Encyclopedia Brunnis-The Messengers, Moira

From: Cheryl Baumgartner(C Baumgartner, Posted Date: Sep 3rd, 2011

Messengers-Refers to Stanley Tweedle and Xev Bellringer.  Their arrival on Terlara filled a prophecy and signaled the beginning of the fifth cycle.  During the Sixth cycle they discovered that they both not only carried Brunnen G Blood but were also descended from The Warlord Kai during a visit to the Dream Zone.

Moira- The warlord's second daughter, she was named in honor of Moira, the Mother of Torq.  After Torq's death The elder Moira became one of Kai's strongest supporters.   Young Moira showed a calling for healing at a young age.  she was resposible for adopting an abandoned injured baby gort and nursing the animal back to health. 

Although she never trained as a warrior, eventually she also joined in the Extermination as a healer with her brother Bann's unit.  After the Extermination, Moira traveled Brunnis recording the healing methods of the different regions.