Encyclopedia Brunnis- Pantheons of Kai

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 15th, 2011

In the Fifth Cycle of Time, Kai worship developed into a major religion.  Both Terlara and Corleone had Kai worship but it very different ways.  At the end of the 5th cycle Kai worship evolved into a worship of balance with each Kai representing a different balance.  Kai worship was based on Adana's personal journal and the Story of the messengers on Terlara and on the banned Book of Kai on Corleone.

Kai worship before the birth of the one on Terlara had become an all encompassing part of Terlaran's daily livesAll Terlarans were raised as warriors and education was handled by the temple of warrior priests.  The Terlarans worship practices included daily prayers given at the temple and informal prayers offered at various times throughout the day.  There were three different levels of deities separated into distinct pantheons.

Pantheon Majora- iThe four Incarnations of KAI of pure Brunnen G blood, it was updated to include the fifth avatar at her birth.  They were believed to be deities by the Warrior Priests and people of Terlara.  Each of the Incarnations were worshiped equally on Terlara.  On Corleone only the Fourth Incarnation was worshiped as he was the only Kai known to them.

Pantheon Femina-A grouping of female entities that the Terlarans believed acted as intermediaries between the Pantheon Majora and the Warrior Priests.  The original Pantheon Femina were: Lynna,  Adana, Dava and Xev Bellringer.  It was later updated to include Dara, the voice of the Pantheon and Aranna, the mate of the Second Incarnation.  The Pantheon Femina because of the connections they had with the different incarnations in life were thought to be able to influence the Pantheon Majora.


Pantheon Minora-Grouping of lesser deities worshiped by the Terlarans.  These Included Stanley Tweedle, Timor the Greater(Grandson of the third avatar), Timor the Lesser(Husband of Xev Bellringer) and the Lost Bloodlines.  The Pantheon Minora with one exception were not believed to have any influence with the Pantheon Majora.  The exception was Stanley Tweedle because of his status as a Messenger.  The Pantheon Minora included those honored due to connections with Kai.