Another Dawn Chapter 9

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 8th, 2011

“What about … hm … Lola?” Stanley asked White Woman while watching Little Lexx approaching Arcadia.

“Lola?” Zev could not think of naming a woman Lola.

“If you want us to name Lola....” White Woman answered.

“Wait, no. Let's think of something different..”

“Why not name her after someone you know and like, like Lyekka or Bunny?” Zev teased him.

“We do not want to be given a name that belongs to another.” White Woman said.

“Hm... Kai, say, what is the word for 'guide' in your language?” Stanley asked him.

“It is the same word as in your language for we speak the same language, Stan, but I think you want to know what it is called in the language of my ancestors.” he smiled.

“Well, erm, yes. If that's possible?”

Kai was thinking about for a while and was looking to the screen as now more and more shapes of Arcadia got visible. Big woods could be seen, a lake and some rivers. A very nice place and so rural. It seemed not to be inhabited or “infected” by technology. If Brunnis did once look like this?

“I cannot exactly translate 'guiding one' but a the term 'guide' is 'ceannaire' in my ancestor's language.”

Stan looked at Kai. “Nothing more?” Kai bowed his head for he did not understand what Stan wanted to say.

“You remember that bird sign on Brunnis? Its two meanings?” he explained and Kai remained silent for a few seconds thinking about another meaning.

“I cannot remember another meaning, Stan.” he finally said.

“Well, than I just can hope that it really has no other meaning and giving her that name will not end up in whatever kind of death to me.”

“I am not going to kill you for giving her that name, Stan.” Kai said with his monotone voice. Then he bowed his head and looked at Zev. “At least not if she feels comfortable with it.” and he showed a faint smile. Zev started to laugh.

“Oh... you!!!” Stan had to smile and even started laughing for he realized that former dead man was about to tease him with that sombre tone in his voice. Smart guy! Very smart.

“So then, Guiding One, would you like to be given the name 'Ceannaire'?” Stanley turned towards White Woman.

“We would be proud of being given a name out of the Ancient Ones language.” she said with excitement in her voice.

“Then you are welcome, Ceannaire.” he smiled. One step closer to her, he thought.

“Shall I land over that place, Stanley?” Little Lexx interrupted the little ceremony.  The four of them looked to the screen and saw a wonderful place. It was some kind of square beneath a great lake with plenty of blue water in it. On that square they saw a few buildings made of ochre-coloured sandstone and metal attachments like balconies and window frames on them. The general form was very similar to the buildings they saw on Brunnis but they were not as brown and old-looking. It was a mixture of sand and metal, of straight and precise forms but scattered with round, kind of organic forms built of metal. Possibly the rusty metal gave the old look to the buildings on Brunnis for the progressive rust-corrosion ran over the ochre surface and was not cleaned up for no one was there to to the job.

That square was surrounded by those few buildings but one side was left open, the side of the square that headed to the lake. They saw a fountain with yet not recognizable figures on it. They were to high above to see the details. The Square itself was built into a clearing in the woods. Towards the lake to woods split up and revealed a green and flower-speckled grassland that was surrounding the lake and after it taking its path through the woodlands like a green street. On the right side of the lake, near the square, it looked like some agricultural fields had been arranged as well as a  field that was covered by a yellowish-golden plant with long peaks on its top. The winds seemed to create flowing waves on the surface of that field. Most of the crew had never seen such things before, nature itself had been a very rare good since the time of the Divine Order.

“What is this?” Zev asked Kai staring at this wild but beautiful nature.

“I cannot tell you exactly for I am not very familiar with plants but it could be some sort of grain.”
“I've never seen such things before... they are so different from all I have seen yet.”

“This is a very pure form of nature. Without any technical influences yet. This is something very rare those days, I guess.”

“Can we use it somehow?”

“If it is a sort of grain we can use it to make food.”

“We can eat it?”

“As far as I remember, you can crush the grain and get a substance called flour. This you can use to make food like a thing called bred.”

“Bred... I'd like to make food!” Zev said.

“Yeah, Zev, remember when you made us food in Prime Ridge?” Stanley asked. Zev looked to the floor.

“It was my first try!”

“And it ended up in a black, charred disaster.” Stan added.

“I am sure we can learn how to use it and make food of it.” Kai finally said and Zev smiled awkwardly.

“I am hungry, Stan.” Little Lexx added and Stan an Zev came up with a laugh. Even Kai smiled. Maybe Ceannaire did, but still her face was hidden under the hood.

“I'm sure we'll find some food out there for you, Lexx.” Stan said and they watched while Little Lexx approached the left side of the lake to land.

“Your ship needs to eat?” Ceannaire asked.

“Yes. It it part organic and it is growing. It needs food like other spaceships need fuel.” Stan answered.

“Will it eat you?”

“No! Never! It knows what to eat or not!... most times.” Ceannaire looked at him.

“Well, see, I can tell it what to eat and what not.”

“And you have proven that, Stan!” Zev said with a wide grin on her face.

“May I eat this planet?” Little Lexx asked.

“No! Definitely no! Do you hear?”

“I do hear you, Stan.”

“We will bring you food! You won't eat up this planet!” he commanded.

“It could eat Arcadia?”

“The Lexx was supposed to be fed by organic material delivered from the protein bank on the Cluster. Criminals, heretics, unfaithful people and everyone else not fitting in the system were sentenced to death by giving their applicable organic material to the protein bank. It was a good way to feed the Lexx and get rid of any threats to the Divine Order.” Kai explained. “In order to convert any organic material, a so pure and natural planet like Arcadia would match for the Lexx to eat and grow. It could eat Arcadia but it would take a long time and it is not necessary for I think we can grow enough food to satisfy it.”

“I will not eat Arcadia.” Little Lexx answered to the command of Stan. Ceannaire relaxed obviously.

“You have a very strange ship.” she said. A tremor went trough little Lexx while it was now landing on the surface. Like Old Lexx it went down tail-forward and then lowered the body down. It was good that this Lexx was not full-grown yet for there was not very much space for landing. It landed at lot more smoother on the grassy surface and then it giggled.

“What is it with you, Lexx?” Stanley asked.

“It feels funny. This green material is tickling me and there are a lot of funny things in it.”

“Funny things?”

“Some are moving underneath my body and some are flying around and do some noises.”

“I guess there are a lot of animals living on this planet.” Kai suggested.

“Just watch them, Lexx. Do not eat them until I tell you!” Stan said.

“I won't eat them until you tell me.” it giggled again. “I think I like them, Stan.”