Encyclopedia Brunnis- Brunn'jii and Bunny

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Apr 2nd, 2011

Brunnj’ii-The Brunn were a ferocious and warlike people. The most vicious and determined were the Brunn'jii.   They were comparable to the Viking Berserkers of earth but even more intense. 


A Brunn'jii warrior would enter what they called a battle fugue.  The Battle fugue was a complete blackout and the warrior would remember nothing of the battle when he came out of it.  Most Brunn'jii would scream furiously when in a fugue and the battle cry would often terrorize their opponents into submission.

The Brunnj’ii would fight until the point of death.  Even the most grievous of wounds would not subdue them.  They would continue to fight until death shut down their bodies completely.  

Bunny-In her first life Bunny was known as Laleen.  She and several friends accidentally put themselves in cryosleep for 300 years.  Their ship was found adrift by the crew of the LEXX.  She and her companions were killed by the fourth avatar when one of them tampered with the Cryopod control unit he was in imprinting the order to kill everyone aboard the LEXX.  The messengers were spared when he ran out of protoblood.  

Her soul was transported to Water where she woke up as Bunny. When Fire and Water were destroyed, Bunny’s soul was one of those that ended up on Earth.  Through Prince's maneuvering she married President Reginald Priest to become the First lady.

She escaped the destruction of Earth aboard the Noah along with Prince and Priest only to fall into the hands of Mantrid who made her into a Divine Assassin.  As a divine assassin she was considered a defective and would have been destroyed immediately on the Cluster.  But since Mantrid needed every assassin he could get he kept her.  This ultimately led to Mantrid's downfall as defective assassins were easily reprogrammed.