The Fall of the Divine Order Chapter 3

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Nov 19th, 2011

The rebirth Ceremony did not go according to plan.  Instead of Gigashadow once again taking his proper place, 8 bodies lay dead on the floor below.  But death was just a minor convenience.  Gigashadow opened his mandibles and protoblood began to drip down collecting in thick puddles.  Eventually one of the puddles would grow large enough to reach one of the bodies.


                Zev was determined to convince Stanley to return to the Light Universe even though she knew that Kai had no wish to return and endanger them.  The phrase “I am dead.” had no effect on her, Kai thought.

                As he sat waiting for his protoblood to expire, his ears picked up a strange sound in the chamber.  Having nothing better to do except sit and wait on becoming non-functional, Kai followed the noise to it’s source.

                The egg was at the hatching stage.  Kai leaned forward for a closer look just as it opened revealing the tiny cluster lizard fighting to escape its embryonic prison.  Reaching down he gently pulled the creature free.  He had been around enough of Divine Shadow’s pets to know that baby cluster lizards would die trapped inside the tough shell unless the mother cluster lizard freed it.

                Once free, the tiny lizard gave a low growl and plastered itself against Kai’s chest.  Also normal cluster lizard behavior as the newborn lizards would rub themselves against their mother to mark themselves in her scent for protection.  It seemed that Kai had just become a surrogate as the little lizard snuggled into his arms with a low squeal of contentment.

                Kai immediately thought of Zev.  She would make a better surrogate than he would.  After all she was part cluster lizard herself and female.  He concentrated on the sounds of the ship.  She was with Stanley, water running in the background.   Kai set off toward the shower with the little lizard cradled in his arms.



                Gigashadow’s brain was aware and functioning, his body was still dormant.  But soon it would once again be his to command.  He thought back to how he had ended up here.  The Kai-human.  The Kai-human had always been the bane of the Insects. 

                Gigashadow thought that he had neutralized the threat of Kai eons ago.  The Kai-human had been taken 2000 years ago when the Divine order destroyed his home world.  The Kai-human was no longer human, he was a save to the order.  And then the last fool of a Divine Shadow had allowed the insect’s greatest enemy to escape into the Dark Zone.  Worse yet the Kai-human was on board the LEXX.

                The Kai-human would be back.  Gigashadow knew this.  He knew that this body must be brought out of its dormant state before the Kai-human returned.  He forced his body to produce more protoblood.



                The little cluster lizard now known as Squish had firmly bonded with Kai.  Stanley watched amazed as it purred and snuggled against Kai.  That was not what had him amazed.  What amazed him was watching Kai patiently feeding the little terror gobs of Lexx’s goo.

                “You know Kai, I’m beginning to think that you are full of hot air.  You keep saying you don’t care and you don’t feel.

                If that was true I don’t think you would be sitting here hand feeding gobs of Lexx’s goo to a baby cluster lizard.  You would have killed it when it was born.”

                “Squish is just a baby, it is harmless at this stage of its development.”

                “At this stage.  Meaning that it won’t be harmless at a later stage.” Stan said, shaking his head as Kai pressed a quick kiss the Squish’s head.  “And you just kissed it, again.”

                “Most creatures respond favorably to affection Stanley.  I will take Squish with me to the bridge if you do not wish to mind him for me.”

                “No I’ll mind him.  I think Squish and I can find something to occupy us while you and Zev do the memory probe.  Are you sure that you can find out from Divine Shadow’s memory what protoblood is?”

                “No but it is the only option that we have.”