The Rise of the Divine Order Chapter 5

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Oct 22nd, 2011

                Mantrid was at a loss.  He had gone through Brizon’s leftover research in no time and now Divine Shadow was growing impatient again.  The Inner Circle was putting doubts into His Shadow about Mantrid.  The only option was to get his hands on Brizon’s research and get rid of his enemies among His Shadows advisors. 

Like Divine Shadow, Mantrid knew where Brizon was and he also knew that there was one Divine Assassin that would follow the orders of a Supreme Biovizier to the letter, Kai.  Getting rid of his enemies on the Cluster was a bit more problematic. 

Mantrid noticed that he had reached the High Security level of the Mortuary.  He hurried along stopping in front of the only marked drawer.  The warning that the assassin inside must never be destroyed.  Mantrid had often wondered how Kai’s destruction threatened His Shadow but it was not a concern at this moment, Brizon’s death was.

“Who would you like me to kill Supreme Biovizier?” Kai asked as his eyes opened.

“I have a delicate mission for you Kai.  Follow these orders which come from Divine Shadow himself.  You will travel to the Muburi system and locate Brizon.  You will kill Brizon and return all of his files and personal papers to me personally.  He is guilty of theft from the Order.” Mantrid explained.

“As you wish Supreme Biovizer.”



Brizon pulled the needle from his arm and patted the young man’s cheek.

“Thank you my friend.” He said feeling the nausea recede.

Brizon knew that the injections would soon become ineffective.  The young man was unaware of his predicament, heavily sedated.  Brizon could see no purpose in causing his ‘volunteer’ undue suffering. 

“You are Brizon, traitor to the Divine Order.”

Brizon responded.  “I knew Mantrid would send you Kai, I’m only surprised that it has taken him this long.  I assume you are here to kill me?”

“It is my assigned objective.” Kai said as Brizon turned calmly to face him.

“Well Kai, why do you hesitate?” Brizon asked.

“I…I do not know.” Kai responded, unable to fire his brace.

“You cannot kill a Supreme Biovizier.  I programmed that failsafe into you myself.”
                “I must also obey all orders given to me by a Supreme Biovizier as if they come from Divine Shadow himself.” Kai responded.

“I’ll take it Mantrid is responsible for that little modification.  Which leaves you in a bit of a dilemma doesn’t it?” Brizon asked settling himself in comfortable chair.  “Well we are going to have to figure a way out of this, aren’t we my boy?”

“Mantrid informed me that the order had come from His Shadow.” Kai spoke.

“Did he now?  Well Kai that is your solution.  You have received a conflicting order, one impossible for you to obey.  You must verify the order.  Report to Divine Shadow and ask him to confirm the order.  Tell him that Mantrid gave you the order in his name.”




Divine Shadow was surprised at this turn of events.  Kai was requesting an audience.  This behavior was completely out of character for an assassin.  They performed their mission and then returned to the Mortuary unless they had been told to seek further instruction.

Kai had been inactive since the last diagnostic done by Brizon 5 years ago.  Or at least he should have been.  Divine Shadow had not issued any orders to Kai in the years since.  Vlad stood quietly in the corner waiting.

“You are here only to protect me if he threatens my life.  You will not destroy him unless there is an immediate threat to me.” Divine Shadow ordered once again.  “Send the assassin in.”

“Divine Shadow.” Kai said.  As usual this assassin did not kneel as was proper but he had never knelt. 

“Kai, explain to me why you are not in the Mortuary.  I have not called or awakened you.”

“I was given orders in your name Divine Shadow.  I am unable to fill the order that I was given.  The intended target advised me to confirm the order with you.” Kai explained.

“Your target sent you to me?”

“Yes Divine Shadow.  He advised me to confirm the order with you.”

“What was the order, and who delivered it?”

“I was ordered to Maburi to kill Brizon and return with Brizon’s personal files.  I was ordered to deliver them personally to Mantrid.  Mantrid gave me these orders in your name.” Kai stated.

“I gave no such order Kai, consider it countermanded and return to the Mortuary.  I will handle Mantrid.” Divine Shadow ordered.

“Yes Divine Shadow.”

Mantrid was growing more dangerous each day.  Soon He would have to be dealt with, but not until the critical development period of the Lexx was over.  Mantrid was the only one who knew how to develop the key.



The long tunnel seemed to go on forever.  Very few were allowed down here.  Behind the door at the end of the tunnel was the one thing that kept the heretics fighting against the Divine Order. The secret was about to be revealed to Thodin.

 Thodin had been preparing for this day since his 15th birthday and now 10 years later it had arrived.  Thodin would become one of a handful of men who shared the knowledge of this powerful secret.

The door opened as he approached.

“Thodin, son of Tibalt; identity verified” stated the monotonous voice of the security system as Thodin passed through the door into the darkened interior.  The only light in the room focused on an ancient portrait of a middle aged man.  Although the hair was mostly gray and lines creased his face, one did not get the impression of being old.  There was a vibrancy and determination to the features.

As Thodin studied the portrait another recorded voice began to speak, this time male.

“We fight against the Divine Order with purpose.  We fight to reveal the truth that will destroy the order once and for all.  This is the Brunnen G, his coming has been foretold.  His is the hand that will topple Divine Shadow from power, and destroy the Divine Order.  Memorize his face Thodin, so that you will be prepared should the time of his return be within the days of your lifetime.

We must stand ready when the time comes.  He will fill the prophecy of destruction against the Divine order and His Shadow.  This is the face of the man who will free us and bring peace to the universe.  He will destroy that which was built by subterfuge.”



“I worship His Shadow.  The key is completed.” The bioscholar said kneeling.

“Very well, once Mantrid has implanted it he is to be removed from the Cluster and exiled.  You have completed the jar?”

“Yes Divine Shadow.  The Jar is complete.  Mantrid will be nothing more than a head and his vital organs.”

“Good, he is too dangerous to be allowed to stay, but he may still be of some value.  Have my personal guard make the arrangements and deliver him immediately to the harvesting station.” Divine Shadow ordered.  “Also locate a new host, this one is nearing the end of its life.”