assistance?” the man said and then a second later the man said “You!”

Stan screamed and quickly jumped behind Xev.  “Stay away from me.”

“I mean you no harm.” Poetman said brushing down the lapels of his black tuxedo.  “I must apologize for our last encounter.  I’m afraid that I wasn’t thinking straight when we last met.  Lingering effects of that last hit of gongsplanger root I’m afraid.  I assure you I have no intentions of trying to ‘impregnate’ you.

I actually wasn’t trying to impregnate you last time either.  I intended to impregnate HER.”

            “Yeah well you got the wrong person.” Stan snapped.

            “I’m aware of that, now.  So tell me what are you doing here in the Dream Zone?  I may be able to help you.  Consider it a gift of atonement.”

            “We are looking for Adana.” Xev said.

            “Well that I certainly can assist you with!  Follow me, High Warrior Delegate Adana will be delighted to meet you.  She wrote so much about you!”

            “We’ve read her journal.  How did she know about us?” Stan asked.

            ‘The same way I knew about you.  She saw the file that was created when your Kai went through the Burst of Life process.  I also saw it.  It was the constant allegations of me being crazy that made me start taking gongsplanger root in the first place.” Poetman replied, walking up to a gathered group of people.  “Wait here.”

            Poetman disappeared into the crowd.  In a few moments he was back and urging them to follow him through the crowd.  They entered a large building, a meeting hall of sorts.  He led them to a large table and stopped.  “May I present The Messengers.  Stanley Tweedle and Xev Bellringer.  Stanley, Xev, Allow me to introduce the family of Kai.”