The Fall of the Divine Order The End

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Dec 11th, 2011


                “Lexx do you see the moth?” Stan asked.

                “Yes Stan, I see it.”

                “Can you destroy the Cluster without hitting it?”

                “No Stan.  The moth is in the way.”

                “Get out of the way so I can take the shot.” Stan yelled at Zev.

                As soon as the moth moved out of the way Stan slapped his palm on the holographic display.  “Fire now Lexx!  Give it all you’ve got!” 

                Stan was still celebrating as the moth landed on the bridge.  It didn’t take long to realize that as powerful as Lexx was, The Cluster was more powerful and it wasn’t a planet at all.  The gigashadow was The Cluster.


                Kai drifted in space watching as Squish reentered the GigaShadow.  He knew that everything now depended on the small lizard. He watched the Lexx turn to flee from the gigashadow and said a prayer for Stanley and Zev’s safety.  He resigned himself to an eternity of aimlessly drifting until he once again went into protoblood failure.


                Stan had ordered Lexx to change course and pickup Kai.  Kai might be dead, but he was alive dead.  They couldn’t just leave him.  Besides they needed Kai, that had been proven time and time again.  The three watched from the bridge as the Gigashadow pursued them.

                They had felt the impact of something only seconds before.  Stan and Zev were shocked to see Kai back up from the approaching darkness.  Kai who feared nothing was retreating.  Not a good sign. 

                Things got even worse when Kai simply shouted “Run!” as he beat a hasty retreat.  Zev didn’t question the order and neither did Stan.  That was how they found themselves now cowering in the shower facing the last surviving insect.  They were out of options as far as Stan could see but Kai had said that they had one small hope.


                Squish squealed in triumph! Food! More food than he could ever hope to eat!  The tiny body wriggled through the opening. Dropping onto the largest brain any lizard could ever hope to see.  The little Cluster lizard dug into the feast.

                Echias realized that this body would die.  What he had built among the humans was lost but he would survive.  The shadow of him lived on inside of his greatest enemy.


                The three members of the Lexx crew had celebrated their survival.  They were still alive thanks to Squish and the Divine Order was destroyed.   All that was left was to find a planet to settle down on and call home.

                Kai stepped up into the cryopod.  “Wake me if you have need of me.” 

                “We will.” Zev said.

                “Goodnight Kai.” Stan said activating the cryopod control.  Stan and Zev watched as the unit sent Kai into cryosleep. 

                “We are really safe now Stan.  The Divine Order is gone.” Zev noted.

                “Yeah it’s going to take some getting used to.  I start getting used to it tomorrow, I’m beat.” Stan said with a yawn.

                “Me too.  Goodnight Stan.” Zev said as they walked out of the chamber.

                Inside the unit Kai’s eyes opened.  Revealing two pools of inky blackness…